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  1. The raid gear sets & exotic are still exclusive to normal difficulty so what's your problem? Are you actually getting mad over a single trophy? How does other players getting that trophy negatively impact or effect YOU? It doesn't unless your on one hell of an ego trip. Players finishing it on normal still get their difficulty exclusive drops so deal with it or just don't play anymore, it's that simple.
  2. From what I've seen about the raid, Discovery Mode will supposedly have matchmaking. That would solve the finding players issue before it even began.
  3. What's the difference between a sociopath and an obscene sociopath and should I be worried or nah?

  4. I've just bought the game & I'm deciding how to proceed with the DLC but have noticed a disparity in the pricing of it. Generally buying a season pass gives you some sort of saving but it doesn't appear it will in this case. Now this is taking the assumption that all 3 episodes will be priced the same as The Void Mirror Prototype (£8), but if they are, that works out at £24, the season pass is £25. The description even says that buying the season pass will save you money so I'm baffled at the reasoning here. I get that if you buy the pass you get 3 bonus outfits but they are purely cosmetic & still have nothing to do with actually saving money. Other than the episodes possibly being priced differently, thoughts on this anyone?
  5. I actually found it easier just to beat Oxide normally than do the shortcut. Tried the shortcut for a few minutes, but couldn't get it for the life of me so I did the first 2 races to unlock Oxide & then beat him 3rd try (I got eaten by the inconsistent plant that you can sometimes boost through on the first try & oversteered in the spiral on the second try). If you have a decent level of skill, the glitch shortcut isn't needed & you may end up wasting more time trying to do it than it would take you to actually beat Oxide.
  6. I've just managed to do Sewer Speedway as a speed class with 3 seconds to spare. Dropped SF for half a lap & made several other mistakes so the time could be improved aswell. For me personally there was definitely a lot more leeway as a speed type, I did try acceleration lile eveyone seems to use but I just can't get to grips with the class, they turn far too easily. I did record my run as I was so pleased with it so if anyone else is struggling as an acceleration type & wants to give speed a go, I could upload it so you could see my route should anyone be interested.
  7. I've had this happen, one particular instance springs to mind on Turbo Track, I finished with 3/4 of a lap lead over second place, next thing I know it says that I finished the race in 2nd place but my time was 2 seconds faster than second place. Like wtf happened there?
  8. At this point it's to soon to tell, but I hope for the sake of everyone who hasn't got Well, what did you achieve? yet that it's not. Even with people I did some of the Insane missions easily with, we have yet to beat a single Extreme, the zombies are faster, hit harder, have increased numbers & more health. That's before you factor in that Extreme has way less items to loot (we typically found we had to get half way into a mission or further before T2 weapons appeared) & the new nerf to ammo boxes so they run out now. Cruise Control got added to Well, what did you achieve? for people who didn't have it when it came out (myself included) so the fact a trophy wasn't specifically added for Extreme (thank God) does give decent credence to the belief that you might now need to finish Extreme aswell.
  9. They could be story related hordes, I accidently did it with a couple when I was exploring before progressing the story, some hordes are directly tied into the story such as the Saw Mill one but if you wipe them out before you get to that point in the story, as soon as you get to that point it auto completes & you get the horde killed popup with the storyline progression for it.
  10. I've not had that issue sorry. I've not played online since 2am on Saturday though so it's possibly an issue that's manifested since then.
  11. That link doesn't work for me, when I click it or copy and paste it, it starts to load it & then reverts to the homepage.
  12. Aim for the snow bank on the left hand side as your landing point, if you have enough lift & speed to make it across, even if you fall a little short, it pulls you up and over. Sometimes even if your jump fails (bad timing, failed input etc), if your going fast enough you can still clear the shortcut by aiming for that section.
  13. You know thats an insult to both the fans who backed this on Kickstarter & Iga & his team who made it right? I backed it 3 years ago & paid for a Collector's Edition, don't regret it for a second & the game is fantastic, worth everything I paid for it. The game deserves every bit of money it makes & I hope it's a very long time before a sale happens.
  14. You messaged me randomly on PSN (I've never played with you so you must have gotten my name from here to ask) to ask for tips & advice. Despite the randomness, I took the time to reply in a detailed multi-part message suggesting the best perks for each class & the best classes, things to look out for etc. This was 2 days ago & all you did was completely ignore me in return, no acknowledgement or even a thanks for the time I took to reply. I can see you've been on as you've been earning trophies so it's not like you haven't had the opportunity to. I was even going to offer to help you with some of them when you replied, obviously that's not going to happen now. Courtesy goes a long way.
  15. I replied to your message on PSN when I found it, hopefully some of it is useful to youm