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  1. Simple math answers this question. Active Daily PSN Users: 90,000,000 Tracked Users on this site: 4,057,609
  2. Classic bait thread. I await further ridicules replies. It's a good game if you aren't a racist.
  3. Agreed. Keep them Public to ALL users. If you really want to ignore them, Don't read them... If you are being "stalked", well that's what the Mods are for.
  4. I would assume the update schedule also has hidden attributes such as; [Active within X days]. I don't know why you would want daily updates on profiles that haven't been active in 3 years...
  5. Because Sony does Not own all game developers, complaining about them being the cause of the current game industries shallowness is absurd. And FYI: PS4 has sudo~backwards compatibility... I still use my PS3 version disk of BF4 to play it on my PS4. And a lack of knowledge of cpu architecture finishes the rest of that argument. PS3 CELL =/= PS4 X86.
  6. This is clearly a troll thread. Neither the OP, or any subsequent supporter have any knowledge of marketing and business practice.
  7. If it powers up at all, it's not the cord. Your only option short of sending it in, is to replace the HDD.
  8. Unplug the power cable. Press the Power button on the console, it should try to start then immediately die due to no power. After that plug it back in and attempt to enter Safe Mode. If that does not work, 3 paths left: 1: The HDD is Bricked (You Fix) 2: The PSU is Bricked (You Fix) 3: The System is Bricked (Sony) There's also a potential your CPU became unseated, but highly doubtful as to your evidence of electrical strike.
  9. If you click on trophies right next to the sub-forum name, the trophy page shows which version you picked.
  10. No need for any backend work. Just report the session to a mod like you already have the ability to do and should.
  11. The stats on this website only track PSN accounts that it is told to track. (You don't need to be registered to be tracked, you can put any PSNID into the box.) So it's only showing about 1% of all PSN accounts.
  12. Chapter 1 is a tutorial. It's supposed to be slow.
  13. Editing obfuscated save data is against Sony's TOS. And as stated, Emulators are Not "illegal" or "piracy"...
  14. This is exactly why. This has been suggested Many times before, and would have been evident by using the Search function. Name & Shaming is bad.
  15. The game isint even a week old, the online player count is as good as it gets. All the MP trophies can be boosted, but you will need minimum player counts (2,4,6,8) to start various modes to get wins.