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  1. hahaahahahaahahahaha just finished The Last Of Us Part 2 and come across this post and the petition and ppl are butt hurt that NG swapped out scenes in the trailer that they shown before the game was released all i can say is and wait for it........Hahahahahaahahahahahhahhahah the ppl that want this game remade because of that can get the fuck out of here 1. NG won't do that and 2 well 2 is the same as one really
  2. if anyone is still having trouble with this trophy i joined a squad and at first it did not pop for me, i left the squad and re-joined and then it poped might want to do this hope this helps
  3. yes it does thank you
  4. does anyone know were to find #1 of Archive 2
  5. can anyone help me with this cant find a way past this laser forcefield on Zeffo
  6. hey is anyone else My Choices locked in the extra menu or does it unlock when you finish the game
  7. @REAPER4536 i now know why it did not pop i am having the Temporal Ambassador problem (Edit) not a problem per say they just moved the Temporal Ambassador mission and forgot to move it for the Vigilance Accolade lol
  8. hey has anyone else had a problem with the trophy Vigilance not popping and is there anyway to fix this just done the Alpha mission and it did not pop can anyone help me with this please
  9. @MrOverspawn i have just started a KDF toon but thanks for the info also i have quite a bit on my fed toon soo more then likely use that for any lore i will need
  10. quick question is it possible to get all of the trophies with one charther (eg fed) or do you have to use more than one
  11. hey does anyone know if the game scans the second sister atomically or not or is it just bugged as i don't seem to have her entry in my tactical guide pls let me know if anyone can help me