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  1. This is gonna chip at my Yamacon funds, but... I love this game like my own child because of how much of my childhood it made, so I have to get the best edition of it.
  2. In my personal opinion, I think it's a bit of a gray area. You could have hundreds of platinum trophies on your profile, but said platinums could also be numerous stacks of the same game. I'm aware games like Steins;Gate have 9 different lists on multiple consoles, and you could easily go through the game within 2-3 hours before going onto the next copy of the game. In a way, it discredits you if you have a nine platinum trophies for one game, because you just wanted an easy 100%. Obviously, people are free to do as they please with said stacks, but in hindsight, it's a bit lazy. I never did like the idea of people having thousands of trophies, act like they're some legendary trophy hunter, but find out they just stacked a bunch of visual novels. I know I've double stacks for games, but they're not the insanely do-it-in-five-minutes type. When I seek platinums, they're for games I know I'll enjoy, or assume I'd enjoy. That being said, if you have a ton of platinum trophies alongside extremely rare trophies outside of the easy ones, it's definitely an accomplishment. If the platinum is in that ultra rare zone, that shows some serious dedication, because not many people have done it. It's fulfilling when your favorite game has an ultra rare platinum. The platinum for Final Fantasy XIV and Dead Space 3 are easily my best platinums to date, and I hope I can someday get the one for P4U2.
  3. My title would be "Hello world!" It's from Blazblue Chronophantasma - Guess it could work.
  4. Platinum 40 + 41 — Persona 5: Dancing Star Night & Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Time to Complete: 2 days, 1 hour (P5D) + 1 day, 1 hour (P3D) They're easy, albeit tedious with those Commu requirements. It's a chore at times, but I had my fun with them. If you're good at these sorts of games, you'll find yourself getting most of the basic trophies done within the first few hours before the grinding begins. Spent like 2 hours grinding for those 20,000 Perfect notes and combo streaks because I got everything else done so fast from my time with P5D. I think I'll take a break from dancing games for a while, I've been these nonstop for the past few days.
  5. I'd definitely delete some of the games I have on my account, mostly due to me just not having the desire to finish them completely. I imagine deleting trophies will adjust your milestones and your level accordingly, lest we just have a train wreck of a trophy log.
  6. To put it simply, I'm unsure what exactly COUNTS as a situation mode pose for the trophy regarding the weapon posing, because no matter how many times I switch between poses and snap a pic, nothing will pop. I've already gotten the other trophies after tedious picture snapping, but no dice on the ones with the weapons.
  7. Wonder if this'll have a trophy added to it. That'd give me more incentive to replay this game!
  8. I have 6 platinum trophies for the games! The XIII trilogy, XIV, XV and Type-0.
  9. Checking back in, can anyone confirm if save data from the full retail version carries over to the Free version, or even vice versa?
  10. Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. As much as I love fighting games, completing the challenges of all the DLC characters is a feat in itself. I've gotten close to Adachi's challenge 30, but my X button sticks every once in a while, which leads to disrupting whatever combo's being done at the moment. He's ironically the easiest to complete the challenges with, but regardless, I can't find myself able to do it for every DLC character (I can't play Marie and Margaret is just balls off the wall insane to get her down). I know you don't need to get them done for the platinum, but I'd hate to leave the game not at 100% (and I still need to do 100% of one character's challenges). That, and I would have to restart Golden Arena mode because I made the choice of starting with Sho without his Persona, so I can't cheese my way through Golden Elizabeth with an Instant Kill when she takes a billion hits and can heal her way back to full, and without the time ticking down, I can't time her out. Final Fantasy X and X-2 are second runner ups, mostly because of how I have to back track for the remaining Jecht spheres in an effort to discover which ones I miss. As for X-2, I just don't really like how the game works, and I can't be damned to keep moving through. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 are also on that list due to how insane it gets on harder difficulties (dog tag collects + generally not doing well with stealth games as a whole), and the effort to go through 4's campaign again to get the emblems is... A lot more than I wanted to give. I'll definitely revisit them, but I might not fully 100% them.
  11. Seeing as Blackout is getting a free week trial come Thursday, I was wondering whether or not if trophies will be unlockable for the game mode during said trial. If it's anything like Steam, then you should be able to, but I am not familiar how Sony handles trophies in regards to their trial games. I am not interested in trophy hunting in this game due to my general dislike of multiplayer only games, and just want to test the waters and see whether or not I'll like it to so that I can play with some friends. If I like it enough then yeah, trophies ahoy! 😄
  12. Okay, and? Not every game works the same. I can't use my JP save data on the NA version of the Jojo ASB. Doubt a game by Square Enix would have a data transfer system like Sound Shapes you can abuse for easy trophies.
  13. Final Fantasy X HD because god damn, I hate the grind so much, even if it is a fun game to play (and the backtracking too, ffff).
  14. Platinum #34 — RESIDENT EVIL 6 (PS4) Time to Complete: 3 months, 3 weeks (8/12/2018 - 12/3/2018) Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 I seem to have a bad habit of starting games, getting two or three trophies and then just stop playing, only to return and finish it within the span of a week. The story is kind of there, but this is definitely an easy game to platinum if you're looking for something to do. It's definitely something to play with something in the background, because while it's alright the first time through, you will most likely grow bored when you're needing to farm SP for your skills. Think I spent more time farming SP than playing the actual game, so I'm not sure what that says about this game overall. Boring? Probably. I'm only playing this out of my desire to get the platinum for every Resident Evil game out there, and since I bought the PS3 and PS4 versions of this game, I'll probably be back with the PS3 version as well. I haven't 100%'d the game just yet, but that's just because multiplayer is where the true grinding is. I wish there was a cross-save feature for this to auto-pop trophies between versions, because the multiplayer is what will be what gets you 100% or not.
  15. I just bought the collection on sale recently, and noticed it also gave me the Vita version for both games. Question is, if it's anything like Sly 4's trophies, is it possible to platinum the game on PS3, then load up the same save on Vita to unlock all the trophies? If so, I might just stick to the PS3 version first, as I hear the Vita has some troubles with its trophies unlocking for whatever reason.