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  1. D4D anyone? my PSN username is SamS7398, or use the link: Cheers!
  2. Growing up, I played a lot of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (which still remains as one of my favorite games) as a kid, and now years on, I'd love to see a rekindle in this franchise. Whether that may be a remake of Deep Cover Gecko, or a new game entirely. I understand Square Enix is willing to hand over the franchise to a different company, if they so wish to make a new entry with the Gecko, but will he every return? With Crash making a huge success in the platforming remake (They call it remaster), I think it would be good for Gex to return. What's everyone's thoughts on a return of Gex?
  3. I'd recommend Jazz Punk. Fun, good humor, random and fairly simple.
  4. Both games 100% with Platinum: Table Top Racing: World Tour- 0.59% Rocket League- 0.98%
  5. Well I'm in my twenties so..πŸ€” Rock is seen as it's dying out, but there's loads of bands out there, it just takes the right band to fill the spaces of those who were there to begin with. And thanks for your feedback. It's not for you, I'm cool with that. It's not old news though if no one has heard it. Bands got to constantly promote their music if they want to make it out there, hence me sharing the music... Gaining one fan is a big deal when you are just starting out.
  6. How do you think bands try to make it in the industry? They post online, they give out free CDs, they share their music online, they interact with fans.πŸ˜‚ I'm just trying to get the music out, whether you like it or not it's totally fine, I get that. I don't expect you to like it😁 (Plus OP mentioned about anyone using Spotify to post bands on here so I shared mine). As for metal having no meaning whatsoever in some songs, yes I agree, I'm not gonna argue with that. Personally, I'm not fond of Nicki's music that's all, so don't go all defensive because you like, because if you didn't like a band that I did... I wouldn't careπŸ˜‚
  7. Not really. What the OP said is something I've thought about before. Don't get salty. Just thought if anyone was interested in hearing it they can, I mean, we've got to try and get the name out somehow?
  8. I understand everyone has their own tastes and will say "This is real music", but personally I really don't get it when people say Nicki Minaj is real music, when compared to say Metallica, Trivium, While She Sleeps or Killswitch Engage (In terms of lyrics). You take any lyrics from one of Nicki's songs, for instance: "Let's be real, all you bitches wanna look like me Wanna be in demand, get booked like me Wanna run up in the lab and cook like meBut ain't nan you hoes pussy good like me Pussy so good his ex wanna still fight meFace so pretty bitches wish they could slice me She just mad 'cause he never bought her ice like meI cut all my niggas off, but they would still wife me (still wife me)" and compare it to any metal/metalcore band, most songs are written from personal experiences and actually have meaning. Yeah, I get it, to some people it might just sound like screaming, and I can see why some people don't like it, but with most mainstream pop "artists" these days paving the way of music with their music and lyrics, it really does make me cringe and shake my head in embarrassment. Personally, artists going the right way about paving pop music? Bruno Mars is really a good one, Justin Timberlake is quite good, don't mind a bit of Rhianna, and off the top of my head that's all I think of atm. Paving Metal? Definitely While She Sleeps, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, The Ghost Inside, Killswicth Engage and many more. By no means am I hating on anyone that listens to any type of music, as I have friends that listen to a wide range of music, but it's just not for me. Just thought I'd put my opinion on here. Aside from my usual Metal listening, I like a lot of Don Broco if anyone hasn't heard of them before. And I like a lot of 80's and 90's music being grown up with it as a kid. My band released our debut EP back in October if anyone is interested in listening:
  9. I haven't seen any new rumors lately, but I've been wanting a new Jak (and Daxter) game for quite a few years now.
  10. Level 33 Sonic Forces Fashion Unleashed Collected 500 parts.
  11. Last Bomberman I played was Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES! Loved that game as a kid. Would love for this to come to the PS4 in the UK.
  12. Parkway Drive are absoutley amazing live. If by chance you get the opportunity to see them, then definitely do it. Slipknot are also amazing live. Parkway and Slipknot are two bands that really know how to get the crowd going! I don't know whether I'm being biased but saying that maybe Metallica was my best concert because it took 8 years before I actually saw them live, and they are my favourite band, so maybe them. Although, the likes of Trivium, Rammstein, A Day to Remember and even Don Broco was brilliant.
  13. Agreed. I don't think I can genuinely say I've really enjoyed a PS4 racing game, but this is going to bring back some good racing memories.
  14. I'll definitely give that a go! Cheers man I really appreciate it
  15. I could buy the DLC from the PS Store, but when it came to using the DLC it was giving me a few reasons why I couldn't use it. Taken from another site it was on the lines of: 1. Not available in store yet. 2. Not singed in to the network. 3. Your account settings won't allow you to access the store. 4. You're too young. I was not conflicting with any of these reasons and so I couldn't access the DLC. Luckily, I only bought 1 toy car first and realised it didn't work before buying anymore DLC.