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  1. I can tell already that the House of the Dead games are going to be a lot harder than the RE Chronicle games, especially since you can't do the aim-pause trick with the former. Hoooooo boy, this is a doozy. I never did beat HoTD4 though so that was a fun little ride.

    1. HarasserPL


      HOTD games are similar in difficulty to Time Crisis games if you ever played them. Not that bad with practice.

    2. AJ_Radio


      There's a good reason why the 100 percent completion rate is low on those House of the Dead games.

    3. HarasserPL


      @AJ_Radio Both Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates are also very low completion-wise, but I'm writing guides for them right now, and none was either difficult or time-consuming. 

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