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  1. Before I get down to it, I formatted my PS3 down to the last bit of data I could so that I could purge any unwanted data out of it. Got my games downloaded and my save data, and since I wanted to get RE4 done for good now that I've got the time, I've been playing it a little more. However, the trophy one gets for beating the village chief unlocked again somehow, notification and ding included. Since I've already achieved said trophy, will syncing my trophies up with the server cause this to suddenly screw/overwrite the former date that it was achieved, and potentially get flagged for discrepancy between the other trophies? I'm aware of the delayed platinum trophy unlocking, but never this.
  2. I've been a big fan of the series for many years, and I just now remembered that these games were on PSN thanks to the Halloween sale. However, it's an arcade game played with a gun, and those will always play better with the actual gun-con than a normal controller no doubt (unless this and 4 are exceptions). That being said, is this game able to be completed without a gun-con, or in this case a PS Move, or is it infinitely easier with said Move controller? The Move controller seems to be rather pricey, and I wouldn't want to invest in a 70$ control for two games that won't last me a couple weeks as I get through them for 100%, never to be used again after. Unless there's some alternative to buying a Move that's unbeknownst to me, I'd like some input from those who have used a normal controller for this game.
  3. I wonder if you can start up GG Xrd unpatched to try and get that Cash on the Table trophy to pop. I spent a lot of my world dollars on stuff before that 1.05 patch existed, and there's no way I'm gonna farm out 1 million again... (´・ω・`)

  4. It seemed to have worked in the past, according to this video and the comments. Like most of these methods, seems trial and error is the way to go. I've seen other threads mention having to repeat a certain process more than once upon shutting their game off to get that button back.
  5. Has there been any reliable trick to do this with the digital copy? I have a friend's account who's been playing the game since before December of 2019, but even that hasn't given me the ability to have the Editions button to show up.
  6. Chaos Rings is such a gem of an RPG. Shame most folks I talk to don't really know what it is, and if they do, they only know it because it was on the App Store and they saw it by chance. The whole 'love conquers all' is pretty cute in a weird way.

    1. cckerberos


      it's a Japanese digital only Vita game, right? Those are quite the hurdles. I speak Japanese and have a Vita, but even I can't play it.

    2. SnowxSakura


      You can play them in english on the iOS and android stores

    3. Vermilion_Joker


      You can't buy them anymore through the Vita store unless you got them before the shutdown (only 1000 yen or so per iirc), but on the off chance you found a Chaos Rings III copy that has the codes for the originals, I'd just try it out on mobile. Even then, not worth all the effort jumping through hoops to play it on Vita, and the versions that come with CR3 don't have trophies.

  7. Impulse bought that GTA Trilogy on PS4 because it's being delisted, but it'll be nice to relive these classics. I still have III and San Andreas on PS2, so this just validates my nostalgic purchase.

  8. Garou's survival mode is hard, but it's not P4U's score attack mode hard. Still pretty hard with how annoyingly random the drops are, I've gotten myself killed from three back to back Life depletion drops and a poke. On the other hand, I've burned through 4 matches not being hit but having BARELY any HP with nothing but Power Ups dropping.


    I've yet to get past Grant, you absolute cheeser. I can only imagine Kain's a lot worse.

    1. Copanele


      Oh I had a similar experience with Garou, that game was surprisingly tricky in Survival Mode!

      I found that for Grant, baiting his supers or crouch into his elbow fist works wonders. He can be super intimidating but ultimately predictable.

      Kain however is one of the two: either does some flashy kicks and lets himself open OR blocks and punishes your every move. He's such an annoying final boss xD

    2. Vermilion_Joker


      Watch Kain be easy as hell for me, but Grant continue to just serve me like a side of butter.

  9. Got myself these gems for the Suda51 collection, and also because Lollipop and KiD are overpriced in the States.


    I got myself NMH3 but DAMN, MY PS CONSOLES KEEP CALLING ME BACK.May be an anime-style image

  10. Back on my bullshit, bought myself three Suda51 games for 55$ total. No More Heroes Red Zone, Killer is Dead, and Lollipop Chainsaw. The Japanese versions are infinitely cheaper than their NA counterparts, but thank god they're in English (sans NMH's text), because I'd rather play them in English than Japanese. Hurts my single celled brain.

    1. XchocomanX


      Killer is Dead is crazyyyyy

  11. I haven't posted on here in ages, but hello, forums-- I'm here to say that I still have not received my physical copy of Nier 1.22 LOL.


    I'm never gonna get it, customer support's been either not helpful or nonexistent. I got the digital version via a friend, but that doesn't excuse their whole deal of just shrugging off my emails. Then again, probably too late to nag 'em, I still have the receipt and the smart-ass photos of an empty box when they asked if they could see what was missing LOL. They set themselves up for that.

  12. Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. Golden Arena mode is truly just obliterating me, and then doing all of one character's trials is also straining on the mind. I love this game though, and I'll keep playing it until I die, but a platinum? Probably not.
  13. Considering their business practice of selling games for way more than they're willing to give you for them, they also sell you some games with only a paper case and nothing else with no difference in pricing. Places like Ebay or even Amazon will mark up games for being CIB, or lower them for being Disc-only, so you might be paying 15$ for Lollipop Chainsaw (assuming you can even order it now), but you might just get a disc with scratches that let it start up, but ultimately don't let progress past a certain point. As pointed out earlier, Gamestop has a track record of shipping damaged goods, or just a disc. I've had to return a few games because they're scratched up, and my replacement is only slightly less riddled in said scratches, and I've only ever gotten a game with a case with everything once out of the dozen times I've ordered online. I'll add that given the legacy of the game and the creator, it's no surprise people would like to have the case and manual to go along with the game to add to their collection. Mileage may vary, but online Gamestop orders are basically a roll of the dice these days, especially with older games.
  14. I hope it lets us auto-pop things on the PS5 version if it's the same region, I'd hate to redo everything again for a platinum, as neat as it'd be to have.
  15. God, I'm infuriated with Square Enix's customer support. I bought the Nier 1.22 White Snow Edition, and while the packing slip said it had both the actual game + the W.S items, I didn't get a game at all. The code they claimed they sent for the game was just the pre-order bonuses (avatars/theme, soundtrack), and the email overall was so automated in tone and answered literally nothing. I want to talk to a proper rep, not this Elenea person with a DOGE profile pic of all things. I just hope this pans out well, I've never had such a pre-order fib up this bad before.

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    2. Xylobe


      I've heard a few horror stories now of people whose White Snow editions were missing the game, and several others whose copies seemed to have been damaged before shipping. It's unfortunate that these things are happening to begin with, but hopefully they manage to get straightened out.

    3. Vermilion_Joker


      Oh gods, so it's more common than I thought. I heard some others not getting physical copies, but they'd get the digital code for the full game + avatars/theme, but I just got the latter. Wonder if I can tell my bank about this if SE really doesn't just amend my order.

    4. Lonemankane


      I know the feeling as it might not be SE pre ordering but I remember pre ordering borderlands 2 collectors edition with the bobblehead about a month before it came out and this was in the store called hmv it is a music store that also sells movies and games too but, back on topic. I went there on the day and they told me that they ran out of it even though I payed in full before it came out, I still didn't get it so they said I could get the normal game at least with the pre order dlc at least for £40 but still was pissed off and I they just gave me a poster to go with it and that was it.


      From that day on I don't really pre order games unless I really love the game and know for a fact the store I order from can give me what I ordered

  16. You can, yes.
  17. The DLC makes getting items such as the Eagle Egg a lot faster, but if you don't care for whatever it brings and are fine duking it out with the RNG for such favorable items, then don't. It's not impossible, but your mileage may vary, at the very least.
  18. I can tell already that the House of the Dead games are going to be a lot harder than the RE Chronicle games, especially since you can't do the aim-pause trick with the former. Hoooooo boy, this is a doozy. I never did beat HoTD4 though so that was a fun little ride.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Well I just did Late Boomer from Super Stardust HD, so yeah.

    3. Vermilion_Joker


      I was always a good shot at the arcade machines (3 especially), but doing it on a controller is incredibly difficult, especially with high Accuracy being one of the many criteria for a good score. It feels stiff, but not totally impossible to do. If anything, I'll just have to memorize where the enemies spawn so I can line my shots up.

    4. GraniteSnake


      @HaserPL did you complete those games with a move or a regular controller?

  19. Sony's taking my money, but I'm finally buying those PS3 games I kept putting off. My haul today is Hard Corps Uprising with all of the DLCs, that House of the Dead Bundle with all the games, and God Hand. I'll get my DLCs for other games like Continuum Shift and KoF XIII next check, and some other smaller games.

  20. I'm gonna cry, I can't find those Steins;Gate avatars on the PS3 Store 😭 I scrolled through a slow menu for NOTHING?

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    2. Vermilion_Joker


      Which one is it? As long as you start from the original, I think the play order doesn't really matter! Most of the other games aren't even full on sequels (Darling and Liner Bounded Phenogram for instance), and 0 is basically... A side story, sorta? But yeah, playing the original first is always the way to go.

    3. charxsetsuna


      @Vermilion_Jokeri have Steins;Gate 0.  Saw a physical copy of it one day and impulse brought it.

    4. Vermilion_Joker


      OOH, yeah. That'll spoil a lot of the first game, and you'd probably be lost throughout 0. If you can manage finding a copy of Steins;Gate (or just playing the PC version), it's well worth the journey! Easy trophy list, but great story.

  21. I'm 110% certain that CFW for both Vita and PS3 will be on the rise once that store goes down. Not that it isn't already for the former...


    Be that as it may, I better start seeing what I want to get, and actually LEARN what's there. I wasn't aware both of the Raidou games were there, or that Silent Hill 4 was supposedly on PSN as well. Demento was something I should have bought ages ago, but I do have it on a burned disc somewhere... I'll buy it legit, see how it fares on a PS3 vs. the PS2.

  22. One can only hope there's some sale that happens, but I'm not too familiar with a digital store of this caliber going down to humor such a dream.
  23. AND... It's gone. You had a good run, old school PS Store. It was easier to navigate compared to whatever we have now. Seriously, the DLCs aren't listed on the game page? I gotta search for it manually? What sort of design is this? What drugs were they on, because I want some of that now. Anyhow, I was informed the Raidou Kuzunoha games were on there, so I was going to try and buy up about 100$ worth of PS1/2 Classics just in case, but I'll have to do it on the console itself. And a few avatars from Steins;Gate and other games...
  24. Western games, or Monster Hunter-type games. Hard to pinpoint.
  25. These rumors about the PSN Store closing on the PS3/Vita seem rather shrouded in mystery. I hope that isn't the case, but considering Sony's track record, I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. I can only hope they have some crazy sale before they close up shop.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Yeah. Hoping it's not true, but wouldn't be surprised if it was.

    2. RadiantFlamberge


      I don't want to believe it, but it sounds like some BS that Jim Ryan would pull. Even so, I don't believe or disbelieve it until Sony formally announces it.