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  1. Tales from the Borderlands. Probably my fav Telltale game...
  2. Crazy Taxi. One of my fav childhood games...
  3. Max Payne 3 100% 😲
  4. Sky Scrappers. Had lots of fun with my friends with it.
  5. Nevermind
  6. Gta 4. Nice one!!
  7. Theres no way I could not go for Super Meat boy. Sorry haha
  8. I agree. I especially loved the second one. I think the whole team racing concept sucks big time. I hate the AI.
  9. Hannah Montana the Movie. The definition of a trophy hunter (at least back then before there were 30mins platinum games)!
  10. How would you rate the difficulty compared to Surf n Turf and Campfire Cookoff?
  11. Oh shoot!! Looking forward but I need to finish the last DLC first. I hope the new dlc is not too difficult
  12. Shenmue 1 and 2 😍 Cant wait till November...
  13. So whats the difficulty for the platinum and how long does it take in total?