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  1. Oh man.. been a min since I've been here. How's everyone doing and whats been up? Playing anything cool? 

  2. It worked for me. My newly updated name is, what it is right now. Awesome, thanks for the help!
  3. Its not changed for me. Signing into this account that I'm on (SIMPLY_CODY) it'll show no trophies. however, If I search for my new ID it'll show my trophy list. Oh well I guess.
  4. Mario Maker 2 looks like it'll be a ton of fun.

  5. Only 2 levels and a 3rd of the way to reaching reaching my 41st Platinum. Playing some Borderlands Remastered and my Soldier's at level 47 and it's taking a bit to get the level 50 trophy. That'll be my last one to obtain then on to Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel. Gotta re-play these games for the Borderlands 3 hype. 


    Anyone else here getting Borderlands 3?

  6. I wish the would bring back the first original Croc game from the ps2 I think it was. Remastered version, I'd play that one.
  7. My only ones are Fallout New Vegas and Overwatch since those are the only two games that are enjoyable out of the 5 that my pc can handle and run without crashing.
  8. My PC can't handle anything good. Besides Fallout New Vegas. It's super bad but here's my specs and the few games I've tested on it that it can handle. I'm limited like no other. lol CPU: AMD FX 6300 6core 3500 Mhz 3core RAM: 8 GBS Windows 7 Professional GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Games that can be played without crashing: Overwatch Stardew Valley New Vegas Bastion Halloween Forever I was planning on rebuilding this damn pc but I think I may just purchase myself a new one honestly.
  9. Alright, I don't know how kept up anyone is with the latest technology like I am. If you're not aware of this fancy new thing Google has been planning to do and make a step further into the future of gaming I will post this Announcement they made down below. I think it's a pretty neat idea but with every gamer that has sunk hours and so much investment into the latest consoles i.e PS4, Xbox One S/X, PC, Switch. This new gaming system is called Stadia. It will run on Vulkan and Linux. Focused on gamers, inspired by developers, and amplified by Youtube creators. Watching a normal game trailer for any game, at the end of the video there will be an option to play that game within the matter of only 5 seconds and it's opened into another browser. I'll cut this description short and let you watch it down below if it seems like something you'd be interested in. I know most people wouldn't be, understandable. Edit: Things I'd be worried about is data caps, relying on Edge Nodes for better performance, you're internet's crappy one day and no games. Gaming on Stadia feels like it's a take away from "owning a game" completely.
  10. .
  11. Alright. Finally did it. They have to show now. lol
  12. won't let me copy paste my image. how sad.
  13. really? I see them. lol edit: hopefully they appear now. I just copy pasted them from my email. maybe that's why.
  14. I looked up Game Setups, Bedroom Setups, Office Setups, etc. and found nothing related of the sort. Post your game room, office, bedroom, living room setups here! (Doesn't even need to associate with gaming at all) I will start with what my office/game room looks like so far. It's still a work in progress. Not quite finished yet, but I'm never finished with my setups in all rooms!