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  1. BLOOD AND TRUTH VR recently updated with full leaderboards for both the campaign and target ranges (at last)! Which after playing once, will automatically upload all your previous scores to the leaderboard to see how you stack up to all the other VR Bond’s out there. On top of that they added 5 more additional ranges, each one offering a different kind of challenge, some of them just insane at first. In even better news, LONDON STUDIO is planning on updating it with further in the coming months or so. *Link below. Which by time that, i’ll probably have B&T uninstalled since I got the plat awhile back and the target ranges are the only thing keeping me engaged. So if someone could reply to this or quote me, whichever shows up as an alert on my profile would be cool and appreciated. Thanks! FEARTRAIN *Source https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/07/25/5-reasons-to-jump-back-into-blood-truth-following-this-weeks-new-update/
  2. There's three possible area types: Underwater, Cave and Base. Which Base = Normal terrain ground. Which is a bit broad, and im unsure if there's any real definite strategy on finding rare fauna within a Base region. If anyone is doing it for the purpose of hitting the 'all species found' milestones. I'd recommend travelling to a green (or was it blue?) star system and scan for a unique planet. Ex: Sharded, bubbles, Spine, Hexed, somewhere along the lines of; It's off the top of my head, but you'll probably know when ya see it. But those, only have one species total, finishing it quick and easy.
  3. Hell yeah “easy” is a bit of an understatement, getting the platinum didn’t take me too long; But regardless, monsoon difficulty is nothing to sneeze at. I’m speaking out of experience from solo only, but I’m sure if you have 1-3 like minded and skilled friends it could be considerably easy. Monsoon though, was an RNG monster; i’d Watch the playbacks from failed runs, in hopes to find where I messed up at, or what I could of done differently. But 90 percent of the time, I was pretty damn sure it was the game being a dick. Which is frustrating not to be able to learn anything from failure; it’s senseless. Wasted... ...and also too often, i’d have a high potential run be derailed by some BS such as the boss deciding to aggro my glitched ally stuck in the ground on the other end of the map!! Ahhh *legitimate ragequit! You make me cuss too much and my neighbors think I got issues now, thanks RoR2 (10 out of 10) ya fun. addictive. bastard!
  4. Im pretty sure you have to go through the whole game with all the cutscenes included. Which was great the first time; but yeah after finishing the story, some cutscenes and all are a little long for the kind of game it is. I’m looking at you Art Gallery sequence back to back with no action in between! I made the mistake of replaying the entire game and all cutscenes for fun before the update, so I’m burnt out lol. As for the challenges, the Aim support is great and awesome. But man, the skeet challenges are frustrating and I don’t like the pacing personally (besides #15 the last one). On top of the fact they mainly only use the WORSE gun in the entire game, two-shot shotgun. Where a missed shot equals a missed clay pigeon since you can’t reload in time. C’mon gimme least the automatic shotty for one level at least and at x2 speed. That combat shotgun works great with aim, why’d they even leave it out? And thanks ZzdNk for the gnome link. It took me awhile to get back, but thanks everyone for your timely response to the update. I really didn’t expect it so soon!
  5. Yeah, and it works great too... and the most amazing part is the fact that it is all FREE for everybody! It was so strange to reinstall NO MAN’S SKY after almost 3 years and be able to play it with VR with no strings attached. It’s overwhelming how different it all is now... talk about redemption. I would bet on a HELLO GAMES documentary in next few years, there’s too much potential there. Which meanwhile I wonder how Bethesda feels about this, after reselling the same Skyrim game to us 4 times with a $60 price tag. I think 30 dollars is the cheapest i’ve ever seen SKYRIM VR at.
  6. You’re right it was coincidence that it became more manageable (it does after level 20 and upgrade spear). They can only fall up to 4 levels behind (on LIGHT setting). DEFAULT just sets to the difficulty you have selected. It seems at the start of the game everything is damage sponges and combat takes forever. But once you are past that slow start, it’s better to have level scaling at HEAVY as it effects the level of loot you get as well.
  7. I see a lot of people complaining about Odyssey’s level scaling... ...But it’s worth mentioning there is a way you can alter it without changing the difficulty you play on. After 20 hours on Hard mode, I got fed up with the 10 minute long fights. So I decided to change the difficulty, but instead found in the options a way to change the level scaling. I changed it to DEFAULT, which meant everything will be a set level (within a small range) and not scale past that. Its in OPTIONS after hitting left directional to go to the MENU is how I found it. IMO: ORIGINS < ODYSSEY
  8. Well, no, but if the above I wrote is TL;DR... Basically, it’s perfectly playable, issues do exist, but not as bad as you think. and... Dev unable to further update until technology gets better. EDIT: I missed page 2 until I posted the above lol. Also glad to see you decided to get it. I’m sure U won’t be disappointed...overall anyways lol.
  9. Hah! I know this is old. But I’ve never been first to ever say this before, so here goes... ”whoosh” (to OP)
  10. To add, I looked at these links ...and I’m surprised of the overwhelming negativity, the devs should hire (or rehire) a community PR manager to help themselves become more transparent to explain to people their position and what they are doing. Silence just leads to false speculation, especially from the more vocal, negative audience. I wish I could link the PSVR page I read that explains why there hasn’t been any updates yet. 1st, ambitious open-world survival games are incredibly complicated beasts to develop. Especially when made with only PC in mind initially, we’re lucky we even got SUBNAUTICA at all. 2nd, the majority of players who were happy with the game don’t tend to take the time to comment or even write anything about it, which misleads those on the fence when they see overwhelming criticism on threads. One of them being me actually when it first released. Which is why I’m taking the time to say what I feel needs to be said now.
  11. Yes it does, i highly recommend if you plan on getting endgame, cause dropped items will always remain where they are... Also in response to the following posters (I want to avoid quoting clutter, especially ones that quote others) The game runs well 95% of the time with only minor unimportant bugs going on. Nothing game breaking for me so far, just save often and don't forget to upload to cloud if you can. The game in its current state is playable, and well worth the 30 dollar price tag (I would of happily bought it at 60). 20 percent platinum owners proves how solid and complete it is. Also how good as it's a 50-100 hour game. I'd only not recommend if you're coming from PC, but that applies to EVERY game lol I read a post by UNKNOWN WORLDS regarding PSVR version, and they stated getting SUBNAUTICA on consoles was a monstrous task on it's own vanilla version. So while nothing is off the table or abandoned they are waiting for the dev kit tech for it's engine to get better and more proficient until they can actually improve the game (For VR specifically but i believe this still applies to the above concern.) And to the last guy above, i 100% understand being tired of constant inventory management, me too actually. I was bummed when i found out FO4 didnt improve this aspect at all from previous Bethesda games. But SUBNAUTICA minimizes this better and is more streamlined and convenient than any i've ever tried. It's still there, but id say it's about 50-60 percent less time spent.
  12. I loved SPIDERMAN 2 for PS2, it was open world and most resembles MARVEL'S SM 2018. However, i'd find it hard to actually recommend that or anyother SM game for anyone whose already played and completed SM 2018. As it set the bar so high and pretty much surpassed every previous SM game in every aspect easily. Plus they are all 5-18 years old, with all average to bad reviews given at the time they released. Which normally games that go for realistic cutting edge graphics for the time don't age well (usually after 5 years) vs. a cartoonish abstract game. So in the end, i'd only recommend if you can get em super cheap or free if possible. Cause it most likely won't scratch that SM 2018 itch ya probably got lol
  13. I was hesitant at first too, but now after 40 hours of game time I can say... it’s one of the best survival games for PS4 (and I believe i’ve played almost all the games of the genre). The way it handles inventory management and crafting is so much less clunky and about twice as more convenient than the average survival game. So much less time micro managing in inventory/crafting menus. Thank god! Also OP stated having come from the PC version first, which is undoubtedly the best most polished version. If you’ve played the PC version of any game, the console version will seem as a disappointment. That said, the issues and bugs they’ve all listed above are true actually even today still. BUT, it’s not as often or gamebreaking as you may be led to believe. And in a lot of cases can be avoided*. Just look at the trophy completion percentages and that will give you an idea just how playable and fun the game is. It’s a high percentage given that the game is easily over 50 hours to even 100 plus if your anything like me lol. Just a few things to note 1 - the game doesn’t auto save, so time to relearn old habits! (I know, it’s crazy for 2019 but it’s got it’s plus sides as you can safety experiment and reload without repercussions) *2 - the game remembers EVERYTHING, like every resource you drop, every fish you cooked that went bad, etc. and it will still be there days later when you return. With that in mind, this contributes to why a lot of people experience frame rate problems later on toward end game. There may be a ton of items you can’t see floating around hitching up your game. The game literally has no boundaries to how many items and stuff you can add to your base, so just be mindful. Like Don’t add 100’s of lights to your base! This was a lot longer than intended, I may come back to edit, but Im posting now since sometimes my iPad will erase a message before I can finish.
  14. Oh cool, i actually did reply to you that same day wanting this same deal too lol. You must of missed it or something, it shows sent on my end. But that's actually great to hear, i been wanting an excuse to get back to TETHERED! I'd post it here, but since this game only has one objective mainly, learning the strategy to speedrun would literally ruin this awesome game for newer people as there would literallybe no reason to ever build anything else. Was your account set not to recieve messages from ppl not on your friends list? I'll try an PM u again tho
  15. Yeah, but not just that specifically. You can eat anything labeled as CANDY or ACTION FIGURE, at the PRIZE COUNTER. I had trouble at first, until i realized you have to basically clip into it with your head. Like take the motion controller and touch the vr helm with it, or go behind if you have to. I think they made it be so close, so you could safetly observe up close without accidentally eating it
  16. I see you soon afterward, answered your own question as you’re one of the few platinum achievers... I was having an issue with this as well, it’s a real challenge. Well a challenge in dealing with the motion control limitations. But for anyone who comes along an wants to know... 4 STAR REQUIREMENT: All headshots with no missed shots; No exceptions. (Double kills net bonus score, but aren’t enough to make up for the one body shot, since their heads never overlap for a double headshot) I was finally able to pull it off after trying every strategy, including the games recommended two-handed setup. But in the end I found it was too slow, and had its own issues. I used a x3-5 scope, made sure I setup the range to 100m or 300m depending on stage (pressing X while your hand is next to the scope), and what I personally found best was to drop the other hand controller and held the single motion controller with two hands to help eliminate my own constant movement. That way it was mainly a fight in dealing with the motion tech swaying around instead of both mine and it’s. After 4 full sessions and 1.8million dollars made from mission retries, I got lucky enough to pull the worst one off finally. Level 19 Hostage stage. Seriously. F’n F that mother F’n stage. Oh after I posted I see you did follow up on your question, there was an ad in the way and I didn’t see your response lol
  17. Returning to OP's original post, i at first found it to be 'just okay compared to RE7 as well. But then once i started to aim toward unlocking the unlimited ammo guns and all the in game rewards, it got a hellava lot better. Suddenly it became really addictive perfecting each run and learning better how to master the mechanics of the game. Its during thiswhen you see just how well designed and tight the game design really is. Most RE games do the same thing to me, they give a really good and cool incentive to replaying the game and perfecting the run to just 3 hours (which always sounds insane after first time). Also the new system of having defence weapons to optionally prevent (most) grabs and damage is another ingenious addition, adding a fresh tactical layer to the game that i hope they continue on forward. TLDR replay the game. Aim for all unlocks (unlimited minigun/RL). Guarenteed afterward, you will love RE2Remake
  18. Hey Tony, if your still around psnprofiles. I can't find any info on this, buti can get A in every category EXCEPT for weather!? I've tried everything, looked up everything possible too, but can't find anything consistent enough for getting an A rating. I mean i literally played so much of this, and tried everything until i figured out how to be #1 world ranking on every level! I mean it's ironic that i pulled that prior an A ranking for a trophy LOL But in all seriousness, i'd appreciate any tips anyone has for me. Id be insane by now if this game wasn't so damn good hah! FEARTRAIN
  19. A bit late but here's the solution: Level 1 area, look behind to the right, on the ground. Shoot it and it will pop soon afterward. and yes, the trophy list is extremely grindy. Especially 2500 Charger kills (Likely the orange bug that flies into your face). They only spawn 2-4 of them per level and one level they don't. Doing the math you'de have to replay those levels over 1,000 times! Endless mode isn't much different as they spawn quite infrequently, so time spent would still be the same. Complete madness. I wonder if the devs even attempted their own trophies, cause its in no way practical.
  20. To finish this discussion, overall in my opinion the platinum difficulty was a 3.5 out of 10. Most of the difficulty is in completing all challenges, most notably challenge #4 hookshot was my major hurdle. Mainly due to the fact if you hook into a chain while astro and you the camera move forward too much, you won't be able to yank it out unless you physically move back as much as the camera moved forward!!! And then pull the controller back to finally yank the hookshot off. This wasn't a big deal until it was a time sensitive thing. You may also have to do a sort of retarded downward claw technique in order to hit the touchpad and X button at same time while minding the lightbar, les your VR controller drift away with your hookshot and gold medal LOL ! Sorry bout that rant, just needed to vent it somewhere. Oh and also one last thing, if you finish a challenge and decide to hit PLAY AGAIN... DONT HIT THAT, or you will forfeit what you have just won. This happened twice to me._. Which sums up my only complaints of this otherwise fantastic and creative VR experience. It's a must have for all ages and tastes, as im 33 and don't care for cutesy, E rated games nor platformers in general. Astro Bot is the exception to this, and should be experienced by everyone. Which i read a demo is in the works, but trust me, it doesn't play it's cards early and will continue to suprise you to the very end credits roll by!
  21. I'll be getting the platinum very soon, as i just finished the challenges (some of which are decently hard). It's definitely around 15 to 20 hours tops for platinum with an overall difficulty of 3.5 out of 10 in my opinion. No guide neccessary really like the previous poster stated, they all make alot of noice and with 3d audio, are easy to pinpoint. However, there is one tricky hidden bot in 1-2 (i think) thats worth mentioning. He's on a plane that flies overhead very briefly as soon as you get to the part with the balls Astro can throw at the cranes and targets. Even after learning where this bot was, i still missed it as it doesn't give you much time. I'd be suprised for anyone finding that one on their own. So yeah main advice, every checkpoint just take a brief second to listen out for the bots and chameleon. The chameleon is bit more subtle and can be hard to hear over the music. (which there's no options to adjust individual audio settings currently) So get familiar with how the chameleon sounds and they should be no problem. Also, as someone who really doesn't care for these types of cutesy, platformer mario type games, man this game just rocks! It's also the rare kind that literally gets better as you go. The suprises never stop either. It's just bursting with creativity and is highly polished and the most visually clear VR experience to date. Like i could go on and on with the specifics but i consider them all spoiler, cause the unexpected new weapons or game mechanics i didn't hear about first were just... Whaaaat , noooo way!" talk to yourself excitement kind of moment. Even the credits were a suprising delight too. This is as good as it gets.
  22. The game i was thinking about similar to The Invisible Hours was The Sexy Brutale, which was made by Tequila Works also. However you don't have full control of time, it works like Groundhog Day, repeating the same period of time over and over. It's non VR though, and is a 3rd person puzzle game if anything. The protagonists' mask makes a cameo appearance inside the blind butler's little room too, which is when i made the connection the Invisible Hours was made by the same studio. It's worth checking out. intresting amd original.
  23. Agreed, im glad i risked the purchase on this, despite the historical setting not usually an interest of mine. The rewind time mechanic mixed with VR really makes up for the lack of direct interacctivity. Its definitley more than a simple `walking simulator`. it would be a shame for people to skip this fantastic unperdictale experiance with that assumption. OMG Clue mixed with this would be so awesome. Despite i would of accidentally accused every person incorrectly in that mansion lol. Most people would though. But yeah trust me the story doesnt disappoint and its addictive as hell. After playing, i would later that day recall something i had forgot to follow up on and woulf have to B line back into the game an see what happens/happened. Definnitly hope to see more games use this method as well... i will later list a few games that do in similar ways but got to go. if i remember to anyways lol
  24. If anyone needs additional help with these kind of levels, to the point you feel like giving up. Stop. Re center yourself for a better view, and "use your head". Not before exploding the mines, but during. Hell no need to think fast either, you can pause and use your head for however long you need to in order to contemplate the umm 'solution' i suppose. Being vauge but i find it most satisfying finding a solution myself by exploitation. If not discovered by yourself it'd be cheating right? Lol
  25. Coulnt find any info bout this one anywhere, so thanks man!!!