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  1. Anyone else like me who's got their conjurations stuck on 129/140? I've completed the whole map, challenges, checked all the butterfly locations twice over, and still have no idea what the solution could be. My PS5 trophy tracker also says it's 592/603, but when I do the math of the total collection items (611), take away the 11 I'm supposedly missing, I've got 600. Any ideas? EDIT: Seen the posts above, turns out all 11 were spread across the beast rooms! Trophy earned πŸ‘
  2. Still need help with this please, it’s the last trophy! I’m currently playing right now. EDIT: All good now, joined someone's crew in an online lobby and got the trophy!
  3. DMC5. Man, I could not put that game down. Absolutely brilliant, full of action, and exactly how a DMC game should be.
  4. Rumoured as Crash Worlds, if the rumour we received a few weeks back is anything to go off πŸ€”
  5. Need for Speed Heat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Far Cry: New Dawn
  6. After typing "12 Deals of Christmas" into Google, at least from what I found for the UK, Need for Speed, both standard and Deluxe Edition is the first deal. Also, the Christmas Deals are live with up to 70% off. (UK)
  7. Very true. Can't recall getting anything from those deals last year... always a disappointment.
  8. I believe that the first day of "12 Days of Christmas" starts today too, doesn't it?
  9. Yeah, would a lot of crap πŸ˜… Was hoping Rocksmith would be on sale as I've got the American physical copy so I can't buy DLC songs πŸ˜•
  10. Sometimes I like to focus on one game, but other times I just like to jump in between multiple games. Lately it's been Modern Warfare, to Stardew Valley, and back to Black Ops 4. You've just got to have fun with it, if you're playing one game and your mind wants to play another, play it! It's about having fun.
  11. As of Tuesday the 12th of November, for those who are still/interested playing the game- BO4 received an update that most regular, maybe causal players, have been asking since day 1 of the introduction of reserve cases during The Grand Heist update and the placement of weapons into the reserve system. BO4's latest update has completely reworked the Black Market, giving us the fans, something we've wanted since the beginning. As of now, we have the following: Pick-a-Weapon Bribe: Starting from the 12th of November, there will be a regularly-scheduled bundle that rotates every 28 days (4 weeks), that gives you the option to choose ANY weapon, MKII weapon or Mastercraft that you do not own, in exchange for 50 reserve cases. When you trade in your 50 reserve cases for the bribe of your choice, the bribe will be opened in a reserve crate. Meaning, you'll have 2 other reserve items along with this, PLUS, 5 duplicate-protected crates, giving us possibly more chances of earning any weapons, MKII weapons or Mastercrafts we don't own. My Deals: Now, for some people this might p**s you off, depending on if you put any real money into the game. For some, this will be brilliant news. My Deals gives us a 12-hour rotation of swapping in reserve cases for what could only previously be purchased with COD points. You can still purchase these Weapons, Blackout characters, MKII weapons, Mastercrafts, etc. with COD points, but having the option to obtain these with reserve cases has been a very requested change since the get-go. The "My Deals" will only show you what you haven't purchased/obtained and is completely random during the 12-hour duration when you open up the Black Market. The 12-hour counter only starts clocking down when you enter the market for the first time during that day (at least from what I've experienced). For instance, if I went into the Black Market at 8PM, the My Deals on display will expire at 8AM, but the My Deals counter for the next set of rotations would only start going down when I went into the Black Market for the first time after that initial end of the last set of deals. This is great because you're not rushing to own what's on display or missing out on any deals until you boot up the game and enter the market for the timer to go down. You can also swap reserve cases in the My Deals sections up to 6 times (because My Deals has 2 sections worth of 3 rotations) in the 12-hour period. Reserve Stacks: Next to the My Deals section, you can now trade in 2 reserve cases for the item on display that you currently don't own from reserves. This being any stickers, camos, death effects and weapon charms. Similar to how the My Deals work- the timer only lasts an hour (giving you a good rotation of items), and you can swap cases up to 3 times within that hour. Duplicate-Protected Crates: The 3-item crate is now always dup-protected. What I've written is based on what I've experienced over the last 2 days, so hopefully this is helpful for anyone that still enjoys BO4, such as myself. I'll leave an article below with the relevant details of the update:
  12. If there was a way to integrate Rollercoaster Tycoon games onto PS4, that would be amazing. That being said, I'm super excited for Two Point Hospital, as I loved Theme Hospital!
  13. I've got to go with Orc Slayer, especially the fact it took like 30mins-1hour to defeat the final boss πŸ˜‚ Although I'm playing Gem Smashers at the moment and that is a lot of crap.