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  1. Hmm. Maybe I should throw my hat in, too. EDIT: Officially throwing my hat in.
  2. When I was grinding out chests, I found that the randomly generated winter/Christmas worlds were best. They're small but have decent amount of chests, when compared to how small the maps are.
  3. @eigen-space So cute! Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. It's the Curator. In Man of Medan he would show up when someone could die. He only shows up here because Andrew is the only "real" person in the game. Kind of clever. (Except everyone in the prologue chapter existed, and he didn't show up for any of them)
  5. Just popped it - solo story, theatrical cut. There's a bit of wiggle room for this trophy, but not a ton. Here's what my screen was: - Angela threw the hammer back to John, giving him a chance to fight off the demon. - Angela stayed with John to face the demon together - Angela expressed relief that she was safely reunited with Andrew and John - John supported Andrew in convincing Angela they would be safe - Angela sided with Andrew, deciding she will head into town with John - Angela respected John for taking the initiative and going ahead into the fog. I also didn't have John respond after the flashback when John saw Angela's double die. Their relationship takes a huge hit if you say anything.
  6. One more. There's a discussion about #10 going on in the Steam forums, and someone who unlocked it took notes of what they did, and was absolutely sure they didn't do anything with the poppet in the museum. This may be as simple as having 49/50 collectibles and all pictures (I didn't have them in my game), then just getting a game ending.
  7. It's the book in the little shack where the gun is in the chapter Off Track. You need to flip through a few pages before it registers.
  8. So this is interesting. @zadorvp and I played this through shared story. We decided via chapter select to burn the poppet in the museum and at the end of the game, be nice to Vince at the church, and have everyone survive. At the end of the game, he got collectible 10 and I didn't. Our current theory is that: 1) It's just down to burning the museum poppet and the end game poppet 2) you need to have collectible 6 (poppet) registered prior to going for collectible 10 (he actually had 49/50 at the time). It's possible you might actually have to pick up collectible 6 during the playthrough where you're going for 10, as that means you will have interacted with every poppet in the game at that point. 3) you need to be playing as Andrew (this only matters if you're doing this in shared story; he was playing as Andrew and I wasn't), and he needs to live EDIT: Just did a replay of the last chapter on that same save file for the "everyone dies" trophy. @zadorvp said that collectible 10 was there as well, and it still wasn't for me. So we think: 1) Must be playing as Andrew (again, not a problem in solo mode) 2) have 49/50 collectibles registered, or at least all the witchcraft ones. 3) burn the museum poppet
  9. Do you mean secret 10? The doll?
  10. For the poppet, doing something with it affects the Little Girl bearing wheel. For anyone who has gotten 10, could you please check your choices on that wheel (or the others, for the heck of it) and see what you did?
  11. 47 is the #1 Dad keychain. It's in the store on a counter left of the banging door. (I was playing the game in shared story, in case this matters. Hopefully it doesn't this time around)
  12. Thanks for linking my guide
  13. Ah, damn. I forgot to post my completed board and now it's too late
  14. I haven't read all of the replies, so I'm sure some of these have been mentioned already, but for my money: 11-11: Memories Retold Forgotton Anne (yes, it's spelled "forgotton") Icey Kona Lost Ember Return of the Obra Dinn Reverie Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands (if you only get one Link to the Past knockoff, make it Reverie. Shalnor Legends should be your second choice of the two) The Adventure Pals The Last Door The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (wait for a sale, though) The Sexy Brutale Timespinner Truberbrook Also, special shout out to The Council. It has over 5,000 users (around 7,000 now) but it's the kind of thing Telltale should have been doing instead of just using their cookie cutter gameplay on various IPs.
  15. Enjoy! I thought this one was better puzzle-wise than the previous Secret Order game.