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  1. At least a third of my GOG list SO. MANY. point and clicks.
  2. Text version for those who prefer it:
  3. Walkthrough will be up soon.
  4. #508: Harvey's New Eyes 2019 port of a 2012 point and click. Charming and funny game, well worth a play. Waiting for the stats to be updated, but I may well be the first plat earner in this game.
  5. #507 - Conga Master RNG nightmare. Stay away from this game. I'm sure the Vita ports are just as RNG awful.
  6. Update: I've completed everything except LEGO Worlds and LEGO Movie 2.
  7. Sign me up please! I've completed everything except Danganronpa V3.
  8. Update: I now have 100% in everything. (Click)
  9. Update: I've done all of these except Dark Arcana. This includes Queen's Quest 3, Irony Curtain (perhaps in the same category as My Brother Rabbit), and Modern Tales, which don't seem to be on this list yet.
  10. I looked in Arkadia and even looked up on YouTube where it's supposed to spawn. It's definitely not spawning. I've checked several times for title updates - but it says that I'm at the latest at 1.4. I feel like I read that 1.5 is the latest?
  11. When does this spawn? I've finished all the other trophies in the list, but this isn't showing up on my map.
  12. Text version HERE.
  13. Text version HERE.
  14. Covers platinum trophy AND all the DLC. Enjoy!