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  1. I'm surprised to see no-one here has suggested Zack as an easy one to do. I bought DoA 6 in the current sale & I'd read that trophy was a pain so I decided to get it over and done with, took me around 10-15 minutes to get Zack's done, only combo 17 proved to be a bit fiddly & the rest where nice & straight forward.
  2. Trying to recreate someone's steps and copy their route exactly can inadvertently make things harder. There's nothing wrong with watching videos to have any idea of what to expect but it's also requires a large amount of luck for things to happen exactly like in a video, sometimes enemies just don't play ball, other times pathing is wonky & sometimes RNG just hates you. You may also find that strategies you've come up with yourself already on easier difficulties work better for you rather than trying to learn someone elses. The fact you've already finished the game multiple times will help you greatly here as you will already have a good idea of what enemies spawn where & when which you can use to your advantage compared to someone who's maybe only finished it once or twice before starting Akumu. That said, chapter 6, defending Joseph in the ruined building will be the bit that tests whether you will be able to finish Akumu or not. It's arguably the single hardest point of the game and if you do manage to get through it, then you'll be in good stead for finishing the rest of the game after that.
  3. While I still play TEW every now & again as it's my favourite horror game (possibly until Alan Wake 2 comes out), it's been a while since I played Akumu mode but it's not quite as hard as the reputation it has makes it sound like it is, back when I did it, I finished with around 60 deaths which I was pretty pleased with, I actually found Classic Mode on The Evil Within 2 harder with the no upgrades and limited saves. In terms of suggestions, this is what I can offer based off of what I can remember from when I did it: Flash Bolts & their upgraded variants will be your best friend for the entire game from the second you unlock them. Each upgrade for them increases the stun duration. You'll want to prioritise your resources for making them over most other items as nothing will save you more than them. Don't waste gel on anything to do with health, nothing negates or subverts the 1 hit kills so it would all be wasted, if you want to put it into Sebastian's stats instead of his weapons, put it in his stamina as you won't ever find that you have too much stamina on Akumu. Grab as many locker keys as you comfortably can or are prepared to risk (I think I personally left 2 or 3 on my run & grabbed the rest), the rewards you get for opening the lockers on Akumu mode aren't reduced so are still a great source of free ammo, parts & some gel all of which are in short supply. From reading through the thread, I can see you've already played the game multiple times & replayed some chapters even more than that, you'll be able to use that to your advantage as I presume you'll have pretty decent knowledge of the map & path you need to take now. Stealth kills are your friend. In the earlier chapters especially, you'll be surprised with just how many stealth kills you can get away with as long as you take your time & are patient. These are great for not only saving ammo but for helping to avoid scenarios where every enemy in the area is actively trying to kill you. Take advantage of checkpoints and save rooms, unlike most games, Akumu mode doesn't reduce the number or save rooms or checkpoints you have access to, you can try each section as many times as you like, as long as you have the patience to keep trying, you can keep pushing through trying different strategies until you find something that works or get lucky. Keep your handgun as more of a stun gun, it takes too many shots to kill a Haunted with it, use it to shoot them in the leg as they run at you to trip them & then go for the stomp if you are able to safely kill them. The Shotgun and magnum are your boss killers especially with a couple or upgrades for them so try to use them sparingly so you have enough ammo for the boss fights.
  4. So I've decided to go the route of finding out my PS3 & setting it up to play Brink again (seeing as you can't access the DLC through PS Now) but it's been years since I've used it & things have clearly changed since then. Neither the app nor the Playstation website have the game or the DLC listed so is it even still possible to get it? The only thing I haven't tried yet that I can think of is checking on the PSN store itself on my PS3 but I need to find it out first to do that.
  5. I've always been a fan of Metroidvanias (arguably my favourite genre) & with the recent release of Axiom Verge 2 which led to me then replaying Axiom Verge 1, I'm looking for some new Metroidvania games to play that I've not yet experienced. In the last couple of years on PS4 I've bought or replayed: Axiom Verge Axiom Verge 2 Blasphemous Chasm Death's Gambit Timespinner Mummy Demastered Salt & Sanctuary Castlevania Advance Collection Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Bloodtained: Curse of the Moon I've also revisited older games outside of the Playstation family like Super Metroid & some of the GBA/DS Castlevania's but I'm now specifically looking for something that I've never played before for a new experience. I'm just hoping there might be some more good ones out there I've overlooked or not heard of? I'm aware of games like Hades & Bastion but it's specifically the Metroidvania style I'm looking to play rather than a hybrid or any other style. Can any fellow Metroidvania fans help a guy out with some recommendations?
  6. I personally thought the Perfect trophy was one of the more simple ones especially as you can attenpt it on any difficulty. When I actually got the trophy I did it on stage 3 with Floyd, being a short stage and only having one instance where enemies spawn and attack from behind made it relatively straight forward to funnel enemies in front of me. The invincibility frames on Floyd's neutral special are disgusting and the range it damages enemies and protects him from attacks is unreal so I used that whenever there was danger of me taking damage and then I'd recover the green health using his basic combos. I actually then went on to perfect several more stages with SoR4 Adam while earning my S ranks, didn't intend to do so but found that I'd learned the layouts and enemy spawns of the levels well enough and was good enough with SoR4 Adam to pull it off.
  7. The game is good and it's a lot of fun with friends but sadly it's no Sonic Transformed which was a superior game in every possible way.
  8. So I've never played PUBG before, hell I've never even played a Battle Royale as they just aren't my thing. I've been curious about this game for quite some time though & recently seeing all the Viva La Dirt League skits for it has further kindled that interest. Now obviously I know you need to win Duos & Squads at least once for trophies but I'm assuming some sort matchmaking will help find teammates for those modes. I'm just wondering if the rest of the game can be achieved playing alone & what sort of difficulty a new player would be looking at. I've read mixed things about lobbies this late into the games life, either lobbies full of hardcore players that destroy everyone or games full of bots but no-one seems to agree on which of those things actually happens. Bots I could work with, at least to learn the game & maps whereas I'd rather not be stuck in games where I die almost straight away without chance to learn/explore anything. Any thoughts or insights especially from people playing the game now or recently would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've now submitted and finished my trophy guide so all being well it should be available for everyone to see over the next day or 2.
  10. So the trophy list has finally been revealed: Powerslave Exhumed Trophy List Gonna be some fun ones to do here especially if you're a returning player, the difficulty could be greater than what you expect based on which native version you originally played, the Saturn version being much harder than the Playstation version, more ankhs, more weapon ammo, Saturn got 4 Manacle blasts, Playstation had at least 12 etc. Having a gold trophy for the Lava Beast with a machete is simultaneously funny and evil, nothing will end a No-lifer run faster than one of them as they shred you even with the Anklets on to reduce lava damage. A Berserk power up with the Machete would make short of one but its getting lucky and having one drop near a Lava Beast Spawn location. This definitely will take multiple runs to complete as several trophies will require individual runs. The good ending and the bad ending will be achievable in a single playthrough, like in the original, collect all but one transmitter piece, beat the final boss, get the bad ending and then collect the last transmitter piece and beat the final boss again for the good ending. Collecting all Dolls will be impossible while attempting the No-lifer trophy, as long as the dolls are in the same places as in the original, multiple of them require bomb boosts to get to,1 in particular requiring a minimum of 3 continuous boosts to get to which would cost more than 1 full bar of health. The only way to do that in a single run would to to finish the game and pop No-lifer and the back track through almost every level to collect everything you couldn't which you may aswell do on a separate run anyway. The art of the trophies is nice too, very much in theme with the game setting. Depending on the overall difficulties of the various modes, I can't see this being a massively difficult platinum outside of No-lifer although as I played it on the Saturn I'm used to the harder version of the game so I could be a little biased.
  11. I've decided that I think I'm going to write a guide for this game, I've already started saving all my Dolls and Transmitter Pieces and although I can't collect them yet, I'm also recording the Ankh locations. The Dolls will end up being the longest part to compile and make videos for, not only have some of the original locations changed based on which version you played (Saturn/PS1), the originals had 23 Dolls whereas this version has 31 meaning there are potentially multiple brand new locations to find. Once I finish No-Lifer I'll replay levels to collect the Ankhs which will then let me focus on finding the Dolls as having only a single health bar makes some of them impossible to get.
  12. So having started playing, the game is exceptionally easier than the original with the addition of checkpoints. Now I'm used to the Saturn version which is the harder version but even with that factored in, checkpoints make it much easier. I don't think the No-lifer trophy is gonna be anywhere near as difficult as first assumed it would be, I'm already nearly halfway through the game and have only died once.
  13. It's not a Kickstarter this time, I think they've got funding this time around. They actually announced it in August last year around the same time as they announced Wounds of Eventide. If you search Blasphemous 2 through Google there's a few articles about it like these: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.ign.com/articles/blasphemous-sequel-announced-wounds-eventide-dlc-gamescom%3famp=1 https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/08/blasphemous_2_spills_blood_in_2023_first_game_gets_major_dlc_update_this_december I'm also hoping for a LRG release of it. I played (amd still have) the Saturn version originally which is the original, surprisingly the PS1 version was an easier port of it. Midnight tonight it should go live here in the UK, unfortunately I'm working at 5am so will be asleep on release and can't play until I finish work haha.
  14. I've not posted in my thread for a while but I really did appreciate all the recommendations I got. Since I made this thread I've done the Castlevania Advance Collection, Timespinner (directly in response to @rjdon13 and @G4Knight recommending it) and Metroid Dread. Last but not least I've most recently finished Blasphemous which so many of you and an irl friend all recommended and all I can say is holy crap, that game is so damn good, I don't know how I went so long without playing it or knowing anything about it, it's the exact ideal of everything I love in a Metroidvania. Cannot wait for Blasphemous 2 next year. With Guardians of the Galaxy still to finish, Powerslave Exhumed coming out tomorrow and Horizon Forbidden West next week it's gonna be a little while before I had time to start another Metroidvania but when I do, it will be something from this thread again.
  15. I'd expect there to potentially be issues with collectables not tracking. The original Dying Light had a trophy for collecting all text collectables (It's All in the Writing) and that was bugged for a lot of players including myself for several months after launch before they finally fixed it due to specific ones not registering when collected. Dead Island also has issues in both the original and the ports to PS4 with some collectables not tracking properly so it's fair to say collectable tracking is not Techland's strong point.
  16. Reading through this thread, I'm actually surprised to see no-one has mentioned Bandai Namco who if a purchase had to be made is who I'd rather see in Sony's hands. Bandai have the monopoly on several major markets: JRPGs - outside of Square & Atlus, prettt much every JRPG comes through and is published by Bandai Namco. It's a market that Microsoft have shown interest in breaking into so holding it would benefit Sony. Anime - Amost all of the officially licensed anime games (and all the best ones) come through Bandai as they own the licences. Whoever controls Bandai, controls the anime market and licences which is huge. Fighting - Outside of Guilty Gear, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, the majority of major fighting game franchises (Tekken, Soul Calibur, Dragon Ball etc.) are published, owned and developed by Bandai. Just like with anime, owning Bandai would pretty much mean majority control of the fighting game market. They also own other popular franchises that don't fall into those categories like Ace Combat, Ridge Racer etc. While Bandai would do best remaining as they are now, they would no doubt be a major asset and control a big market which would heavily benefit anyone who owned it.
  17. I think you've misunderstood me. I don't mean a glitch that a player can trigger, I mean a glitch in the AI Director that spawns infinite hordes when it shouldn't which is why sometimes Act 4 has infinite hordes and other times it doesn't. I already have the platinum so I'm not looking for help or tips, just stating what I've seen in my own experience or seen others also talk about.
  18. I'm thinking it's potentially either a glitch or a hidden corruption card than can activate, I've finished it both solo and online with having both an infinite horde trigger or not having hordes trigger at all apart from the scripted ones. Seems to me the AI Director still has a few bugs that need shaking out although it is much better than it used to be.
  19. It's been happening to me on and off frequently since launch and I have to close application to fix although it doesn't happen when I'm using a headset and filtering all sound into it, it only happens when I'm using my TV for the game sound.
  20. Yes you can. I've just done the entirety of Veteran Act 3 in offline solo mode & got the trophy as soon as the cutscene started to play after I killed the last Ogre.
  21. You do realise that even if a petition would make a difference (it won't), there is literally no chance that IOI will ever even see this thread right?
  22. I can't tell if it's down for me or not. I started getting server error messages while I was in the middle of invading someone on Deathloop half an hour ago but the game never ended, both me & the player I'd invaded stayed connected. When the game finally ended when the guy I'd invaded retreatd, it then popped up an error message about connection to servers lost again & I've not been able to search since. Only Deathloop is affected for me though, I'm still able to send messages & recieve on PSN, I'm able to sign out and sign back in, I can still access the PSN store, I just can't find a multiplayer game. Oh and for me, the Sony network page shows everything is up and running as it should be.
  23. If by in order you mean, 2, then 3 then 4, that's not case, when I did it 3 years ago, I did 4 man, then 2 & then 3. If you meant where I said following all the steps, I did put etc. at the end to indicate there were more things I hadn't listed & anyone attempting the Criminal Masterminds runs would be well aware of all the criteria & conditions that need to be met.
  24. You have to do the entire Doomsday Heist 3 times for Criminal Mastermind, once with 2 players, once with 3 players & once with 4. On all steps you also have to follow no deaths, hard mode, same team etc. You can do the different runs with different teams though, for example you don't have to do the 2 player one with any of the players from the 3 or 4 player runs & vice versa.
  25. This is absolutely not true, other than having your gear being a little stronger for when you get access to the end game, there is no link between world level & expedition level, they are entirely separate. Your power level & survivability is dictated by your current average gear level. So ideally you'll want to work out which tier you're able to comfortably clear with your current gear & get your average gear level to the cap for that tier either by using the materials you get to upgrade your existing gear or by equipping new gear you have drop. Once you do that, move up 1 or even 2 more tiers depending how comfortable you are doing so. Each time you increase your average level, your health, fire power & anamoly power all get a permanent increase. I was at average level 42 when New Horizons came out Tuesday evening, I'm now at 46/46 giving me access to Tier 11 & it's only taken me about 4 hours to raise that. Soon as I clear a Tier 11 map now, I'll have access to Tier 12. Playing solo is actually harder as you can't self revive which to this day is still a bizarre dev decision. Your best bet is to either join a random game in expeditions through matchmaking (you'll always be paired up with people within 2 levels of you, a maximum of 2 lower or 2 higher or even at the same level) or start your own expedition with your lobby privacy set to open so people can matchmake into your game.