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  1. Thank you! I am on Genudine TR.
  2. Thank you kindly! Yeah BF4 has it, did not see anything for PS2. Strange you can not view it in game, just expect more from 21st century games...
  3. Well I decided to give PS2 a try even though they are anti-colorblind. I found the TR team best to play since the other two look the same color to me. Anyhow... How do you view your character stats in game? Like how many kills you have and heals, headshots, overall damage, etc...
  4. Ah well, no PS2 for me then. Pity.
  5. The first Planet Side was fun but I kept team killing and it ruinedthe game for me and others. Is this one colorblind friendly? You would think in the 21st century most games would be. Thanks. Really in the mood for a fps,,,
  6. I have played UO, EQ, EQ2, WoW and GW. EQ hands down was my favorite MMO series untill they started dumbing it down. I was just curious what people thought of the game, I might hold out till EQNext. Thanks for any and all information, still tempting...
  7. I would like to get some feedback on what people think of the game so far. I really like playing a healer in MMOs, is there need for such a class in this game? Can you play as just a pure healer or is everything hybrid? What do you think of the quests? What do you think of the grouping? Is there solo content or is it heavy group content? General thoughts about the game and investment time? Thank you.
  8. So far these trophies seem very easy and the game is super fun!
  9. I am new to trophy hunting and so far it has been very fun. I am also going for 100% on all games played as well. I would suggest only playing game types you like. There are several games that I could play for easy throphies but I will not because I just do not care for the game types. I always check out a game in advance to make sure it will be something I like, there are reviews online that can help you and the wonderful members of this forum are incredibly helpful as well! Just be sure you have fun, that is the most important thing. Even games you like will have certain trophies that will make you cuss like crazy, but if it is a game you like it makes all the cussing worth while in the end.
  10. Thank you very much! I was unsure how it worked. Thank you very much! To add to these questions...I am trying to stay 100%. Will PSNow games affect that if all of the content is not provided? Like how the Walking Dead S1 has 400 days with it, and if the PSNow verison does not have it, I would still get the Plat but not be at 100%? Yes I am a dork!
  11. Sorry in advance if this sounds like a silly question...Do you get trophies from playing the PSNow games? I see it mention that some games may not have all their parts or what not, so was not sure how that would affecct the games. And for anyone that has played the PSNow games, do they stream smooth or do you notice a lot of issues? Thanks!
  12. Welcome back to gaming and welcome to the forums! I am sure you will have a blast!
  13. It would be different because this site is 100 times better then most and the community kicks ass here! That being said, I understand where you are coming from . This is just one of the best sites I have ever been on and just want to see it flourish and continue to kick ass!
  14. Well that kind of makes sense. I guess what I was really asking for and or thinking about was a forum section specific for that. Just a section where people could go to write a review about a game or read reviews. I was not expecting the site owners to do that, they have enough to do. That way people would not have to dig in the forums to find them. Not sure if I am explaining myself right...lol.
  15. AH well, I thought it would of been a cool idea. Figured it would be cool to have a one stop shop site, not to mention all the new blood it could pull into this site. Thanks for letting me know! And thank you for the welcome!