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  1. Alrighty thank you! ūüėä
  2. Dont get me wrong I love and enjoy challenges and full length games such as the Uncharted, Bioshock series, Overwatch, the Battlefields and more. From time to time though ill want that platinum craving. I dont always do it. Believe me I enjoy actually earning my plats a good percentage of the time.
  3. Yeah I've got those two as well. I want Planet RIX 13 but it's not out yet sadly. Brian from ps4trophies already has a platinum walkthrough on the one. I just finished Inksplosion.
  4. So far, from what I've gathered are the easiest and fastest platinums are the ones I just completed this last week which are: 1. Little Adventure on the Prairie 2. 36 Fragments of Midnight 3. Storm Boy 4. Inksplosion 5. Nubla 6. Fullblast 7. Super Destronaut X D 8. Energy Cycle Edge 9. One Word by POWGI If anyone has any other 1 hour or less quick plat ideas send them my way! Also would help the other trophy junkies here too. Haha
  5. Just bought a ps3 for Fallout 3 and NV again. Unsubscribed to that PS Now thing the ps4 has. on here waiting for my ps3 trophy list to sync which takes like a full day to sync. smh. whats everyone up to? 

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    2. Teslacron_Prime


      Good for you man Fallout is truly worthy of it's own machine lol.

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @Spyro Nah, just use an ethernet cable, it also helps if your PS4 is close to your router. Of course, you can't have internet powered by a potato lol

    4. MidnightDragon


      Well, the router is in the other room. 

  6. It's been a long while since I've been on here. What's everyone been up too? Any new games you're looking forward too? 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Trying to hit 1,000 by the end of the day Monday. Just 67 left.

    3. ee28max


      Focusing on 1,000 trophies as well. That may take a while though.



      Lol I am sorry on the late reply but thats good for all you guys! :D


      I do need to get around to coming here more again. Been caught up in streaming and work a lot. 

  7. It's not much but here's mine. Big fan of Star Wars and Coruscant is one of my favorite planets. Also feel free to add me on Steam anyone if you have one, SimplyCody13 or just Simply Cody, my gamerpic is of the Fallout boy. I don't mind, though I play a lot of SPs but I do have a few MPs. Not at ready to launch though.
  8. Who thought it would be such a great, phenomenal, brilliant idea to base your progression off the loot system? EA.. Come one. Battlefront 2 was suppose to be a home run for lots of us but instead you destroyed it all now. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is still amazing. Just sucks now that I can't.. Will not be playing this game. I'd like my progression to not be only based off loot crates please. But that is the only thing your progression is based on. And free DLCs and no more season pass? The loot crates are the catch to that one. Thought you could fool us with that. Sorry Im pretty disappointed in what they're doing with this game now. 

    1. Gourmet Guy

      Gourmet Guy

      There will be enough sheeple that'll buy the loot crates.



      I can tell people are still going to buy the game. I hope they do something with the progression and loot system eventually though. It just doesn't make sense is all. 

    3. Gourmet Guy

      Gourmet Guy

      AC Origins is having loot chests at stores, but it's only with in-game money, so I'm fine with that.

  9. Don't get me wrong its a great game, very good story. The gameplay is just super slow and I didn't mind the fact that I had to do 3 playthroughs for the Plat but I messed up twice on the first playthrough and now 4 times on the second playthrough. Which means I expanded my play time much longer then what was already required to obtain the Plat. I feel as if I expanded the 3 playthroughs to like 5 or 6 playthroughs and I'm definitely not gunna play a game that many times at the slow pace it already is. lol Congrats for those who have the Plat though already I, myself is just not gunna play it anymore. What matters to me the most is I played it for the story and it was really neat.
  10. Had no idea what to play today when I got back from the cities with my dad, though I always knew I'd have to start Oxenfree at some point so I went ahead and played that. At the beginning and through the majority of the game I had mixed feelings about it. The story was good, it was very interesting. It wasn't til the ending, literally the ending scene got me all hyped up and what not, got me all jumping out of my chair saying "AHHH no f***ing way!" lol Sounds odd I know. But that plot twist though at the ending dude... I now suggest this to anyone that's at least thought about it. Good story, pretty slow gameplay which is why I had mixed feelings for it due to some parts of the gameplay I was like "this is boring.." then something intriguing would just randomly happen then I'd be like "okay well now I'm gunna have to keep playing cause this is cool or neat." 

    1. paranoia_agent85


      Yeah, you pretty much described my experience as well. Started off feeling indifferent but there were enough hooks throughout the story to have me very invested by the end.



      Yeah it was pretty neat. I still have yet to plat it too. 

  11. i dont think ive ever played a game that has such a long boring intro that is actually putting me to sleep. 

  12. this dudes funny as hell lol i really wanna play this game.

  13. a nice cold caramel frappe
  14. anybody gunna play that Battle Royale mode early access over the weekend? I still have yet to play PUBG itself but I'm waiting til it hits PS4

  15. Hell I'll put my name down on here too. Though I don't normally just accept someones request without the intention that you and I will be playing a game that we Or at least maybe chat every once in a good while. I know that any request I'll get will be from this site but please at least put "PSNP" or whatever as a message. If you don't you will be ignored. Just how it is. I do play lots of single player games though. Just letting ya know. PSN: SIMPLY_CODY Pro. Lvl: 23 Game(s) at launch Overwatch is the only online game I have ready at launch. I have more in my library and wouldn't be opposed to redownloading one or a couple to work on trophies.