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About Me

Hello everyone! Name is Cody. 

I play little games anymore. If I do play anything it's really only single player ones. If I ain't gaming I'm drawing. If I'm not drawing I'm working. If I'm not working I'm sleeping. If I'm not sleeping.. I am shoving my face with good food. 🍕🍔🍇

I game on all systems (xbox, playstation, nintendo and pc). Currently playing a lot of Zelda BotW. Anymore I really don't feel the need to play any upcoming or new game(s). Lately I'll play my favorites and just keep at those til I platinum them or completion them on the xbox. 


Favorite series/games are:

Far Cry 3,4,5,ND,P

Fallout 3,4,NV

Bioshock 1,2,Inf


Zelda OOT,MM,BotW

Mario games

Pokemon games

Dying Light



Streaming isn't really much a consistent thing for me anymore but follow and watch sometime.

My YT channel as well. I do plan on posting more here. My old channel in a playlist. 



Orisa buddy!