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  1. VR Worlds at 0.65%. Awesome game and funny to play for the platinum (Danger Ball).
  2. Thank you!! Awesome strategy, saved me sooo much time!!
  3. Thank you a bunch! This helped me a lot to get that Regera awesome strategy.
  4. Will send a request tomorrow. I just got the game today and have plenty of Rep to get over the next few days (especially on the weekend).
  5. How did you raise PHY? I have the exact same stats as mentioned (also in PHY) and have played more than 50 games. No single stat is raising anymore. Now I changed my height and weight and was able to raise PHY a bit (not in overall though). With 202lbs and 5.7 I cant get any more stats. So I guess I will try with a different body composition and then switch back to 202lbs/5.7. Hope this works
  6. So guys, i now have the exact same stats for DEF (83 overall with all on 85 except for heading accuracy 73) but no trophy popped My other overall ratings are 79 (ATT) and 78 (MID) I gave my character the same height/weight as mentioned. What can I do now? Is it maybe the PHY as mentioned by @matigrosso91 If so, how can I boost PHY specifically? @KKrischanz what where your PHY stats? Is there an extra category for it or are we talking about pace etc. You did not mention them in your post. Many thanks in advance. This trophy sucks...
  7. NfS Undercover. Id love to play it but thanks no to the online trophies.
  8. Is this game available already? I cant find it in the EU store...
  9. The Crew. Wish I played it when it came out...I only played part 2.
  10. NfS Rivals. Cant wait for the new NfS to be announced.
  11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Currently working on it after finally finishing Rise of the TR.
  12. Uncharted Golden Abyss. My fav. Vita game along with LBP.