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  1. How does the split/screen level cap thing work. How do i make my lower level account host, The host seems to be my level 69 account and can't get the levels down lower Also, are people still crashing even though your only using corrosive and fire guns. I have these trophies left and claptrap collectibles for 100%
  2. No i have yet to kill Crawmerax, I have the mission for it but havent had a go at doing it yet.
  3. I was playing this game, enjoying every moment and then the difficulty spiked like crazy. I'm level 63, all enemies are scaling to levels above me some being 3-4 levels above and now making my time on the game feel like a chore. I understand the scaling but im getting my ass handed too me. Spend more time respawning at the moment than actually playing the game. I've had to stop doing the Knoxx DLC as the circle of duty at the moment is near impossible. When i reach the highest rank (69 i believe) do the enemies level above me still or will they be level with me.
  4. This isn't the full collection then: https://www.shopto.net/video-games/ps4/PS4KI09-kingdom-hearts-hd-15-25-remix?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlIHPwJav4AIVRZ3VCh1ukQBOEAQYAyABEgLL5fD_BwE
  5. Is this on PS3 or PS4, i know i could google, thought I'd ask though.
  6. Never played one before, the game looks incredible. As I have never played a KH game, what order do they need to be played. I see several trophy lists but I have no idea which 1 I should start with and I don't want to jump straight into KH3
  7. Only ever used the Dual Blades, love them too much and like someone else mentioned, the animations are nuts.
  8. Mini Dodogama, is becomming a pain in the arse, closest I had was 1011.11 which is 11 off a mini. Been sniping/killing all the small ones for a few hours now and must have killed 30 or so that looked smallish. No luck so far.
  9. Mini Radobaan, is still my pain at the moment. Will have a few sniping sessions tonight to see if I can find it. Every other crown came within the first 10 attempts of this quest.
  10. You can't get diamonds from friends can you?
  11. Need Knack friends JakeSS14