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  1. Time to restring your bow A free Kena: Bridge of Spirits update drops September 27, including New Game Plus, new outfits, Charmstones, and more. more info here Details revealed for Kena’s free Anniversary Update, out September 27 – PlayStation.Blog
  2. i recommend Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood PS4
  3. hi i would like to join but I have PS+ premium and am not sure how to find games just from the PS+ EXTRA library could anyone help me here pls
  4. hey is anyone having a problem with the very first race you can do were you race Jaat, am getting to the last gate first but it keeps say that I lost is anyone else having this issues EDIT: never mind did it now must of been missing a gate
  5. hi is anyone having problems with the FINDING THE CURE trophy not poping when using the console commands meun I have tried a few times and it did not pop have wait for a few months to see if it was bugged or not and tried again and still not poping
  6. Does the first Life Is Strange have a mode where your choices are not changed but you can get the photos like in LIS Before The Storm never mind have found it
  7. i have a base ps4 and this game is beautifully like yourself only had a few bugs the really big one happened today were I fell through the floor luckily enough I was streaming so was able to make a clip and send it to the devs so that will prob get fixed soon on the upside it did help me get the glide for 60 sec trophy lol
  8. thanks i got the trophy shortly after posting this but thanks anyway
  9. does anyone know if you need to beat the Regular Challenge in Machine Strike to get the trophy or can you just beat two of the Beginner's Practices ones to get Defeated Machine Strike ChallengersWon a match against 2 different Machine Strike challengers.
  10. thanks for the info
  11. sorry but could you tell me which is which pls thanks btw
  12. hey dont know if this has been spoken about in the forum before as can't see it but when you hover your mouse over the number for what the percent is for that trophy how come is says to different numbers if anyone know can they let me know as am a bit confused on how to read it thanks and again if this has been addressed before sorry for multiply posts
  13. not surprised about crossplay really this is their first game and I think they are only a small team
  14. i cant do it unpatched as i have the digital version of the game