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  1. Question! Is there a spreadsheet or something where we log our completions, or...?
  2. This one's shorter, I think. Hope it helps!
  3. Co-op can cause problems in LEGO games, but I also personally think playing the game while online can cause problems. There is ZERO reason to be connected to the LEGO/TT server while playing these games.
  4. I actually like the Deponia series quite a bit. The fourth installment was probably unnecessary but it's a rare comedy trilogy that actually has a story arc running through each installment.
  5. The only thing I remember is that if you idle the game without actually pausing it, the game will crash after a few minutes. Is that what you're talking about? I was under the assumption that the patch fixed that problem.
  6. I think it's fun. It's comedy espionage.
  7. Hope it helps! There's a lot of back and forth in this one.
  8. You can do it a lot earlier than that, on the flying fortress. After you beat the big boss and are in the outside area where you jump really really high (the area where you can get Tungar if you want), make your way up and you'll come across a few spinning red light enemies. The second or third (I forget) is just outside of the door you need to enter to continue, and you can get him against the ledge leading to the door and spam him with bow attacks.
  9. There's a 1.01 patch that's just been released for the game - does it patch out the glitch?
  10. Hope it helps! This is one of the easier Artifex Mundi games to platinum.
  11. Have you checked the Most Commonly Missed map?
  12. Update (or sign up?): I've done every game on this list except for finishing Indigo Prophecy. I believe that puts me at Ever Vigilant? For the bonus stuff, I haven't done all stacks of TWD or all David Cage games, but I qualify for all the rest. Thanks!
  13. There was a nasty bug with the Homestead trophy - or whatever it's called, the one where you have to fill out an information book over the course of the entire game - in the PS3 version. No idea if it's in the PS4 version, but it's something to look out for if you do go for the platinum.
  14. Gomez: We Haven't Turned Around. EDIT: I forgot Conan's KPop video. Probably a warning for seizures.