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  1. #7 Grand theft auto San andreas

  2. im down to play with other people. anything to pass the time and get those pesky trophies lol. feel free to add me
  3. platinum #6 infamous first light

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    2. Beyondthegrave07
    3. Cyan-_-Dog


      thanks, i knew it had to be easy lol just had to finish all the games. to be honest the challenges were more of an annoyance lol

    4. Power0fPhonixHD


      Yeah you're right about the challenges.

  4. so i was looking around for more info on this, i went to and there was a guy who said he tweeted activision about patching the bug i guess that made it always in the preseason and they tweeted back that they were working on it but just needed some time. now while i am skeptical of them actually doing it i am really hoping that they actually come through.
  5. ive heard that they may also be releasing the pod racer game for the N64 (back in the day) along with starwars battlefront. i really hope so cause i have lots of fond memories of that game.
  6. thats the best thing about e cigs lol, i can smoke it anwhere i want and i dont have to go out in the cold in winter. i just sit in my room and smoke it all day long. how much nicatine do you usually have?
  7. lol im manthol man myself, non menthal just hs no kick to me. i know what you mean i see all this stuff people say bout ow vaping is bad or whatever and i always blame the tobacco companies cause they are losing money. the biggest thing i hear is that when people start they cough alot and i found that out to be true bout me as well, but its only because it is breaking up the tar and after a while it goes away. you go over to the states and its every where over here. Vape stores are popping up left and right.
  8. no clue why but couldnt view the pic for some reason but i know the 2 brands lol im using the istick from eleaf and then a atlas tank but it goes through juice so fast. i can set the tank to have a bigger or smaller hole which i really love for bigger vape clouds and then the baattery can go from Watts to volts but i havent used volts just yet cause im afraid to lol, right now im using 30.0 volts but im thinking of going up sometime. just afraid im going to burn out my wic faster. i od want to build my own coils and make my own juice as well one day but for now im happy with what i have and i abselutly love vaping. i smoked for a couple of years and then my parents wanted me to quit so they got me a vape pen and then i was hooked lol. probably never going to stop vaping. what kind of flavor person are you?
  9. oh really? what kinds? i used a vape pen till i upgraded to a mod and now theres no going back lol. love it way to much
  10. who else here uses a vape?