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  1. If she does, that would be awesome. I love her.
  2. Another non month for me. Ill be getting DriveClub on disc. Batman already played. Rainbow Moon does look cool, but i dont like those type of games. The others don't interest me.
  3. Looks pretty sweet, the car did look slow in the video but the game is nowhere near completion so I assume it will change in the future. Ill be keeping my eye on this!
  4. I hope i get in to the beta, wanna try the handling and driving out.
  5. Sorry don't wanna save a shitty app.
  6. They should fix the loot system first of all. Auto Rifles OP? Okay then... like Shotguns and Fusion Rifles aren't.. smfh.
  7. And just like Watch Dogs i agree with everything he said! Its a fun game but it has so many flaws.
  8. I hope its not a online only game...
  9. Borderlands, Thief & Destiny come to mind. Urghh such garbage stories.
  10. New plat #134: inFamous: First Light Game Rating: 8/10 Platinum Rating: 3/10 Note: The challenge arenas were a nice touch. The last 2 levels were really awesome as well! Sexy plat image FTW.
  11. I'd like to sign up . Heres my list: Currently at 19/26. Alice: Madness Return Battlefield 3 Crysis 2 Dishonored E Far Cry 3 God Of War III Heavy Rain inFamous 2 Jak Killzone: Shadowfall L.A. Noire Metro: Last Light Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit O Prototype 2 Q Red Dead Redemption Spec Ops: The Line The Last Of Us Uncharted 2 V Wolfenstein: The New Order X Y Z
  12. apart from the two trophies, they don't mean jack shit in Destiny.
  13. 134 inFAMOUS: First Light Awesome game. The drug level was so goddam awesome, and the snow part was cool - gave me a huge TLoU vibe.. haha. Bonus points for sexy plat image!
  14. Sounds great. Can't wait