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  1. We're actually going to need more info on HOW this occurs, I believe. People haven't been able to consistently trigger all 10 recipes yet. (I've backed off the last trophy until someone can confirm how to get these.)
  2. I just picked up this game a couple weeks ago (I love the series and didn't realize this had been released, somehow). I've tried for True Believer twice now and it isn't popping. I tried closing out of the game and re-entering, I restarted the system, and even waited a week before trying again. Is there a trick to this? When I did it, I worked on it during the evening one day and then finished the next morning. Is it resetting at midnight, by chance? I know it's possible it's glitched, but this one is probably the most tedious and time-consuming, so I'm having a hard time motivating to try again. Any tips or suggestions?