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  1. Perfect, good to know. I'll be starting that next after I finish Borderlands 3, thanks for that.
  2. I suck at fighting games so to me this list seems nice & accessible which I guess is what they were aiming for, I've not played Guilty Gear for around 12 years & I remember it was hard as hell on the harder difficulties back then so I'm surprised they've steered away from that now. Some of the rarities seems a little odd though, just playing a match with 3 different characters is a silver, or for playing on 10 different stages you get a gold, like really?
  3. I gotta disagree with the poster above me, rematches worked just fine for me, unless something has changed in a recent patch, I got the trophy after exactly 50 matches in versus kasual matches back in February & all of the matches apart from the first one were rematches. I had my main account signed in on my PS5 & another account signed in on my PS4 Pro, searched on both at the same time until my accounts met up (I just declined any fight that wasn't my other account so I didn't put out any other players trying to play normally) & then played. I just rematched after each game or switched character (I was also working on getting the heads from fatalities for the krypt at the same time) & it popped exactly after 50, I know that because it said I was on a 50 match win streak. I like fighting games but I'm really not good at them online so being able to do this made things nice & easy for me.
  4. Are many people still playing this game? I'm thinking about starting it soon as I've never actually played it before & would like to know who Aiden actually is before Bloodlines comes out for Legion. Ideally I'd like to do it without having to boost but I'm guessing that's unrealistic for such an old game.
  5. As a day one backer of the original Kickstarter I'm actually going to be a bit pissed off if this is indeed confirmation of a sequel considering some of the content promised in the Kickstarter from the stretch goals STILL isn't in the game & it's now been out for just under 2 years (in less than 3 weeks it will be 2 years old). Finish what the backers paid for first before starting the sequel, it's not an unreasonable expectation.
  6. Shiva has just been confirmed as the 3rd DLC character & in the replies someone asked if there would be new trophies with the DLC. One of the developers (Lizard Cube) has replied & confirmed there will be: I was already planning on getting this DLC on release date so the confirmation of new trophies for me is just a bonus.
  7. More than likely. What will probably be more annoying is the potentially exuberant price they could charge for it. It does seem very odd that they are suddenly adding trophies to a 3 year old game especially after the numerous DLC packs they've already pushed out without adding any trophies for them.
  8. Just noticed now that I made this post in completely the wrong thread, not sure how I managed that, deleted it to reflect that, apologies.
  9. Winning team is good enough. I only recall finishing first overall in 2 Team Deathmatches while earning my wins, the rest I was top 5. It's even possible to finish first overall but be on the losing team due to how scoring works on Wreckfest. As long as your on the winning team regardless of your overall position at the end, it will count towards your 20.
  10. I'm happy to confirm that team games DO count towards the trophy. The tracker isn't perfect & sometimes doesn't count games for reasons I don't know (it took me 22 wins that I manually counted to unlock the trophy) but they do definitely count in team modes. 6 of my wins came from team modes, 10+ from Banger Races & my last few in Last Man Standing so I had wins across all modes. All games I won had multiple players & the team games had players on every team so I'm not sure why 2 wins didn't count but otherwise, it seems all modes are good. -Edit- I forgot to add, the trophy popped as soon as I crossed the finishing line of the race that counted my last win, the screen that shows your time straight after finishing a race hadn't even fully appeared so you'll know straight away if you've got enough wins upon winning an event.
  11. Well custom & private lobbies count from what I've seen people saying so I don't see any reason why public team games won't, would certainly be an odd design decision if that was the case.
  12. Yeah that works a treat, thanks for that. I'm surprised people are boosting this game considering how fun it is. I'm playing Team Death Bowl races online when I see them & if the lobby allows special vehicles, I'm using the school bus to combo the bus kills trophy with the online wins one. Win or lose I gain xp every game & I'm having a blast, it's like I'm 8 years old again playing Destruction Derby 2 for the first time & I'm loving it.
  13. What playlist/server are you playing on to find team-based games? I've played in several different ones & have only had solo games, I didn't even know team-based was an option until I saw your post.
  14. I've been waiting for this DLC to come down to a reasonable price for a while as £24.99 for what it is just seems overpriced to me. It's now at a price which I think is more reasonable so I'm probably gonna grab it. I'm just wondering how the difficulty of the DLC matches up to the rest of the series? I've 100% completed every game in the Kingdom Hearts series since their initial original releases on their original platforms, PS2, PSP Gameboy Advance etc. (apart from the PS3 versions of 1.5 & 2.5 as I bought them on PS4 instead), the only exception being Melody which I've not touched. As someone who has finished all the previous games & secret bosses on Critical (or Proud in the games that don't have Critical) how does the difficulty of those match up against what is required for the Pro Codes? Am I looking at a similar level of difficulty here or something harder? And how difficult would you say these trophies & boss fights are for a series veteran?
  15. I'm excited for this. Loved SR 4 so much I bought both a digital copy & then the Signitaure Edition when it released & I earned the platinum twice (my account & my wife's account as she'd been playing couch co-op with me so I finished the trophies off for her). Will be buying this the day it releases irregardless of it having trophies or not although if it does get some, that would be a massive bonus.