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  1. Just finished my first Plat and backlog game since the comp started. Dark Souls done! Now to play a few shorter games before getting started on Dark Souls 3.
  2. Hey so I noticed last year you posted talking about 100%ing Magic the Gathering. Would you be able to help us earn the "Win a 3-player match" trophy so we could 100% it too? Here's our Gaming Session (the time is a placeholder until we pick one). Thanks!



  3. This is such a shame. I was so hoping that they'd get individual trophy lists. I hate that I'll have to re-play VLR to get the plat.
  4. Sent you a message to both accounts since I got confused haha.
  5. You're a genius, that worked perfectly. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi guys, I recently changed up some things in my forum signature, and ever since I'm unable to use Trophy Card 2 (The bigger one) in my signature. Whenever I try to input the URL the bar goes a dull red colour and I can't add it. I am however able to add the smaller Trophy Card 1 in its place without any issues. I've tried clearing my signature and just using the trophy card just in case my signature was too large, but this didn't help. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Drew-013
  7. Wayne-O; what's the cut off for submitting the backlog challenge titles?
  8. Sign me up for round 2! I like the new points and backlog challenge systems this season.
  9. Awesome.. I'm super in for season 2.. this time I just need to not choose such ambitious backlog games v_v still only completed 1 of my backlog.. such a sad effort.
  10. When it comes to DLC, the only two that have trophies are Initiation and Cold, Cold Heart. Neither of which are required for the multiplayer. Initiation gives you the option to play as Bruce Wayne in single player, and Cold, Cold Heart is story DLC. The game is ok.. it's definitely the worst in the Arkham series, but the multiplayer isn't too difficult with only a few hard trophies that require boosting. I'd say it's worth $18, but you'd be better off waiting for the DLC to be on sale at a later date, as it's not worth $30.
  11. Are any of you guys aiming to get the Arkham Origins MP trophies before the servers close? There's a couple of difficult ones that would need to be boosted. and I thought I'd check here before starting an open gaming session. Would much rather help you guys than some randoms if you were looking to get them.
  12. I'm sorry guys, I've been so absent lately. Haven't been keeping up at all. Since I started my new job, I've had infinitely less time to game and trawl forums. I'm hoping I can claw my way back in through the rest of the year, got a few games I'm working on. I'll be super happy once I get the painted and certified item trophies from Rocket League.
  13. I'm desperately trying to get those trophies as well, if anyone's able to assist with both the Certified and Painted, I'd be hugely appreciated.
  14. I'm playing through this now. Does anyone know whether any of these are missable?
  15. Yeah It's PVP Related.. You need to be the #1 Ranked PVP Player in your alliance when your alliance captures all 6 Keeps.. needless to say.. it's ridiculously hard to get. Luckily the PVP Rankings reset every few weeks when a new campaign begins.. but that doesn't make this trophy any easier to obtain. Natsuiro High School is fun.. but the fact that it's not in English means I spend more time trying to translate the text then actually playing. The stealth panty shot mechanics are fun though.. feels like you're playing a perverted Assassin's Creed game.