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  1. Just a note on entering the planning room together: Take extra care to enter the Planning Room together before Finales, as a cutscene will begin playing automatically for anyone in the Facility as soon as the Heist Leader enters their Planning Room. I was outside the planning room but inside the leader's facility when this happened to me. Didn't think much of it but we completed the finale and I found my progress had been reset when I checked afterwards. Can't say for sure whether not being in the planning room when the cutscene starts has anything to do with my progress resetting, but thought it was noteworthy, since progress reset for me and none of my teammates, who were all in the planning room when the cutscene started.
  2. Have also had this reset on me several times. Pretty sure it's bugged.
  3. I would go with one of the following: Sandy Shores, Grand Senora or Wind Farm. The Sandy Shores Facility ($2.7M) is best for Elite Challenges since it's well-placed for heading to the first checkpoints in the finales for Acts I & III. It's also next to 2 airfields & a highway, though quite North up the map. The Grand Senora Facility ($2.5M) is also placed well and a few $100,000 cheaper than Sandy Shores. An advantage of this facility is its proximity to the Sandy Shores Airfield if you use air vehicles a lot, and it's more central than Sandy Shores too. The Wind Farm Facility ($1.8M) is a great all-rounder: well-placed for the Acts I & III Elite Challenges and close to both Los Santos and a highway. It's also cheaper so great if you're on more of a budget. I used this for the Elite Challenge and found beating the target times no problem. The best Facility for Act II's Elite Challenge is the Paleto Bay Facility ($1.25M). I don't advise purchasing this one though since you can beat the Elite Challenge for Act II from one of the previously suggested Facilities. It's also about as North in the map as you can get but the cheapest Facility you can buy.
  4. RE: requirements to start the Doomsday Heist - you can be either CEO, VIP or MC leader. VIP option is the cheapest since all you need is $50,000 to register as a VIP through the SecuroServ Menu. @Sergen Congrats on 100%! No idea how you managed to get through CM without progress resetting but well done in any case.
  5. Seems pretty straight forward, although getting 3 stars on some dashes (time trials) could be challenging. I doubt this will be anywhere near as challenging as the original Mirror's Edge.
  6. I was expecting you to sync 4 or 5 plats haha. Get well soon pal
  7. I found unlocking every song much worse! I ended up replaying the story to have another shot at finding the 3 songs which need to be unlocked by profiling. Then had to play up to act 4, mission 5 to get the trophy.
  8. Nice video. I crashed really quickly after reaching region 10 a couple of times so this would've been a useful video.
  9. I don't have enough forum posts to join but I have written a guide! Will that make up for my lack of forum posts?
  10. It depends on how good you are at the game and whether you use walkthroughs. I'd estimate most can do it in about 6 hours.
  11. Hey guys, I have posted a walkthrough for completing every level on Aaru's Awakening on YouTube. I have achieved gold medals in each level and tried not to die too much so you don't have to watch me fail - below is a link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJXmNsM946l6z3Wo7VppmvN-32oA9nGMk I may post a full trophy guide soon, but these videos should be more than enough to help you achieve 100%! If you have any suggestions for improving the walkthroughs, do let me know. Good luck! Edit: Guide now available - https://psnprofiles.com/guide/2695-Aarus-Awakening-Trophy-Guide