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  1. NfS Undercover. Id love to play it but thanks no to the online trophies.
  2. Is this game available already? I cant find it in the EU store...
  3. The Crew. Wish I played it when it came out...I only played part 2.
  4. NfS Rivals. Cant wait for the new NfS to be announced.
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Currently working on it after finally finishing Rise of the TR.
  6. Uncharted Golden Abyss. My fav. Vita game along with LBP.
  7. Tales from the Borderlands. Probably my fav Telltale game...
  8. Crazy Taxi. One of my fav childhood games...
  9. Max Payne 3 100% 😲
  10. Sky Scrappers. Had lots of fun with my friends with it.
  11. Nevermind
  12. Gta 4. Nice one!!