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  1. God, I'm infuriated with Square Enix's customer support. I bought the Nier 1.22 White Snow Edition, and while the packing slip said it had both the actual game + the W.S items, I didn't get a game at all. The code they claimed they sent for the game was just the pre-order bonuses (avatars/theme, soundtrack), and the email overall was so automated in tone and answered literally nothing. I want to talk to a proper rep, not this Elenea person with a DOGE profile pic of all things. I just hope this pans out well, I've never had such a pre-order fib up this bad before.

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    2. Xylobe


      I've heard a few horror stories now of people whose White Snow editions were missing the game, and several others whose copies seemed to have been damaged before shipping. It's unfortunate that these things are happening to begin with, but hopefully they manage to get straightened out.

    3. Vermilion_Joker


      Oh gods, so it's more common than I thought. I heard some others not getting physical copies, but they'd get the digital code for the full game + avatars/theme, but I just got the latter. Wonder if I can tell my bank about this if SE really doesn't just amend my order.

    4. Lonemankane


      I know the feeling as it might not be SE pre ordering but I remember pre ordering borderlands 2 collectors edition with the bobblehead about a month before it came out and this was in the store called hmv it is a music store that also sells movies and games too but, back on topic. I went there on the day and they told me that they ran out of it even though I payed in full before it came out, I still didn't get it so they said I could get the normal game at least with the pre order dlc at least for £40 but still was pissed off and I they just gave me a poster to go with it and that was it.


      From that day on I don't really pre order games unless I really love the game and know for a fact the store I order from can give me what I ordered