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  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake. While I'm saving the Bike trophy for last, I'm making an effort to complete the final VR mission first. However, for some reason, this ATB system is just not clicking with me. No matter how many attempts I make to emulate different approaches to the fights leading up to Bahamut (beefed tf up or underleveled because it's apparently not hard), I just CANNOT do it. Oh, and the original Final Fantasy VII. Easy as hell game, but something in my brain just loses interest relatively quickly, and it doesn't help that I restart every time I return to continue the game in the vain effort for the trophies. I think I burned myself out playing it nonstop a decade ago on the PSP...
  2. Re:Chain of Memories. Grinding to the max level with Riku is absolute torture due to how his card system works, and you can't nuke entire rooms with a Megaflare alternative like you could with Sora. Before someone says "just watch Netflix" or "put some music/videos on" to numb the brain, I genuinely cannot game and do that at the same time. I'll lose focus, and the bad part about Riku's grinding is how damn boring it is, meaning it's inevitable. I'll do 2 or 3 levels every other month, and at this rate, I might not even finish it. I wanted to do PS4 stacks for every KH game, but this and Birth by Sleep are definitely not going to join the ranks of it. I say BBS because having to get 100% with all three characters again is just... Man. I can't bring myself to do it for a fourth time (vanilla, BBSFM, and the PS3 versions are the previous efforts). Another one's Monster Hunter World. It's just a slog of a game, feels like I'm dragging myself through mud, and it's much less fun than the other MH games I've played. I've been offered carries but god dammit, I just... It just doesn't click for me. Plus capturing every monster for the crowns just seems like another RNG thing to deal with, and I can't bring myself to wade through that.
  3. DJMax Respect never goes on sale, but the game and its DLC have gone on sale on Steam more than once. I love rhythm games, but not sure how I feel spending 50$, plus 20$ for a single pack to get closer to 100% completion (and numerous ones at that, no less). Buying everything full price would be insanely expensive, I may as well just skip over it or buy other stuff to play.
  4. As part of the Dead by Daylight prisoners enjoyers association, congratulations on becoming a part of the Never-ending Updates Club! We welcome you with open arms with shackles on our ankles.
  5. Might start the AS stack for Tera, just for that extra plat on the shelf. Then again, the world bosses was... Annoying to do. Tedious, but not impossible.

  6. I haven't played much in recent days, but BACK TO THE GRIND. I need to restart Tales of Berseria again, but I did start Xillia and am enjoying that more than the former, sobs. Something about it keeps me from sitting down for too long with it.

    1. XchocomanX


      Both are awesome. Have fun!

  7. Finally managed to kill the last two World Bosses, so Tera's Platinum acquired! Time to uninstall, and bid it farewell and thanks for the fun. I'm sad to see it go down on PC, but at least people on console can enjoy it for a little bit longer.

    1. Elvick_


      I wanted to plat it but I just can't be bothered to get back in before it's over. I don't even remember how to play lol. Not even sure how well my internet now would support playing something like that either. 


      Congrats on the plat! 

    2. Vermilion_Joker


      I'd say to go for it! It's relatively easy, it's just a lot of waiting once the world bosses come into question. I got lucky today and found two of them relatively quickly with my partner, so that made it infinitely easier to get through.


      I'd recommend getting to at least level 40, before switching to the Reaper class (make a new character) because it shoots you to level 60 SUPER fast from the questlines alone. Also, good DPS for later, assuming you've been keeping up with the story quests to get a free set of i440 gear too.

    3. ExHaseo


      Congrats! I'm glad you were able to get them done in time!

  8. Honestly, not sure yet. Seeing Arcana Hearts 3 is very appealing, but I'm also not enthused about the fact I'm having to stream games.
  9. The only hurdle to overcome is killing all of the World Bosses, especially the level 68 ones. Those are hard to come across (the high leveled ones), since people kill them for loot often.
  10. 6 of the named world bosses killed, and only two are currently giving me trouble due to the lack of channels to switch between. Sitting in the hot desert for some giant bug to show up is a tedious process, but I'm writing meanwhile, so it's not all too bad.

  11. My last hurdle for Tera is the world bosses, which in itself is not gonna be fun, considering the notion that everyone's gunning for them with the PC server shutdown soon.

    1. ExHaseo


      Ooof. Hopefully you can get them all done! On the bright side, they aren't particularly difficult. You may want to check and see if there's a discord or reddit that's tracking the spawns.

    2. Mizz


      you can do it :). Only tip I have for it is when your searching for the monsters, search with cross play on and off.

  12. Firstly, find someone who is both on the same console and the same region as yourself. You cannot pair with people that are not from your region, so if you intend to boost, you must find someone who is in the same area. Countries with low traffic are Australia and Oceania, and it's been proven that using a VPN to pair with the dead traffic zones will make it infinitely easier for you to pair and boost with others in the same zone (and this is the only way to truly be considered a change of regions). As it turns out, NA East / PS4 is the worst zone to be in, given how high traffic it is unless it's during the witching hours. Mileage may vary, but I hope this is somewhat insightful. I recall Xbox having an easier time with region switching, but unfortunately doesn't let us do that via the console itself. It's entirely position reliant.
  13. Classic RE games with trophies, ooooooough...
  14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult / time consuming will Battlefield 4's multiplayer trophies take? Not my first romp playing an FPS for trophies, but it does some pretty excessive and annoyingly specific for some of the trophies. I'm aware there's servers for these, but they're primarily on PC from what I can tell.

    1. SnowxSakura


      Depends on how you play it, if you go for it with no boosting at all, it's easily a 10 for time consuming, 6 for difficulty. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the dlc never has any servers up, and the challenges require you to play on each dlc pack for 10 hours. If you're boosting it, it's probably a 5 for time consuming, and a 2-3 for difficulty, since you can rent and host your own server

  15. There's people still earning it as of 2022 (only one on this site, but several others on different leaderboard type sites), so there's got to be some way to do it. Surely they wouldn't hack a trophy so blatantly, right...