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  1. Thanks for linking my guide
  2. Ah, damn. I forgot to post my completed board and now it's too late
  3. I haven't read all of the replies, so I'm sure some of these have been mentioned already, but for my money: 11-11: Memories Retold Forgotton Anne (yes, it's spelled "forgotton") Icey Kona Lost Ember Return of the Obra Dinn Reverie Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands (if you only get one Link to the Past knockoff, make it Reverie. Shalnor Legends should be your second choice of the two) The Adventure Pals The Last Door The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (wait for a sale, though) The Sexy Brutale Timespinner Truberbrook Also, special shout out to The Council. It has over 5,000 users (around 7,000 now) but it's the kind of thing Telltale should have been doing instead of just using their cookie cutter gameplay on various IPs.
  4. Enjoy! I thought this one was better puzzle-wise than the previous Secret Order game.
  5. Yeah, I wrote a platinum walkthrough and put it up on imports and .org. I didn't make a thread for it because at the time there were threads going around saying that people shouldn't post guide links here unless you port the entire thing over. The imports link is above; here's the .org link:
  6. GLITCH WARNING: In the level Lyre Lyre, you may collect every gem and still only have 299/300. This is a bug that happens when gems are picked up too quickly. Exit the stage (either by quitting to the main menu or through the level end warp), enter back in, and go to the bouncy tree where one of the cogs was (there were also crates here with gems). If you look over the side of this cliff, you should see some spiders surrounding a crate - your bugged gem will be in that crate.
  7. I can't say for certain, but the way the autopop works is that the trophies are tied to your online name, not a save file on your system. I see no reason why it wouldn't work (I'm NA and did the EU version first, then autopopped the NA version). I would stick on one version until it's done, just to be ultra safe.
  8. @XX_FTW I have a question about "peripheral-based". What I chose was Erica, which has playlink/wants you to play with your phone, but it's not strictly required. Does that still count? What about games that were originally PSVR only, but got patched so PSVR is no longer required (like Invisible Hours, or The Assembly)? I want to know, because I'm poised to post a black-out board so I want to make sure it'll count
  9. I'm in! Surely I can balance this and the Plat Race of the Maidens and the Bingo event, right?
  10. Looks like she got the platinum. I second what was posted above - the text walkthrough on PST is fantastic. I (and a few others) left notes in the comments that let you combine two playthroughs so you can get the platinum a bit quicker, so make sure you look at those as well.
  11. FYI - Vasilis should be 1.5, as you play as an old lady for the entirety of the game.
  12. I think Harvey's New Eyes is better, but this is still worth playing. This walkthrough skips A LOT of story and humor. I recommend playing blind while keeping an eye on the walkthrough (and if you want to play even blinder, the trophy guide is linked in the first post of the walkthrough)
  13. I've sent you a DM - I've done what you've suggested here, but I don't want to fill the thread with spoilers. Edit: unless you're supposed to talk to the pen before you ever pick it up?
  14. Hey - how did you get the Workeress trophy? It should have just been the cafeteria bulletin and the electric shock room lever. Have I missed something?
  15. Have fun! This one's pretty quick.