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  1. @kkulifay just a heads up that a bunch of the LEGO games are in the North American sale right now. This includes both Harry Potter games for $5, and all three Marvel games plus their DLC for about $13. Excellent prices on both!
  2. Speaking as someone who has played literally every LEGO game with trophies - your enjoyment will come more from the intellectual property than the actual game. They all more or less play the same, so start with the ones you're already a fan of. I personally recommend the Harry Potter ones. Jurassic World is also fun, as is LEGO City Undercover. @Helyx above me makes a good point that the comic games (LEGO DC and LEGO Marvel) have a bunch of DLC, so you may want to either stay away from them or see if you can find the gold editions at a good price. Beware of LEGO Worlds. It's a very different game, and unless you and your son are huge fans of games like Minecraft, is not worth picking up.
  3. Has anyone come across a guide for the AHDs? It's the only trophy I have left, and I went through the game a few times and still seem to be missing some. Even the developers aren't sure what I've missed (not a good sign). Here's the list I kept while I was playing; hopefully someone can at least tell me what stage I should be replaying! Sunpool part 1 - 2 (story-related) Clocktower part 1 - 2 (after reuniting whales) / 2 (after powerup/train station - 1 is story) Plastic beach part 1 - 0 Poseidon part 1 - 10 (pre-spaceship), 2 (story-related), 3 (deep sea) ATLANTIS part 1 - 5 (pre-icy area), 4 (in the bunker/ship area) Plastic beach part 2 - 5 Poseidon part 2 - 1 (deep sea)
  4. Hmm. Maybe I should sell my disc copy.
  5. Pun trophy names... *chef kiss* (I loved Reverie; glad to see more from you all!)
  6. My walkthrough/trophy guide is up on Dex; will be up on PST soon. LINK!
  7. You need to smack someone seven times. Just do it on the sitting cardinals in the Basilica.
  8. Aww, thank you! I don't write as many anymore, because codes are scarce when you don't do video guides, and I'm poor. But I have written a guide for this game. Just waiting for the forums to go up for it on .org so I can post it.
  9. I really liked it! It's pretty short, though. Still fun to play around with - it's one of those games where half of the humor is in experimenting with error messages (like trying to use an incorrect item somewhere or with someone) and dialogue trees.
  10. Soon!
  11. I just platinumed it, and got the platinum in just under an hour. If you haven't played the game before, I still can't see it taking more than two hours. It's still fun, quirky humor. Definitely worth playing around with!
  12. If this is like what happened with Crimes and Punishments, it'll be a stack that functioned as the original did - in Crimes and Punishments' case, only KR had a separate list. Then every other store had the original digital list (listed on PSNP as "OR") and then the re-up had the second list (listed on PSNP as "RR").
  13. There's a nearby hut with a woman outside of it - she has a bunch of cats in her house. Break it open and you should be able to talk to her and get her to talk to the man. That should do it. PowerPyx's site has a pretty good quest guide HERE
  14. Sign me up! Hopefully this time I'll remember to submit stuff before the event ends
  15. SASO'd on easy, trophy popped. Thank you!