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  1. It could be worse, they could have added the second raid (which was originally coming at the same time but got delayed) & attached a trophy that 95% of the console player base couldn't get again as it's highly likely it will favour PC players again & not console.
  2. All the info is in this link on the PlayStation blog: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/09/05/days-gone-gets-new-game-plus-mode-september-13/ The gist of it: New Game Plus can be started from any save game where the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline has been completed. You can play NG+ on any difficulty level; Easy, Normal, Hard, Survival, or try it in one of our two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II, regardless of the previous difficulty mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand-new players as well. About the trophies: In addition, we have a few new trophies available to earn in NG+, Hard II and Survival II modes. Including one related to a mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows. As much as I enjoyed Days Gone, I'm so glad I waited to do my Survival playthrough now, I figured with the games popularity it would be a forgone conclusion that they would add NG+ & new trophies with it. Also liking the new bike skin they just teased to someone on Twitter.
  3. I used the underwater prison. I would fast travel there, drop to the bottom & destroy all the pacifictas which nets 150-200+ sp per run. I then fast travelled to the mining town, ran to the entrance & beat the 4 CP agents there which gives 30-60 sp a go. Then just rinse & repeat, took me around 20-30 minutes to get all the sp I needed.
  4. As it stands, you can't get trophies in quickplay classic as it's in the arcade mode. Blizzard have said they are looking into changing it so quick play classic will unlock them the same as quick play but haven't made any changes yet. The majority of my trophies I got legit but there are a couple I boosted that just weren't happening otherwise like Rapid Discord & Cratered. Some trophies have been reworked that make them much harder to get now, Huge Rez for Mercy is a prime example, Hanzo's Simple Geometry is another. And then some have gotten easier like Winston' s Mine Sweeper, just wait for a Wrecking Ball to drop his ult & that's a guaranteed trophy, you used to have to pick him, hope there was a Symmetra on the other team (this was during her old kit so next to no-one ever played her) & then hope you could find her turrets before anyone else destroyed them or she switched out. I'm currently struggling to get Sigma's Event Horizon (55 hours played as him & counting) as people keep taking kills from the triple that would get me my trophy, ie I get 3 or more in my ult with less than half health & before they slam into the ground a Widow or Solider will take the kills rather than fight the people still on the ground. I refuse to boost it though as he's actually one of my favourite characters to play as.
  5. Its possibly due to attack power from your accessories then. I'd collected all the blueprints I'd found & made the gear so I was wearing 3 legendary accessories and my attack power was just over 900, other than that I can't think what else it may be.
  6. I uploaded a video of that exact challenge on YouTube the day the DLC came out, I'm not sure why you can't find it. Give me a second & I'll grab you a link. Here you go: Thrillseeker guide.
  7. I have, my sister is actually a fantastic Zarya player & has spent a lot of time helping me so I have no issue getting players into groups to grab them with the ult. The main problem is other players killing them before they hit the ground or players who have an escape move or ult saving themselves.
  8. 53 hours & counting on Sigma & I still don't have the stupid bloody Event Horizon trophy. I've had so many instances where someone has taken a kill from a guaranteed triple that it's driving me absolutely nuts. Horrendously designed trophy even though Sigma himself is fun to play as.
  9. The patch & new trophies are live, another 13.3gb download again although at least they merge with the existing data rather than taking up 13gb per patch.
  10. There's another What's Big in Japan sale running on the PSN store & Episode Ardyn is finally on sale. It's half price on both the UK (£3.99) & US ($4.99) stores so I'm finally picking it up to be done with the game for good. All the other DLCs, expansions etc are also half price incase in the sale just incase anyone is interested.
  11. I'm still waiting for Episode Ardyn to come in sale, I'm amazed that it's been out got this length of time & still hasn't been in one. After they shit on the fans & cancelled the remaining story DLCs that people actually wanted, I refuse to pay full price for it & the game will stay incomplete in my list until a sale actually happens & even then I'll only be buying it grudgingly to restore my 100%.
  12. There's 20 hidden locations in the game, each one gives an ability point for entering it. I did every side quest & went into every single hidden area, I've got 9-11 (can't remember which exactly sorry) points left with nothing to spend them on as I already have all the abilities so don't worry, even if it did glitch, you will still have more than enough.
  13. These were actually my favourite missions & I had a lot of fun tracking them down myself, one of my only disappointments with the game is that there weren't more altered items & that's because the ones they did do were so good! The movements of the hand chair in the medical wing were particularly creepy which was good & the traffic light was inspired.
  14. I believe the weapon forms are tied to materials. The first time I killed an optional boss & got the unique material from it that only they drop, the level 3 forms for my level 2 guns appeared. Level 2 ones were the same. I think they appear when you get a material for the first time that is part of the materials required for the upgrade. My only exception is the Piercer, mine is stuck at level one, I have been looking online though & the Piercer issue seems to be a prevalent one, I've not seen anyone yet say they have successfully upgraded I'd to 2 or 3.
  15. So I'm pretty certain there is some sort of Easter egg/secret related to the Furnace in the Maintenance sector. There's a recording in the Furnace room about a researcher that ends with her saying that the Furnace wanted feeding & she was gonna ask for volunteers. Now initially I thought this was just a random audio recording but I'm now convinced there's a secret involved. Hidden in various places near the Furnace are Tv's with flames on. Normally these Tv's are indestructible and if you move them, they just respawn where they came from BUT if you take them to the Furnace & throw them in it, they no longer respawn even if you die/quit game/ leave the zone. Anything else you throw into the Furnace respawns when you leave the area/room, only the TV's don't. So far I've found & fed it 4, one from the very top of the Power Plant (you need the last power to get to it), 1 in a small cupboard just before the Furnace room, one in a secret room above the entrance to the Furnace room (I had to use the last power & telekinesis together to get it up over the bars) & 1 in the Furnace room itself. I'd attach pictures of where I found them but I only have 2 that I took the first one because I thought the TV was unique & then the last one because it was well hidden. I will attach them to show you what they look like though: This is in the little room above the Furnace Room entrance, I found this way before I got the final power, you can actually jump up the ladder against the shelves & use it to access the room early. I couldn't get the TV out until after I got the final power though. This is the one hidden at the very top of the Power Plant main area, it's impossible to get to without the final power. Just wondering if anyone else has been trying this or knows the location of any fire TVs that I may have missed or haven't found? -edit- Just found a 5th TV near the entrance to the path that takes you to the Furnace & NSC Coolant Pumps. -second edit- I've just found a 6th TV, this time in the Pump Room itself on a pipe near the elevator. I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't got lucky & seen the outline of it from underneath. -Final Edit- So it turns out there are infact 6 Tv's required & you do get something for doing it. As soon as I threw the 6th TV in some items dropped into my inventory, 2 materials & a weapon mod. The weapon mod seems really powerful assuming your a good shot! Just watch our for the group of enemies that also spawns right behind you after you throw the last one. I've tidied up the post to make it clearer where I found the TV's for each picture. I'm missing 2 pictures as I used the TV's before I thought to take pictures but they are the 2 easiest TV's to find: One is in the Furnace room itself on the top shelf of a rack on the left handside. The other is just outside the Furnace room, leaving the Furnace Room, turn left & start to head back up to the Power Plant, on your way there on the left is a door to a little cupboard, it's in there.
  16. You can get generic ones from Board Counter Measures & crafting but I agree, it would be nice if each weapon had a special one specifically for that weapon type. The Grip is my go to aswell, it was already strong with the 2 damage mods I had on it giving it +94% damage, but now combined with Eternal Fire, it's crazy op.
  17. Well that debunks that theory then haha, I was curious about how to get into that room though so if I really can't figure it out, I'll have a look, thanks. I've just found a 6th TV, on my way back with it now to see if anything happens. -edit- You do get something for doing it, I've updated the op.
  18. Have you done the side quest for the Janitor yet that involves putting rubbish in the Furnace? I can't remember how many items you had to throw in for him, I think it my have been 6 so I'm wondering if there's any correlation between the amount we threw in & the number of Tv's. Its just curious with everything else, the Tv's not respawning & having fire on them & beimg located near the furnace, the recording about feeding it & even the fact there's a side quest that has you throwing things in it so you know how to. There's a locked door in the Furnace room & on the map it leads to a corridor & then a dead end so it's highly unlikely to be a shortcut, I'm half expecting that if we feed the Furnace enough Tv's either the door will unlock or the Furnace will go out & there will be an item/switch inside it.
  19. That's Poets of the Fall & the song is called My Dark Disquiet which is from their newest album Ultraviolet. As I'm a fan of theirs I can offer a bit of background that you may not know: Marko, the lead singer or Poets is one of Sam Lake's (Remedy Studios creative director & lead writer) best friends & they collaborate on every game. They contributed several songs to the Max Payne series, one of their own songs & 2 original songs to Alan Wake & I believe they also had music in Quantum Break but as I've never played it I couldn't say which. They have 2 songs in this game, My Dark Disquiet & a special one they did especially for Control called Take Control. They also have a song from their fictional alter egos Old Guards of Asgard (Alan Wake characters who sang & played the 2 original songs they made for it) hidden in Control but I haven't found it yet. I suspect it's something to with the Jukebox AWI in the Executive Sector though.
  20. I'm playing on PS4 Pro. I do get it but only from the pause menu. As I come out of the pause menu it drops for a couple of seconds & then everything is fine again. While it is mildy irritating, as I don't spend much time with the game paused it doesn't really bother or affect me.
  21. It appears to be mainly linear with a big map although as the game seems to be set in a single massive building there was only ever going to be so much they could do with it. That said, you don't have to follow & stick to the story path. Some places are inaccessible until the story or abilities allow it but you can look around. That mission I talked about in an earlier post is an example, I restored access to an elevator to the various sectors as part of the story. The story has told me to go to a particular sector to find someone but when you access the elevator you can also access all the other sectors aswell so I've completely ignored the story mission & the sector it wants me to go to & I'm exploring the others instead.
  22. Yeah I do. The combat can be a little infuriating at times in that the game has realistic cover, almost all objects can be destroyed by gunfire & explosions so they can destroy what your hiding behind & leave you in the open & when you get hit, you take a lot of damage. I didn't really have any huge problems stemming from that until I started getting Bureau Alerts which usually take place in open areas with large numbers of enemies. That will probably be less of an issue once I can upgrade my shield more though. I'm intrigued by the story aswell, Jesse isn't just your typical female protagonist, she's a badass & she's keeping just as many secrets from the people she's working with as they are from her, a good number so far that are also hidden from the player but getting dropped in throughout the story. Oh & I should that dying isn't massively punishing. You retain any collectables you've picked up & any upgrade materials, mods & currency you collected also stay in your inventory so you never lose anything. Some areas are locked behind keycards, others behind environmental hazards that damage you when you touch them that I don't have the gear/ability to remove or bypass yet. The last thing that I did was a side quest that opened up another decent size section of a map & teased you with another ability that you couldn't get during the quest as you had to finish escorting the person your protecting. Once that quest ended, another one immediately started to go back & get the ability only when I got there, I could go so far but then got stopped by a huge jump over a chasm that I can't get over yet leaving the quest sitting taunting me in my mission log until I can.
  23. Well I'm not even half way into the game, I'm on Mission 4 & I've already popped the 80 collectables trophy. There's still huge portions of my map uncovered aswell & I only have access to clearance level 3 so far, I've come across doors upto clearance level 9 so my assumption is there's a lot more than 120 collectables to be found. Even some of the areas I've already cleared still have items in I need to collect, I just don't have the abilities to do so yet.
  24. I got Conservation of Energy relatively easy, got it within a couple of games, walked around a corner into an Ulting Roadhog & popped it no problem. Event Horizon on the other hand is proving to be a nightmare. No-one groups up anymore (comp or qp, it's not making a difference) & if they do they either get killed by other players or have enough health to survive the ult. I thought I had it in one instance yesterday but right before a group of 3 hit the floor, a team mate took one of the kills reducing it to a double.