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  1. Looks awesome and is for free! Unfortunately doesnt seem to have new trophies...
  2. Until Dawn. Been playing it with a friend on his account but cannot motivate myself for 2 more playthroughs on my own acc...
  3. I would love a christmas theme DLC hopefully something will be announced the upcoming days
  4. I just hope that this time all of the players get all trophies when playing together (3 stars in every level) and not just the main profile.
  5. As already mentioned in the other thread, please search for my level and play it BigBadKingCule (p4p short trophy) I should have played most of your levels, feel free to message me if I forgot yours. Thx!!
  6. I just played all levels from the above list. Please play my level: BigBadKingCule (p4p short trophy) Also message me if you want to me to play your level in case I forgot one. Thanks guys!!
  7. Same for me and Im checking everyday... Nope. Around 1 year ago it glitched right at the beginning at 116m.
  8. I saw it aswell. Unfortunately I cant make it to the 4000m. But its a good sign that we will get a lower glitched challenge sometime soon
  9. Yes and looking at the price of 40 bucks extra I cannot believe who is willing to pay that for not having any benefit besides earlier access. Thanks guys, Ill grab the standard Edition.
  10. You didnt get my question, maybe I didnt express myself good enough. I was basically asking two questions in one: 1) Does the Gold Edition ( Season pass) give me any advantage for the main game trophies (such as boost icons/cars etc which help me get the trophies earlier/quicker). 2) Does the season pass include future content (which Im sure will come with trophies like in the crew 1 or like the Season Pass in Driveclub) From what I understand the season pass is completely useless in that sense and I wanted to ask if I maybe misunderstood and there is an advantage when it comes to trophies. For example without the season pass in driveclub you would be paying much more for the trophy content than without it.
  11. Im looking into buying the game and I wonder if the season pass is anyhow helpful/required for trophies. Not only looking at the main game, but also to all the additional content which is about to come out. If I understand correctly the Season pass only includes additional cars and stuff but no (yet unreleased) future content for further trophy lists. So its not a season pass in the sense of Driveclub etc, but more like the one from NFS payback (deluxe edition Content). If so I would go grab just the regular version. Not really interested in up front access for some vehicles for 30 extra bucks...
  12. How long did it take you round about to have the main game trophies? Did you also play the DLC? If so, how long is it on Top of the main game?
  13. Thanks!
  14. Can anyone who has already got the trophy help me out? The description itself is quite unclear about it...
  15. Do I have to beat the game without dying in one playthrough? Meaning if I die once do I have to start a new game? Or do I just have to beat every chapter once without dying so when I die I just have to start the chapter? Thanks