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  1. As the title states, just wondering if people would recomend playing this? The Gold Edition is on sale for £15.99 atm and someone on my friends list has told me it's good but more opinions never hurt. I've never played the first one but I've read multiple times in numerous places that it's not very good so I wouldn't be missing out on anything by skipping it. Also, I don't look at trophy lists before playing a game as I know they often contain spoilers, so with that in mind, is it still possible to obtain the 100% completion for this game & does it require any multiplayer?
  2. I believe the threshold for S Rank on hard on stage 4 is 26,000. On one of my runs I had 25,894 & that was an A but I have someone on my friends list who had the S Rank and only has 26,201. Managed to do Stage 4 in the end, hit just over 30k. Made several stupid mistakes but managed to pull it back. Here's a video of my run just incase anyone is interested:
  3. It's nothing to do with putting stock in what Kat said, she plays the game as a fan & was voicing her opinion & experience on it, no different to us. The fact remains that when your playing on either Tyrone or Sam (tankiest characters), using all the gear to reduce gun camera damage & still getting 2 shot downed, something isn't right. If they don't want to reduce camera damage, then increase the effectiveness of the Ballistic Vests so they actually work as intended. That would at least make a defensive build viable for players that choose to use it. As it stands, with or without the Ballistic Vests equipped, people are still getting 1 & 2 shot downed regardless of the character they are playing as.
  4. Certain guns deal far more damage than they should should, right now there is very little build wise to defensively counter a heavy gun damage Nicholai. Even Resident Evil's own community Manager has talked about it on Twitter, in a post earlier today she said even playing as defensive Tyrone with the Ballistic Vests on she is still getting 2 or 3 shot downed by Nicholai. Tyrone is by default the tankiest character with 1400 hp & is the only survivor actually classed as a tank. Add to that the defence bonuses from the Ballistic Vests & a yellow herb, no Mastermind should not be downing him in 2 shots. Only Bioweapons should have that kind of power, definitely not a gun camera that can be used frequently.
  5. As much as I love the game & don't want to criticise it, the introduction of Nicholai has completely broken the balancing which is why for most Survivor teams it's just Nicholai after Nicholai every game. This is just a single of example of how broken strong Nicholai is & is something that happened to me yesterday in a game: I was playing Sam as both my dailies were melee oriented. Sam has a base HP of 1300. I also have him equipped with all 3 gear items to boost his max hp & have a yellow herb effect running as much as possible. Despite the fact I had all that & my Fever skill active with the immortality ability on which is constant healty regen, Nicholai was still able to down me in 2 shots, granted 1 of them must have been a headshot as it took off over 2/3 of my health with a single bullet but that's besides the point. Had that of been a Becca or Martin or even possibly Jan/Valerie without any buffs or HP boosts, chances are that 1 shot would have been an instant down. No Mastermind should be that powerful outside of their Bioweapon even if they are using damage boosting gear.
  6. I'm still waiting for: 1. inFamous 2 2. inFamous 3. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
  7. It may have depended on when you did them & what patch you were playing on. Some patches nerfed weapons, others played around with drop rates, some even changed around damage scaling for the various difficulties. For example, the Evil Smasher powerup glitch that allowed you to almost 1 shot raid bosses was patched several years ago. Even then, at the very least, the op would still need a second controller to be able to win a duel in TPS.
  8. Bulletstorm & MKX both require large amounts of time spent playing online & multiplayer. MKX even has a trophy that isn't always obtainable as the boss invasions intermittently stop occurring locking you out of the trophy until Netherealms start them up again. Both Borderlands while potentially doable offline with a huge amount of grinding & insane luck to get good drops to solo the raid bosses are far easier when done online with other players. A second controller would also be required for the Duel trophy on Pre-Sequel. All this is based on my own experience as I've got 100% completion on all of the games I mentioned.
  9. I've considered FF7 a few times but I also know that while it's a self contained game, it's still only the first part of who knows how many games & ends just as the original game opens up so for that reason alone I'm holding off on it for a while longer. I'm waiting on FF7 for now, it is on my to play list but further down the line. FFXV I've already done (got it for release & all its DLC) & I throughly enjoyed it, just disappointed its final 3 DLCs with the true ending got cancelled. I'm contemplating Andromeda actually & it helps that its currently on sale for just £4! If Dragon Age Inquisition plays like the earlier games in the series, then I probably won't like it. I only finished Origins on Xbox because I paid for it, didn't bother with 2 as I just wasn't feeling it. A friend of mine wants to lend me The Outer Worlds as he loves it, just gotta wait for the lockdown to lift so I can get it from him haha. Not a fan of Soulsborne games yet I love The Surge series & Salt & Sanctuary so maybe I'm just picky. Thanks for the recommendations!
  10. Having just finished up Soul Calibur 6 & The Division 2 faster than I expected I've found myself at a bit of a loss as to what to play to tide me over until The Last of Us Part II next month. Ideally I fancy playing an action RPG, something in the vein of Witcher 3 (brilliant story, open world exploration with level up & gear mechanics etc) would be ideal. I don't mind what time period the game is set in, I just used Witcher as an example as that sums up what I'm looking for nicely. I have considered Darksiders as I have the Warmastered Edition but having played it already on the Xbox 360, something new would be preferable. Obviously you can check my profile to see what games I've played. Its my first time trying a thread like this so all suggestions are welcome!
  11. I know a lot of people are unhappy that the new skins added are just reskins again but more than anything else, I'm just disappointed Valerie had a small nerf & is the only Survivor to actually one. Shes the only healer in the game yet they've increased the cooldown on one of her healing abilities, frustrating at the very least.
  12. This thread is going completely off topic from my original intentions, can we please keep it to the original topic otherwise it could result in it being locked.
  13. The method in post #2 still works as of 17th May.
  14. I loved 6. I've played every game in the series apart from 7 & almost all the remakes. I got 100% on 6 on the Xbox 360 & then bought it & did it again on the PS4 re-release. Leon's campaign for me was by far the best with Chris's being the worst. I enjoyed Jake's for what it was & definitely liked how they took the opportunity to flesh Sherry out a bit more beyond being the little girl you protected in RE2. I would have much preferred things to have gone the other way around with Piers & Chris almost like a passing of the torch rather than what they went with but it is what it is. I enjoyed the new movement mechanics specifically especially with the ability to dive out of the way of attacks & roll around. The pill healing system was a nice touch too as it streamlined the healing process & meant less time was spent in your inventory. I've seen a few of you saying skills were useless & pointless but I have to disagree. Shooting Wild was a double edged sword but good fun. If you don't know, Shooting Wild took away your crosshairs but heavily increased your damage so you had to be precise in your aiming. RE6 Mercenaries is by far the best Mercenaries game in the whole franchise & one of the best mini games period imo. I will admit Siege was lackluster & arduous but that was mainly because the PS4 had very few players interested in it. When the mode first launched last gen it was a lot of fun in full lobbies. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned it yet but Ustanak mode was an amazing amount of fun in a full lobby. In a way, it's almost like it was the Precursor to being able to play as the Bioweapons in Resistance. A good Ustanank would steamroll a team but just a couple of good players could make his life difficult.
  15. I've voted yes as I'm still getting it as I managed to pre-order a Collectors Edition the day they went live before they more or less instantly sold out in the UK. I've only had 1 thing spoiled for me (some assbag posted a major spoiler on something I use that is completely unrelated to games, they really were just trying to ruin it for any many people as possible) so it's not put me off getting the game but it has ruined my first play through as I'll spend the whole thing waiting for what I know to happen. Fortunately my Fianceè hasn't had anything spoiled & she was the one who got me into The Last of Us in the first place so I can at least watch & see her experience of it (we have 2 PS4's in the house & are both getting a copy of the game, I finish games much faster than she does so I'll be able to watch a lot of her play through) & how she feels about it. Naughty Dog are generally my favourite developer & have been ever since the days of Crash Bandicoot & Jak & Daxter so I have faith in them. While I'm disappointed & concerned that a lot of people who have been spoiled don't like the direction the story has gone in, I still have some faith in them as they did something crazy with a story before that ended up being amazing (the transition, story & gameplay changes from Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to Jak II Renegade were huge & completely unexpected) so I'm hoping this could impress me in a similar way.