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  1. My county hasn't lift the lockdown protocols, but the governor has made them more lax in an effort to get people to go back to work and resume tending to the economy. However in an ironic twist of fate, more people have been getting sick and in turn, more people have been dying here because of it. Not sure how to feel, but I've been wearing a mask whenever I leave the house. Scary stuff.
  2. If you go in with a sour attitude, it's no real wonder why people get extremely bitter over it, and that goes for anything. It's not a bad game, but compared to the older games, it's definitely not the best. The story was all over the place, and I truthfully found Jake to be a living McGuffin in the grand scheme of things. If they had Jake as the primary protagonist with the Wesker relation reveal with a one on one confrontation, I think it would be more simple and less scrambled with the story telling. The lack of weapon upgrades like in 4 and 5 was a weird submission, given how it was more action versus horror like the first three. I think it would have done better without skills as well. However, it's still noteworthy in that it can be fun with friends, and the Mercenaries was the best mode outside of Siege (to which the skills would be more optimal imo). Not important but, seeing the Hydra go from the god-tier gun it was to a discount shotgun you used for that trophy before stowing it away was a little sad. I still find it baffling that some people will go "I hate RE6, it's over the top and too action based! Oh, my favorite game? Why it's Code Veronica of course!" with a straight face, as if that game wasn't the true beginning of where the games just began to go to that nonsensical action and anime-tier dialogue. As much as I loved Wesker using kung-fu to fight a naked lady who shoots fire, you can't tell me these RE games haven't always been stupidly wacky with their action, and CV was where it really ramped it up before Leon went to flipping through a laser corridor. Hell, the entirety of the series goes from spooky ghouls in the shadows at the start of the game, to blowing shit up with an RPG with alarms blaring because X thing is about to go up in flames and explosions as though Michael Bay was directing it. I find it much too simplistic to go for the reasoning that 6 is bad because "game have big explosion, game bad" when it's always been there. It was just almost always near the end after the arduous journey to get there. There's pretty well thought out criticism of the game in this thread, but 99% of the time it's just the same dry reasoning, and I say that because it gets applied to literally anything not RE1 through 3.
  3. The base damage values were amped up on both ends on the normal difficulties (Merciless is still a gamble as per usual however), but playing on Safety essentially nullifies that damage value difference. Like others said in this thread: of course it was easy. Royal definitely lowers the difficulty if you exclude said damage values. It's definitely less strenuous than the original game however, as you no longer have to make ammo packs with the guns reloading every fight, more options in optimizing Personae, and the lack of 1 item per day via itemization (and the better variant on Fusion alerts which can be farmed) which can easily give you the upper hand if you're savvy about it. Don't forget the DLC Personae as well being those early game breakers... So yeah, this game is easier, but your difficulty choice did not really help with that. Golden was much lenient than the hell that was Hard on vanilla P4, like Royal is compared to vanilla P5. I think this game is easier because there's a lot more mechanics compared to the past two modern Persona games. The Baton Pass is that one game mechanic that shows that you can break the game if you're smart about your party/skill builds, only made easier if it's a second run compared to a blind run on Normal/Hard. I don't think there's a term for it, but it's like... More mechanics = easier game? Something like that.
  4. If the PS5 allows for backwards compatibility of PS3 games (and DLC as well), alongside proper trophy support, then I'll drop the PS3 for sure. I'd only go back to it for nostalgia's sake, but not much else. I've got a list of games on my backlog, so if I finish that before I get a PS5, then I'll drop it before then.
  5. Oh, I see! Then I guess I got worried over nothing. Is there any reason why this even happens though, or is it just because the trophy system on the PS3 is buggy to begin with?
  6. Before I get down to it, I formatted my PS3 down to the last bit of data I could so that I could purge any unwanted data out of it. Got my games downloaded and my save data, and since I wanted to get RE4 done for good now that I've got the time, I've been playing it a little more. However, the trophy one gets for beating the village chief unlocked again somehow, notification and ding included. Since I've already achieved said trophy, will syncing my trophies up with the server cause this to suddenly screw/overwrite the former date that it was achieved, and potentially get flagged for discrepancy between the other trophies? I'm aware of the delayed platinum trophy unlocking, but never this.
  7. Platinum #71 — 『 .hack//Versus 』 Time to complete: 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks (9/8/2016 - 4/30/2020) Honestly, the reason I took so long to platinum this was because I had lost interest in it pretty fast, since I'm more of a 2D fighter type of person. This game suffers from that feeling of being a thrown together project for the sake of bundling it with other material, and it shows with how it plays, and how easy it is to loop the A.I (and how easy it is to GET looped in turn). Small roster, but it's fun if you're a fan of the series (and know the language more so). If you ignore the ridiculous final boss and the rather mundane missions you're forced to do, alongside the tedious Battle Score system to get support items/weapons for the trophies, and know how to properly spam the A.I in the later ranks... Then you're good to go. I had fun, don't get me wrong, but this is definitely a headache inducing game if you want to do everything your first go. Many retries await you.
  8. Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold is definitely the game that's taking that unobtainable plat for me. I've done most of the challenges for the sake of understanding every character better, but even then, I can't find a single character to actually nail down for EVERY challenge. The Challenge 30 combos are ridiculous to figure out, and I have to do three of them for all the DLC characters for a total 100% (still need all 30 challenges for the main game, and Adachi is the easiest of the bunch). My PS3 controller is having difficulty actually reading my inputs in every game now too, which is a fighting game's worst enemy. As buying a new PS3 controller in 2020 is exceptionally rare, I might never ever find myself finishing it. If not that game, probably Metal Gear Solid 4. I just can't bring myself to go back through that game so many times, but it'd be a pretty nice thing to show off.
  9. There has to be a bug or something. I've survived a game with every survivor and I've STILL yet to unlock the trophy.
  10. RE2 didn't make you collect everything in a single playthrough, so one can assume it's the same here.
  11. It reminds me of Dead by Daylight in regards to having character specific tasks and level trophies. The game is rather easy based off the Beta, if the Mastermind isn't really sure how to play, or if your team is competent enough to understand bomb rushing the tasks makes it harder for the Mastermind to do much. I might do it legit with Valerie and Tyrone, but Jan? Might boost her, it's not very fun playing her for some reason.
  12. As someone who has played both versions, Persona 5 Royal is definitely better to purchase over the original. Not only will it give you more content than people have you believing, there are a lot of QoL additions that make a lot of things less of a chore so that you aren't so conflicted on what to do next and worrying about running out of time. New Personas (and old ones with reworked stats and skills), new mechanics for Mementos that trivialize the original game's Confuse skill spam for yen farming, Palaces are reworked so it's not the exact same with bonus treasures, able to itemize more than once a day (and itemize rarer/stronger items on Alert Days), etc. It's a lengthy list. You can play the original to get a feel of what to do if you care enough, but if you have a choice, just go for Royal off the bat. Royal adds new cutscenes with the new characters, but their relevance isn't expanded upon until the third semester, just like how Marie was sprinkled here and there in the main story for Golden but didn't become important until the third semester. You're still able to experience the original story if you so choose, but the third semester will definitely expand your experience. If anything, playing the original story and then doing the third semester will make it more exciting, but that's just from someone who has played the original several times through. Royal is as canon as Golden is to the original 4. P4U2 has Marie show up, a Golden-only character and that game is canon to the mainline series. Events that are Royal-only are mentioned in Scramble as well, so yes, it is canon. It's only "not canon" in a weird technical way, but that itself is a spoiler. You'll understand why if you choose to get Royal. To heed the words of those who say to stick to the original is like listening to/telling someone to not touch Persona 4 Golden, just because "it's the same game" as the vanilla version. Hell, Royal has so much more than what Golden gave us, but you don't see people rioting over that. Now, if your financial situation doesn't allow the new release, then satiate your hunger with the original. In a twisted way, it'll make you appreciate Royal more because you won't have as many restrictions as you did before.
  13. I'm beyond excited for this. Final Fantasy VII Remake, now a Nier remake? I can finally die happy.
  14. People saying this game is bad but think Code Veronica is a masterpiece or "good" despite it being the worst mainline game from the originals? Wack. What's bad about RE6 is that the people who bag so hard on it just repeat the same issues like a broken record. Why is it bad? Because 'it's not survival horror?' Fair, but what else is the issue? Too over the top, as if the other games weren't over the top with LITERAL monsters with rocket launchers and monsters that bust through walls and transform in eldritch abominations? You guys are just complaining for the sake of it. It's still as wacky as it was before. If you truly think Umbrella Corps is better, you're dangling the bait way too far out for us to actually reach. That opinion doesn't even make sense.
  15. Overwatch, simply because I have never been a fan of those types of games. Definitely something to show off, as I'm told you have to actually know how to play the characters for their trophies since boosting is hard.