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  1. Garou's survival mode is hard, but it's not P4U's score attack mode hard. Still pretty hard with how annoyingly random the drops are, I've gotten myself killed from three back to back Life depletion drops and a poke. On the other hand, I've burned through 4 matches not being hit but having BARELY any HP with nothing but Power Ups dropping.


    I've yet to get past Grant, you absolute cheeser. I can only imagine Kain's a lot worse.

    1. Copanele


      Oh I had a similar experience with Garou, that game was surprisingly tricky in Survival Mode!

      I found that for Grant, baiting his supers or crouch into his elbow fist works wonders. He can be super intimidating but ultimately predictable.

      Kain however is one of the two: either does some flashy kicks and lets himself open OR blocks and punishes your every move. He's such an annoying final boss xD

    2. Vermilion_Joker


      Watch Kain be easy as hell for me, but Grant continue to just serve me like a side of butter.