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  1. I for one, LOVE those insane challenges that give me the excuse to keep coming back overtime for another shot. To this day I’m still attempting SUPER MEAT BOY and NUCLEAR THRONE, which wouldn’t be the case if I had easily platinumed it initially. I just have to do it in small doses if I want to keep my sanity and love for the game. FURY UNLEASHED and SPELUNKY 2 will prob be the next ones that will take me years if ever, but it’s all good. Got my moneys worth so Can’t complain actually! INCREDIBLE MODE: Start with no upgrades, but earn some at the end of every chapter based on the amount of ink you collect. Progression doesn’t carry over between runs, so gotta get gud and lucky to beat. LEGENDARY: NO upgrades. Period.
  2. For me: #1 ROYAL HONEYBOTTOMS, with a close #2 THE DEVIL and #3 PHANTOM EXPRESS ...I tend to choke and they have the WORST final phases. Can’t tell ya how many times I got to a final phase with full HP, only to DIE in absolute SHAME!!! Literally wanted to hit the controller across my face until one or the other broke! Seems the most common is WALLY WARBLES, or the plane related boss fights. We should of had a public vote % board.
  3. Thanks, was able to get the plat! i once again made the mistake of doing a google search via the trophy on the PS4 which of course limited to only PS4 related guides. So I figured it was too new of a game lol
  4. I somehow missed this, an it’s the last one I need. Anyone know how this is obtained?
  5. For those wondering, it will still work while in PS4 rest mode if u leave the game running. And I’m pretty sure if you close it, it will pickup where it left off too.
  6. AND! Before 8 hours, they originally had it at 24 Hours!!! That'd be for real absurd. BTW anyone know if u quit, does it resume where it left off? And also if it works during ps4 rest mode?
  7. Sorry totally necro’n the hell outta this thread. I just found it very interesting. OP’s main initial theories were spot on. Great use of logical deduction, especially considering the little info known at the time. to add: I’m only half way thru the game as of now, so I don’t know if any later twists change anything yet... been avoiding spoilers
  8. There’s definitely a lot of similarities between THE FOREST and SD, mainly in the survival mechanics and both being Indy. But Should be noted that THE FOREST is also mostly a horror game. And IMO a pretty terrifying one, especially during the first couple (failed) runs. It’s also got the added pressure of increasing difficulty over the more time spent. So it’s prob good idea for anyone interested to keep that in mind.
  9. I also want to add, it’s funny some of your points of disliking the game was obviously due to your other reasons on the list. Such as, not knowing til the end that you can use your backpack to craft. When earlier you mention leaving the room during dialogue going on lol. So of course your going to find the story uninteresting and be confused on what’s going on or how to do things haha! I suppose a better game by your definition would deliver it’s story in the form of explosions, flying body parts and keep to two worded sentences maximum like YOU WIN!!!
  10. Let me give you a brief education on this matter. In general, no, men cheat. WOMEN on the other hand are incredibly loyal by default. That is if she has ALL her needs provided by you. Which is FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL. 90 percent of all women will not cheat if all 3 of these needs are met, even if for an obvious upgrade. This is true, as it goes back to our most primal instincts. A woman can only be pregnant from one man for 9 months at a time, whereas a man can get a different woman pregnant every day of the week, hell even multiple in a single day! That is why, men cheat and also brag about it, and women the opposite. it’s plain as day. If you know a woman who cheated, chances are the guy slacked on the relationship. Of course this is in general, there’s always the 10 percent who are just whores. But don’t allow the exception to ever derail the facts. Otherwise you’d never learn or believe in anything. oh yeah, and Metro Exodus is awesome. Learn your genre.
  11. Here’s what helped me: 1. Have Shield power maxed out with the ability to regenerate energy while it’s active. Since there’s no cover here it’s a lifesaver. 2. When levitating, you don’t have to move forward in order to keep up with the platforms, I kept doing this on accident naturally. If you’re like me, try to block out the illusion of constantly moving forward. 3. In general for the guys that dodge a lot, I found using the gun in CHARGE mode and using LAUNCH to grab the missile and throw it at them. They can’t dodge this and also the attack damage is stacked so it’s often a 1 hit combo. It also auto aims pretty strongly too. ...but mainly use shield a lot, right before you run out of energy.
  12. Each one of those games you listed are all different genres though, an are only subjective comparisons. Basically I’ll say what others were saying to you in a different way. You went in with false expectations, and a bit of hype. The classic setup for disappointment, which is fine, it happens. But you should learn when it’s the games fault, your own, or even a matter of subjectivity (whether it clicks with ya). So while CONTROL is not perfect, it’s undeniably impressive on a technical and design level. It’s also completely original. And hard to find another game like it to even compare. Especially to one that would make it seem “the average 3rd person shooter” LOL. Your opinion’s very biased toward it, to only see the cons of the game.
  13. Ah yeah smoke bomb, there’s prob no easier way than that
  14. OUTRIDER you just can’t let go of the right trigger (accelerate) or it will start counting down the timer (If you meant that one). I finally got gold once I realized this and actually took my time, making a big circle back and around when I missed a checkpoint or vital jump. but in general, most of the challenges at first attempt, are overwhelming and obnoxiously difficult at first. But stick with it, find a rhythm, watch a MR REIGN vid, and I bet you’ll end up mastering it and having a blast... eventually. ONLY ONE HUGE COMPLAINT tho, #2 challenge, going out of bounds can happen easily on accident, with only a split second warning to prevent the player. The penalty is the absolute worse game design possible too, it resets the entire challenge with no acknowledgement of what you’d done. Like instantly failing the challenge wasn’t bad enough a penalty. They @s$!? throw it all away. I had to earn the gold three times until I finally didn’t go out of bounds. Fortunately it’s one of the easier ones tho.
  15. Damn guys, nice job pulling that off, but you know you can actually stealth kill any REACHER you find in the open world from behind and it will count. You do need to have the MELEE ability to do so unlocked first though. It’s one last ones. I was at first dreading this trophy too since I planned on doing the same thing too at first lol
  16. I’d also like To point out for those of you who found the game boring. That most people’s approach and optimal strategy to combat in this game are usually different. Sometimes radically different depending on the mods they found or equipped. Like there doesn’t seem to be an A, B and C routine to combat everyone follows. When I started to feel the combat becoming repetitive, I switched everything up, mods/powers/gun loadout according to a couple posts I had read before and was really surprised by the results. Like SEIZE and SHIELD weren’t as useless as I had first thought. Also I never see anyone mention this, but grabbing your own rockets from CHARGE gun and throwing them results in twice the amount of damage, plus you can snipe with em too as it will always auto aim ! (Even without a target on the enemy!) really useful, but only downside is it depletes both your gun charge and energy equally leaving you defenseless if overdone. My only complaint with the combat is: Falling damage in general and falling off the edge = DEATH. The field of view is too narrow and your not given a good enough view on what is directly below or behind Jessie. All made even worse with the abstract/obtuse environments and completely frustrating with a game over penalty and 10% source loss. Definite misstep.
  17. I found the lore and collectibles really interesting to read personally. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s connected to the plot or anything, but I love weird fiction in general. I’d recommend any fan of Remedy’s past game ALAN WAKE to read through all of ‘em. Since it all explains a lot of previously unanswered questions, in fact CONTROL’s universe was a very eloquent way of explaining ALAN WAKE without having the narrative take a dump over explaining . Plus there’s no denying how impressive the graphic technology is with the procedurally destructible environments! And oh man, the blue sparks from broken electrical equipment are just so god damned beautiful!
  18. BLOOD AND TRUTH VR recently updated with full leaderboards for both the campaign and target ranges (at last)! Which after playing once, will automatically upload all your previous scores to the leaderboard to see how you stack up to all the other VR Bond’s out there. On top of that they added 5 more additional ranges, each one offering a different kind of challenge, some of them just insane at first. In even better news, LONDON STUDIO is planning on updating it with further in the coming months or so. *Link below. Which by time that, i’ll probably have B&T uninstalled since I got the plat awhile back and the target ranges are the only thing keeping me engaged. So if someone could reply to this or quote me, whichever shows up as an alert on my profile would be cool and appreciated. Thanks! FEARTRAIN *Source https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/07/25/5-reasons-to-jump-back-into-blood-truth-following-this-weeks-new-update/
  19. There's three possible area types: Underwater, Cave and Base. Which Base = Normal terrain ground. Which is a bit broad, and im unsure if there's any real definite strategy on finding rare fauna within a Base region. If anyone is doing it for the purpose of hitting the 'all species found' milestones. I'd recommend travelling to a green (or was it blue?) star system and scan for a unique planet. Ex: Sharded, bubbles, Spine, Hexed, somewhere along the lines of; It's off the top of my head, but you'll probably know when ya see it. But those, only have one species total, finishing it quick and easy.
  20. Hell yeah “easy” is a bit of an understatement, getting the platinum didn’t take me too long; But regardless, monsoon difficulty is nothing to sneeze at. I’m speaking out of experience from solo only, but I’m sure if you have 1-3 like minded and skilled friends it could be considerably easy. Monsoon though, was an RNG monster; i’d Watch the playbacks from failed runs, in hopes to find where I messed up at, or what I could of done differently. But 90 percent of the time, I was pretty damn sure it was the game being a dick. Which is frustrating not to be able to learn anything from failure; it’s senseless. Wasted... ...and also too often, i’d have a high potential run be derailed by some BS such as the boss deciding to aggro my glitched ally stuck in the ground on the other end of the map!! Ahhh *legitimate ragequit! You make me cuss too much and my neighbors think I got issues now, thanks RoR2 (10 out of 10) ya fun. addictive. bastard!
  21. Im pretty sure you have to go through the whole game with all the cutscenes included. Which was great the first time; but yeah after finishing the story, some cutscenes and all are a little long for the kind of game it is. I’m looking at you Art Gallery sequence back to back with no action in between! I made the mistake of replaying the entire game and all cutscenes for fun before the update, so I’m burnt out lol. As for the challenges, the Aim support is great and awesome. But man, the skeet challenges are frustrating and I don’t like the pacing personally (besides #15 the last one). On top of the fact they mainly only use the WORSE gun in the entire game, two-shot shotgun. Where a missed shot equals a missed clay pigeon since you can’t reload in time. C’mon gimme least the automatic shotty for one level at least and at x2 speed. That combat shotgun works great with aim, why’d they even leave it out? And thanks ZzdNk for the gnome link. It took me awhile to get back, but thanks everyone for your timely response to the update. I really didn’t expect it so soon!
  22. Yeah, and it works great too... and the most amazing part is the fact that it is all FREE for everybody! It was so strange to reinstall NO MAN’S SKY after almost 3 years and be able to play it with VR with no strings attached. It’s overwhelming how different it all is now... talk about redemption. I would bet on a HELLO GAMES documentary in next few years, there’s too much potential there. Which meanwhile I wonder how Bethesda feels about this, after reselling the same Skyrim game to us 4 times with a $60 price tag. I think 30 dollars is the cheapest i’ve ever seen SKYRIM VR at.
  23. You’re right it was coincidence that it became more manageable (it does after level 20 and upgrade spear). They can only fall up to 4 levels behind (on LIGHT setting). DEFAULT just sets to the difficulty you have selected. It seems at the start of the game everything is damage sponges and combat takes forever. But once you are past that slow start, it’s better to have level scaling at HEAVY as it effects the level of loot you get as well.
  24. I see a lot of people complaining about Odyssey’s level scaling... ...But it’s worth mentioning there is a way you can alter it without changing the difficulty you play on. After 20 hours on Hard mode, I got fed up with the 10 minute long fights. So I decided to change the difficulty, but instead found in the options a way to change the level scaling. I changed it to DEFAULT, which meant everything will be a set level (within a small range) and not scale past that. Its in OPTIONS after hitting left directional to go to the MENU is how I found it. IMO: ORIGINS < ODYSSEY
  25. Well, no, but if the above I wrote is TL;DR... Basically, it’s perfectly playable, issues do exist, but not as bad as you think. and... Dev unable to further update until technology gets better. EDIT: I missed page 2 until I posted the above lol. Also glad to see you decided to get it. I’m sure U won’t be disappointed...overall anyways lol.