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  1. Managed to get back on it from loading up an older save file
  2. So 38 hours into this game and it no longer loads, its stuck on the loading screen! Im on the mission 'The Mountain That Fell' and I was playing the game earlier for a few hours and it worked fine :/ I've tried deleting the application and re-installing and it just won't load anyone else got this problem?
  3. great! Thanks
  4. So I'm just wondering whether or not the mastery trophy for fully upgrading a warlock subclass will unlock using the stormcaller class, I am missing 3 off it now and I've only just seen that it used to not register has anyone done this recently and knows if works or not?
  5. Also I think it seems easier playing as the zombie robot than the plant one!
  6. Thanks! I will check that when I go back online edit: that was the problem thank you!
  7. Haha! Its annoying cause I have over 5,000 on both now 0_0
  8. Yeah but on this it says 'All zombies/plant kills'
  9. So I have over killed over 5,000 plants and this trophy hasn't popped? Im confused does it mean they have to be player kills or can they be AI kills, because pretty much all of my kills were not on players.
  10. Did it in the end with another player after failing with 3 yesterday, my world was set on hard not sure if it made a difference but it seemed easier when I changed the difficulty!
  11. Is there an easy way to do this? Like is it easy with 4 people or is it the same as garden ops in the sense the enemies are weaker with less people. I've tried to do this alone and I can only do the blue and green gnome kings
  12. The trophy is still glitched I won a match of blast with the most kills and still nothing
  13. I really struggled with this trophy in the end I got it in the slave actually managed to get 14 kills in it rather than the 3 or 4 I was getting playing normally!
  14. Tearaway Unfolded!