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  1. Hey, I have a better-looking map HERE.
  2. EDIT: What timing! I was starting to port this onto the site and it looks like someone beat me to the punch. Oh well! Hope it's helpful!
  3. Yes it does. It's not as bad as it sounds - you get all characters at the beginning, all characters have the field abilities (bolt-cutter, bomb, hack), you only have to do the story missions, and you can play on easy. I haven't fully tested this, but I believe 1) you can use save backups, and 2) the only death that matters is of the character you're controlling - if the game takes out the AI-controlled character, I think they'll just respawn. I could be wrong on that though.
  4. I want to update my trophy guide with the DLC stuff, but I'm having trouble finding all the scarecrow hats. I've found 24 of the 25 required (thanks And_May for providing a few I hadn't found). Here is the map I've put together of the ones I've found - I made a bad cut (I'll redo the map when I get all 25) but there are two in the large fields in the bottom right corner of the map. (Also, that black dot is a spot that spawns 3-4 apple trees at a time for the apple trophy) Any more information would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hope they're helpful! Trophy Walkthrough - step by step walkthrough Trophy Guide - if you want to figure stuff out on your own, but are worried about missable stuff
  6. Thank you! I plan on writing a guide for this soon, so this will definitely be helpful.
  7. FF6 Shadow Hearts: Covenant Danganronpa Series Zero Escape Series
  8. It's done! You'll need to do a full playthrough of the game with certain conditions met, then replay Chapter 5, fulfilling a few extra conditions. It's all laid out in the walkthrough. @sunnydaleAlumni and @Ranari_Kai you might need to delete your save files and start fresh to make sure you get the story flags in the most efficient way. The way this game works, you can't trigger all the flags to get one ending, then go back and trigger fewer flags to get another - you can only work up. Check the walkthrough to see if you need to restart everything or if you can just work with what you already have.
  9. Updated with link to trophy guide, if you just wanted to keep an eye on missable stuff. Can't be helped. People don't pay money to text walkthrough/guide creators like they do for video walkthrough/guide creators, unfortunately.
  10. Walkthrough nearly halfway done. For the people who own the game: did any of you buy it from an English (US/UK) store, instead of an Asian store? I'm trying to figure out if the trophy list defaults to Japanese no matter where you buy it, or if the people who own it all just bought the English version from the Hong Kong store.
  11. I enjoyed this one. Lots of nods to fans of the older games. Completely gets that people didn't like the other console games, and makes digs at them. I'm glad they help. It's nice to be able to give back; adventure games are my niche, so I'm happy to help when others have helped me with other genre guides. That having been said, I wish I got more comp codes because I don't usually get codes from the devs and I don't have like a patreon to help cover costs. Might have to stop soon.
  12. I just posted a walkthrough, and am about halfway through a guide. Was thinking of posting the trophy guide here as well.
  13. Hope it helps! Trophy Guide - for people who just want to keep an eye on missable stuff while trying to work through the game on their own.
  14. It's on my list of things to guide. I might bump it up a bit.
  15. Yup. Platinum trophy. 32 trophies. Fingers crossed, everything seems to be unlocking fine. Will check back in when I've finished. EDIT: Just got the platinum. Everything's working. Had a bit of a panic because they left in a trophy that required inputting some stuff on a keyboard, and the way I though they'd unlock it instead didn't work. Then I figured out the button combination.