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  1. I'm on the NA version, played on Patch 1.06, and just played for about three hours, offline, with no crashing issues. This includes resuming partially-finished runs after closing out of the game to back up my save.
  2. Well, my game (and PS4) just crashed when trying to load into the second level of a run. According to the dev's twitter, they're on it, but are asking for people to report when it crashes.
  3. What version/patch? I just went to open the game (NA version), and patch 1.04 started to download. Maybe a fix has already been pushed out?
  4. Oh, did this get another stack? I did a text walkthrough for it back in 2018. Guess I'll have to replay it whenever I finally get a PS5!
  5. I personally spoke with someone on the Sherlock Holmes Games Facebook page (which is run by Frogwares), and they're aware of the situation. Like others in this thread, both the store app and the web browser store will acknowledge that the PS5 version has been purchased but still wants you to purchase the PS4 copy. However, if I pull up the store from my PS4, the game shows as a free download.
  6. The guide has been updated since earlier this month. Find it on PST or Node.
  7. According to THIS, the game comes out for PS4 this weekend.
  8. I just platinumed the PS4 version. Everything popped when it should. I still made save backups just in case. I also played offline. The game did crash twice. EDIT: DLC also popped fine, although a few trophies popped after like a 10-15 second delay.
  9. Just got this on PS4 patch 1.03 (I think it's on 1.04 now). A few things to keep in mind: 1) It needs to be three DIFFERENT characters. Eric will do two UV light kills - one on Joey and one on a creature at the end of the game. Only one of those will count. As such, it will be Eric, Rachel, and Nick that will get this trophy unlocked. 2) It still needs to be done in one go (as of patch 1.03), but you CAN reload scenes. I messed up a QTE, went to the main menu and reloaded a chapter to continue playing. Trophy unlocked after the third UV kill. I think it just needs to be done in "one sitting" as in the game cannot be closed out of and you can't swap save files. 3) Eric and Nick need to have a good relationship for this to unlock, which means pretty much an entire new playthrough. Combine this trophy with Oorah to save time - if their relationship is good enough that Eric gives Nick the UV wand, then Oorah will unlock on the elevator if everyone else is dead (get Rachel killed by the spear during The Ambush to get her out of the way, then have Jason go after Salim at the end and just fail all the QTEs).
  10. I only ended up doing a walkthrough. There's no chapter select. Definitely missable trophies. Several game-spanning trophies. If you want to go in without a guide, then my suggestion would be to make a save at the beginning of every chapter to act as a sort of chapter select, but keep Room With a View, Work-Life Balance, and Exquisite Artwork at the forefront of your mind to cut down on replaying multiple chapters.
  11. Generally it's fine. I had Inspector Waffles on my profile for about a week before the trophy list was added to Sony's servers, and they were added when the list went on - with correct time stamps. It just looks weird on your player page (I platinumed Inspector Waffles on October 9, but on my player page it's between two games that I platinumed on October 14), but if you go to your log they're correctly placed and time stamped. I also recently had the trophy logging issue where I kept getting booted out of games because of trophy loading errors on my console - I had to do a total factory reset of my PS4 to fix it. These two things may or may not have been related, but it's something to keep in mind. The rare times I play a game that doesn't have a list on the servers yet, I play it offline so I can still look at the trophy list on my console and see what needs to be done/what I've earned.
  12. Agh this would have been so helpful to have had when I was writing my walkthrough on Thursday and Friday >_< At least I now know exactly how many pages I missed.
  13. Trophy guide will still take a few days, but if you just want to follow a walkthrough: CLICKY
  14. There used to be, before the revamp over at .org. Now the system I used on that site to compile a list of everything I wrote is no longer there. I hope there will be a new system soon. But for now: if it's a point and click, I probably did the guide
  15. There are 15 items to inspect. My guide will be up soon, but this is a cut and paste from it: Chapter 1 - 4 Butler Pantry - cupboard, pots and pans, letter, house deed. The letter and house deed can only be accessed after trying to leave the room for the first time and being called back by Elizabeth Chapter 2 - 2 Butler Pantry - photograph, letter. Both are accessible the first time you enter the Pantry. Chapter 5 - 3 Kitchen - mounted animal head, cupboard, pots and pans. All accessible the first (and only) time you enter the Kitchen. Chapter 7 - 6 Staff Quarters - logs, newspaper, hammock, cupboard, luggage, abandoned clothes (between left and middle beds). All accessible the first (and only) time you enter the Staff Quarters. I believe all are also story-related and unmissable.