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  1. The Surge for me without question. I've never liked the Souls games so I didn't even try Bloodborne. I tried the free demo of The Surge as I was intrigued by the trailer & that was that.
  2. I've had this problem with all the ones I've been legible for. Each time I've had to contact PSN support to get them.sent out, most recently being Spiderman. Support will provide them if you ask it just requires a little patience. I'm based in the UK & I've had no problems with region locking either, literally just e-mails not being recieved.
  3. The only one I've had to swerve & got lucky with was The Elder Scrolls Online. I'd left my PS4 on at home & it was installed in there (I have a friend who played it at the time so I'd let him install it as he wanted to show me something on it). I forgot to uninstall it & had someone else use my PS4 as I'd left myself signed in. Luckily I found them on it before they had finished the tutorial so I got them straight off it, uninstalled & deleted the game from my list.
  4. This happened to me a couple of times until I changed where I was aiming them. I found that when I threw it straight at the centre of the nest it didn't always work, almost like my Molotov went straight through & into the room behind & landed too far away to burn the nest. When I noticed his happening, I started throwing them at the ground right where the nest meets the floor so it lands just outside the nest, I haven't had a single one fail since then. If you have access to incendiary bolts, they work a treat aswell, not a single one of them has failed on me & it also avoids having all the infected charge at you as soon as the nest catches fire as you can do it safely from a good distance.
  5. Where are you trying to fight the hordes? Personally I find tracking them back to their nest to work best for me. I place proxy mines & homemade bombs around the entrance & just outside it, then creep into the cave, throw a distractor into the group to get them to group up even more & then follow up with a couple of frags or pipe bombs. I then back off to the entrance, the next wave dies on my proxy mines & then I clean up with Molotovs & my Auto Shotgun. I have killed a good number of hordes in the open aswell usually with a very similar method, get above them, group them up with a distractor & then drop bombs on them. In this scenario I drop my proxy bombs as I fall back so I know they will step on them chasing me. I've only had 1 group where I had a couple go missing but because I'd tagged one of them with my binoculars when I saw them heading away, it took very little time to catch up to & kill them.
  6. I played most of the day after installing 1.06 & didn't have any issues like that. The only thing I have noticed since the patch (and only a couple of times) is slow down & my frame rate dropping. Ironically it wasn't even when I was fighting a horde, I was riding my bike in heavy snow & that was enough to do it.
  7. There are currently 15 spaces available in the clan after another inactivity purge. Despite the clan being full, over the last 3 days the highest number of players that's been online at once is 4 (and those are all day one players who joined the clan when it made & have played most days since). While I'm not a fan of purges, the clan is dead in the water if it's full but no-one logs on. It would be nice just to have a decent size active community for people to play with or chat to while playing.
  8. Just an update to say there's a number of spaces available as I've removed people who haven't been on for the last 5-7 days or longer. All comers are welcome but please only join if you plan to play the game & be active, we don't want the clan to be full of inactive members leading to them having to be removed to be fair to all the active members & potential future members.
  9. Sledgehammer guys are the Outcast Tanks. I also got my Undress to Kill trophy on a Sledgehammer dude by kiting him around & breaking his armour off piece by piece. I actually found Armour Breaker to be glitchy although it glitched positively for me, the helmet was the third piece of armour I destroyed (both legs & one arm were still intact) but I got it anyway.
  10. I'm in the same boat, just blocked a Rip Tire & went from 0 - 5 with but no trophy. Not sure why it didn't pop but gutted it didn't.
  11. Hey guys. I've just got a couple of quick updates for the clan. Firstly everything is going very nicely. Membership is at the cap & we are almost at clan rank 20 with the weekly cache sitting maxed out. Since I realised that I could post a daily message, people have started using the chat channels now & more folks are starting to use the in-game message chat aswell which is nice to see. A few players are already nearing the gear score cap & are eagerly awaiting the raids to start. We even have a couple of great guys who are offering their help with getting various trophies in & out of the DZ including the glitchy review one. I'd post their names to give them a shout out but I don't want them suddenly getting inundated with messages asking for help. Secondly on a less happy note, it's been brought to my attention that we have quite a few inactive members so over the next day or two I will be clearing some space in the interests of fairness to the active players & people who want to join. We've got 20-25 players who play almost if not every day (although we don't all communicate you get used to seeing the same names online on the clan page very quickly) & some heavy clan xp contributers, I've played everyday in my spare time since early access & I'm only sat at 13th/14th on the contribution board for my own clan to give you an example of how active some of the players actually are. We then have others who only have a few hours played total time in the game (you can see this by inspecting them through the member list, it lets you see all of a players characters, equipment & playtime) & haven't been online for several days at a time but are still getting the same rewards as the folks putting in all the effort. Although I created the clan, I want it to be something of benefit to everyone meaning I won't be acting alone on these decisions so in the interests of fairness I'll be asking the opinions of the other active players & then removing some of the inactive accounts once it's been agreed on which ones are inactive. We will take newly joined members into account though so if your new, don't worry, you won't be removed. If your interested in joining but couldn't before, keep an eye out over the next day or two. As things happen I'll try & keep this thread updated for anyone who is interested in the goings on or joining when we have space.
  12. Worked perfectly for me, thanks very much.
  13. I don't know if any of you have noticed yet but being in a clan gives you access to dedicated chat channels, there's 2 available & each one can hold 25 players at once. Could be a good way to communicate if your looking for someone to play with it just want to chat while playing. If your interested in the chat channels, you access them through the member list. You can do do it through your menu or through the clan room at the White House, bring up member list & then you can tab to them (It's either L2 or R2 to do it, can't remember which as I'm not on my PS4 atm) & you join it. You leave it in the exact same way.
  14. It's kool, no-one is expected to use a mic or anything, it's literally just somewhere to find people to play or socialise with without having to rely on matchmaking with randoms. I've deliberately left the preferences at any for mic, relaxed for the style & the time of day as daily as I imagine people will be on at all times if day due to timezones. I'd feel much safer going into the DZ with anyone in the clan rather than queing with randoms as groups fall apart way too easily. The other great thing with the clan is it ranks up just through members playing so we all start to earn free loot caches & stuff just from playing the game while in it.
  15. Hey guys. I have no idea if anyone would even be interested but I figure I can't be the only person on here who has the game but no-one my friends list who plays it. I've created an open clan for anyone here who wants to join. It's easily identifiable as it's called PSNProfiles & the clan tag is PSP. I figure this could be a great way for some of us to find people to play with & potentially make new friends or at the very least get a couple of the multiplayer trophies like Clan War. A clan has 50 spots, I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, we could fill it or no-one could join, will just have to see how it all pans out.