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  1. Hey, i caught a 19lbs 13oz Muskie, up in the legendary spot by willows crest. Regular muskie not legendary. Settings>General>weight and change it to pounds
  2. Yes you cant use the same bait, Use 1x Herbivore bait and 1x predator. You have to kill one predator and one herbivore.
  3. Has to be one herbivore and one predator cant be the same, they also have to eat it, u get plenty fo time after the first one
  4. Dude, i know the feels what makes it worse is when you go 10hours dry, then start hunting a timber wolf and see 4mooses in an hour > . <
  5. Honestly i was going whatever was the latest sleep, Im not sure if time affects them, don't quote me on that tho
  6. Ye id get like 3 sleeps in then reload save
  7. Took me 10hours for that one, Found at lake cairn, Then i found it again hunting a different animal lmfao. Only got timber wolf left myself, killed 10 of them woops.
  8. Might be bugged with the veteren quest, nevertheless you only need 5legendary animals for 100%, Legendary animals dont count towards Zoologist
  9. Thanks for the tip, Just got the panther done then, killed 5x yikes :L, They both spawn in same area correct? + do you know if the time affects them?
  10. How did you study panthers lmfao, everytime i find one they just jump straight at me