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  1. Im really looking forward to playing it these days. Compared to the Surf and Turf dlc, how difficult is it to obtain 3 stars on every level?
  2. Splinter Cell Blacklist. Never played any of the Spinter Cell games...
  3. Killzone Mercanary. I wish I had played it immediately when it was on PsPlus
  4. Correct. When completing Episode 14, which comes next week, you will get the all gold trophy of season 3 (simply because it means that you now have gold in all 14 episodes which the trophy requieres without naming it in detail). So no worries, the trophy should have never popped by now. Its a glitch in a positive sense for those who already got it and not the other way around. Also expect 3 addtional bronze trophies for the last episode next week. The game is not ovet yet in no way...
  5. Secret of Mana. Oh the memories... Will play it myself later this year, already bought it on sale for the Vita.
  6. Mafia 2. Played it on my old account (no plat) and enjoyed it a lot.
  7. Trackmania Turbo since I love arcade racing games. Nice fresh account by the way.
  8. Just got it today as well. A bit late but Ill take it
  9. Until Dawn Rush of blood. I tried it a few times on my alt. account but Im just too scared to concentrate, lol no kidding. Good job mate.
  10. Little Big Planet Vita 4 years 11 months Simply cause I played through it when I first got my Vita and now played it again to reduce my backlog and in order to raise my completion rate.
  11. Honestly i cant remember. Its been years because every game that I want to play for the game itself (not for trophies) I plan on getting 100% in the end. I dont start a game unless Im positive I can get the trophies along with it.
  12. Im at 52.79, which is pretty bad. Theres been a period where I played lots of easy games, but it should get better with the time now.
  13. Mortal Combat on Vita
  14. I can confirm that the unobtainable trophies can be achieved again. Nice work from the devs.
  15. Nope, as of now many trophies are glitched and not able to be unlocked. Somebody opened a thread for this on the official game forums (referring to the corresonding xbox achievement)