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  1. Hey, thanks a lot! I'm happy someone actually likes this picture, hehe. (Ι know I'm a little late)
  2. 1 χρόνο μετά....... Πώς πήγες τελικά με τις εξετάσεις? Περνάς εκεί που θες?

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    2. Queen-of-juice


      Πηγε σχετικαααααααααα καλααααααααα... :Ρ
      Διναμε 7. Περασα τα 6.

      Εσυ, πως πας;

    3. NaughtyNoddy


      Πολύ καλά είναι. Μακάρι να συνεχίσεις έτσι!

      Αν όλα κυλίσουν αισίως για εμένα, θα τελειώσω αυτόν τον Σεπτέμβρη

    4. Queen-of-juice


      Σούπερ! Εύχομαι κάθε επιτυχία!

  3. I, as well, would like to win this code. Thanks!
  4. This is cooler than cool !
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    2. Queen-of-juice


      We only discuss, and we're at the point where our opinions vary.

    3. ToxicRedBull_


      Yes, I am alive and NO I WILL NOT BUY YOU GAMES!

    4. Queen-of-juice


      Don't let the mass guide you

  5. Count me in, you already know me
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    2. LadyTonberry


      Yeah we do, you're exactly one year older than me ^_^ I love the videos playing dead with puppies, whisper challenge, arrow dodge and would you rather :3

      Kurisu, pewdiepie has gone downhill the worst in my opinion, all he cares about is money now. Markiplier had a rough year so maybe that's why his videos didn't seem as good?

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      I agree about pewdiepie, and he's never been funny imo. And yeah, I notice the quality began to drop around when his friend died so I'd assume it's a cause of that. I still like his videos, just not as much

    4. NotAFoxAnymore
  6. Senegal (...)

    1. Queen-of-juice



      I wondered why I had so many visits...All of a sudden, I thought I was famous....Then I saw a comment....from you.

  7. Ah hah this is an old status, didn't know why those stars went up or down but I rated ya 5 because of creepy losers.

    1. Queen-of-juice


      Τhanks! Very kind of you! I'll make sure to rate you 6 stars! Err...I mean 5 ^_^

    2. Not_like_therest
  8. Χμμ.... Εσύ μου έδωσες 5 αστέρια?

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    2. Queen-of-juice


      Γνωρίζω πολύ καλά! Επίσης υπαρχει και η Ενωση Ελληνων Χημικων στην Κρητη! Γνωριζόμαστε τόσες μερες αλλά ακομα δεν εχουμε πει τα ονοματά μας. Εύη, χάρηκα! :)

    3. NaughtyNoddy


      Ναι, όντως. Με λένε Νόντυ, ε.... Νώντα εξού και το username μου (το σκέτο Noddy ήταν πιασμένο). Κι εγώ χάρηκα!

    4. Queen-of-juice


      Aha! Xαχα! Μια χαρά!

  9. Damn tired of studying. ~.~............and it's only the beginning.

  10. It's official; I am a pet owner! I've got a little puppy ^_^

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    2. Superbuu3


      Just don't put him on your scanner.

    3. Dav9834


      Awww congratulations! What breed?!

    4. Queen-of-juice


      Atlas: Thanks...I'll try but no promises! :P

      DanteHellMode98: Thank you ^^

      Superbuu3: Hmmm, sounds like a good option!

      Dav9834: Thanks! :D But... I have no idea....

  11. It's so damn hard to collect Trapezohedrons in FF:XII. I don't even get Platinum Ingots. :c

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    2. Queen-of-juice


      @JeieeM: 1% drop rate .. :(

    3. JaM


      yep... Adamantortoise's Trap have 1% drop rate.... well.. you could progress with the Cieth Missions and fight (more meanie) Long Gui Instead - this big meanie has drop rate to 5% of Traps :P

    4. PirateHunter777


      I don't know how I managed to make all of the ultimate weapons for all characters. But I managed it somehow. I only need the Treasure Hunter trophy for platinum, but no, I put the controller down for this one a long time ago.