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  1. Burly Man at sea. A game I will play during a longer journey...
  2. Gta 4, no doubt about it.
  3. Far Cry 5. Never tried any of the Far Cry series...
  4. Until Dawn Rush of Blood. I own the game but Im simply too scared (no kidding) after playing some of the levels.
  5. LBP 100% on Ps3. Im currently thinking about doing it after getting the 100% for LBP Vita recently.
  6. Astro Bot. Im currently working on it
  7. Dead Nation Apocaplyse Edition. Started it over 4 years ago and will finally get back to it sometime this year.
  8. Eagle flight, wow! I was able to plat VR worlds which was difficult, but apparently Eagle flight is on another level.
  9. Horizon Chase Turbo for retro reasons (Outrun)
  10. Overwatch, not only platinum but also 100%. Nice.
  11. RdR 1. Damn, good one!
  12. Rise of the Tomb Raider 100%. Got it planned for February...
  13. Gta 5 100% on Ps4. Respect to you.
  14. Uncharted 4 100%. I'd love to have my 100% back but I dont even try because I am simply not good enough for those challenges. By the way: what an account you have. Mad props to you.