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  1. Level 33 Sonic Forces Fashion Unleashed Collected 500 parts.
  2. Last Bomberman I played was Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES! Loved that game as a kid. Would love for this to come to the PS4 in the UK.
  3. Parkway Drive are absoutley amazing live. If by chance you get the opportunity to see them, then definitely do it. Slipknot are also amazing live. Parkway and Slipknot are two bands that really know how to get the crowd going! I don't know whether I'm being biased but saying that maybe Metallica was my best concert because it took 8 years before I actually saw them live, and they are my favourite band, so maybe them. Although, the likes of Trivium, Rammstein, A Day to Remember and even Don Broco was brilliant.
  4. Agreed. I don't think I can genuinely say I've really enjoyed a PS4 racing game, but this is going to bring back some good racing memories.
  5. I'll definitely give that a go! Cheers man I really appreciate it
  6. I could buy the DLC from the PS Store, but when it came to using the DLC it was giving me a few reasons why I couldn't use it. Taken from another site it was on the lines of: 1. Not available in store yet. 2. Not singed in to the network. 3. Your account settings won't allow you to access the store. 4. You're too young. I was not conflicting with any of these reasons and so I couldn't access the DLC. Luckily, I only bought 1 toy car first and realised it didn't work before buying anymore DLC.
  7. Cheers man, I'll give that a go!
  8. Super stoked for this! Being playing since the first Burnout, but No. 3 had to be the best for me. Regardless, I cant wait for the nostalgia. Just wish I could of 100% the PS3 version a few years back, but the game wouldn't let me access the download content. At least with this version I'll be able to try out everything the game has to offer.
  9. [Guilty self promoting incoming...]
  10. A lot of great suggestions again, thank you all! Not a big fan of Fifa (or football for that matter), nor is she so we'll give that one a missπŸ˜‚ For now I think I'll stick with what games I've got now and we'll experiment a little bit as to what games shes interested in. I'll try LittleBigPlanet again with her tomorrow, maybe some other ones I've got as well. If all hope is lost I'll give some of your guys suggestions a go. Still interested in the idea of Overcooked but we'll see how it goes over the weekend! [Sorry I can't reply to everyone's comments but I have read them, there's just so many of you commenting your suggestions I can't keep up, but I really appreciate it! Not trying being rude but I am thankful for the suggestions]πŸ˜€
  11. Thank you all for the suggestions so far! A lot of really good games here. I forgot to mention that I don't think my girlfriend is very fond of the lego games as she finds them boring. Knack seems like a good suggestion, I have got it downloaded free from PS Plus so we could give that a go. Still a bit weary about Overcooked because of how it may cause arguments but still seems like a good one to play together. Quiplash seems like fun that @phantomfear9494 suggested, as we have cards against humanity and that's hilarious. I might pick up The Sims 4 one day when it goes on offer and let her play it, which wouldn't bother me as long as she's having fun (and earning me trophies). I'll definitely take in consideration to all the suggestions, so thank you all!
  12. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone knew any good/fun games for the PS3/PS4 (mainly PS4 but open for suggestions) for couples? My girlfriend doesn't play video games (but she does play the sims on the PC and loves it), anyway she wanted us to find and play a new game together because it's been about 2 years since we've played something together. We really loved playing Rayman Origins and Legends and was wondering does anyone know any good games like that or have any other suggestions? I might have to try LittleBigPlanet 3 again with her, but i'm sure she wasn't fussed on it. I think Overcooked might be a good one to try but wanted to get some opinions first from you guys. Thanks.
  13. Loved the anime series even though I don't watch a lot of anime! Gutted the game isn't open world mind πŸ™„ Regardless I'm enjoying what I've played so far.
  14. I pre-ordered the Father Edition and it doesn't include the session pass πŸ˜• Looks like I'll have to spend the extra money to get FC3 πŸ˜‘
  15. Looks like we're gonna have to wait longer guys...