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  1. That Steam walkthrough is good, but it doesn't cover the entire game. I wrote a trophy guide covering all five episodes. It's not a step by step thing, but the game gives you objective markers every step of the way, and I just wrote puzzle solutions under the respective game trophies.
  2. Please bump me up to Artifex Master, as I've completed every game on the list, including the bonus ones. I also wrote text walkthroughs for the vast majority of them, if you want to link those in the main post. They’re hosted over on .org. EDIT (November 14) - have also completed Scarlett Mysteries, whenever that's added to the list, so I should stay at Artifex Master.
  3. Is this same glitch present in the digital Vita version available in the PS Store, or is it just on the LRG cart?
  4. Assuming the "Long Live the Creed" tier doesn't require duplicates, I believe I now should be bumped up to that rank (clicky). Or does it require ALL stacks of the games?
  5. Hope it helps! The lovely @Velvet has also made a video walkthrough of the game off of my walkthrough if that's more your speed; it is linked in the guide.
  6. Another easy one, especially because 1) You can play on Casual 2) Once you do three HO scenes without using hints, you can start using hints. Walkthrough is written and will be posted as soon as a forum for the game is posted on
  7. Sorry, I don't. It's an awful minigame meant for a free-roaming mouse cursor, not a d-stick. But it looks like you've since gotten the platinum, so congratulations!
  8. At least a third of my GOG list SO. MANY. point and clicks.
  9. Text version for those who prefer it:
  10. Walkthrough will be up soon.
  11. #508: Harvey's New Eyes 2019 port of a 2012 point and click. Charming and funny game, well worth a play. Waiting for the stats to be updated, but I may well be the first plat earner in this game.
  12. #507 - Conga Master RNG nightmare. Stay away from this game. I'm sure the Vita ports are just as RNG awful.
  13. Update: I've completed everything except LEGO Worlds and LEGO Movie 2.
  14. Sign me up please! I've completed everything except Danganronpa V3.