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  1. Yes, for the most part i used the 100% guide featured in this site and the Rockstar Social Club
  2. It took me 108hrs and 33 minutes to complete the offline portion of the game acording to the Rockstar Social Club. I did everything i could even the legendary animals that aren't requiered for the platinum trophy, still, i was very efficient and tried to track challenges and animals while i was riding from 1 mission to another one, asuming that you are going to do the same it should take you between 70-80 hrs from the end of chapter 2.
  3. Looks as easy as any other Visual Novel, like Steins;Gate or Clannad. It should take around 1hr or less if someone just skip the text (not recommended) or something between 7-10 hrs if someone play it legit
  4. Berserk was my very first manga back in 2013 and it has a special place on my heart. I have this profile pic since i just joined PSNProfiles and the same can be said about my twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. so yeah, this hurts. But hopefully this is not going to be the end of Berserk...
  5. I played Sly mini games on PS Now using a PS4 controller, everything was absolutely easy and fast to do, if you see my profile you can see that i completed them all in just 12 minutes, but before you are able to play all the Sly minigames don't forget that you need to complete the first level of Sly 1, Sly 2 and Sly 3 (and save in each case) in order to unlock them all. After you finish sync your trophies manually, and take in mind that it's ok if they don't show up on your list inmediately as the sync process can have a little delay while trying to do it with streamed PS NOW games
  6. It works, i was playing it on my alt account and got 3 trophies in a few minutes. Just download the Trial Version and you'll get the full game with no timer or expiration date. Do it as soon as you can.
  7. Awesome job, my dude, having you as a friend on PSN make me proud, i can see how much work does it takes to do this. As a fun fact i have exactly $4.54 on my wallet, lol. As a side note, Call of Duty Warzone (free) doesn't have any trophies, but the page link you to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare (paid game) trophy list. Aside from that everything is perfect, literally a dream come true. Bookmarked.
  8. No, but mostly because i don't play shitty games just for a plat, i've enjoyed almost every game i have played to date with a few exceptions of disappointed games (GOW Ascension, Watch Dogs 2...) that didnt gave me what i was expecting from them. But also because i switch games from time to time to play other online games that i enjoy like For Honor or Titanfall 2. If you want a recomendation try to switch hobbies, i like to see series, movies, animes, i read mangas and so on, if don't want to play games i just switch hobbies and after a few days i have the desire to play games again. Also don't try to play games that others play just because they are famous or popular or a "good plat", if you don't enjoy something just go away and stick with the games you like (that is what everyone does, right?), for example i don't like Monster Hunter games, Death Stranding, No Man's Sky or sport games (any of them), i almost hate them, even if they are popular and a lot of people enjoy them, i simply can't enjoy them, I couldn't play them even if they paid me to do it, i just stick with the games that i enjoy and i'm really happy with that. Try to do the same and you'll never encounter this problem ever again.
  9. I just got the trophy and i can confirm that you don't need to start a new playthrough on the main menu, just select the 1st mission (S.S.D.D.) on the select mission option on the main menu and start it. For S.S.D.D. you have to complete the pit and set a record, don't kill Shepherd btw, then you'll be able to continue playing normally, you don't to go to the main menu after each mission and select the next one, just keep playing as usual. You can kill team mates as long as you don't get a screen saying "Frieldly fire will not be tolerated", if you die or fail any section just press options and then the option "restart mission" there is no need to go back to the main menu to do so. Also, you can skip the cinematics before the missions start. Finally is important to note that i complete the game on veteran firt by using the glitch on every mission, after that on the select mission menu every mission said "completed on veteran" (except for No Russian that i complete on recruit and is not needed for any trophy at all) then i procced to complete every mission by playing normally but this time on recruit difficulty, but still all the missions remains the same "completed on veteran" despite the fact that i complete them on recruit difficulty (except for S.S.D.D. in which only appeared my best time on the pit, 18.55, even after i complete the pit again for my inmortal run in 24 seconds), so there is no need to worry about that... Once i finished the game the credits started i got my inmortal trophy.
  10. The best way to get this trophy is by reloading the checkpoint that you get once you are about to start The Pit every single time that you fail to achieve the time needed for the trophy (19.70s). By doing this you will always get the same enemy pattern, making way easier the whole process because you will not encounter the enemies at different locations, also, by reloading the checkpoint you will always encounter that all the enemies will be perfectly aligned making easier to get a higher accuracy bonus at the end of the section. For the guns i was using the Desert Eagle and the M9 but you can use the Ups45 too if you prefer. Yesterday i spent 6hrs :'( trying to get this trophy without realoading the checkpoint, thus getting different patterns of enemies, and today i tried it again but this time with the reload checkpoint option and got it after 5 minutes And trust me guys, i'm way worse than you all, just don't give up, you all will get it soon or later, just keep trying, if i did it you can do it too.
  11. BTW i just saw the complete list, a friend of mine in France got the game earlier and showed it to me on Zoom just 5 min ago, the game has 26 trophies, plat included, and it seems that you will have to do 2 playthroughs to fully upgrade Ellie, also the game has lots of collectables. A new game+ will be mandatory for the platinum trophy but it can be done on the easiest difficulty.
  12. Not gonna lie, i'm disappointed. I wanted a trophy list similar to the one of the 1st game, which felt challenging but still fair to do. I'm still going to plat this game, but it will not be the same to me.
  13. I fuc*ing did it!! This nightmare took me around 150 attemps (yes, 150, and no, i'm not exaggerating). If you are reading this you must know that you can do it, no matter how bad the things are going, or if you suck in this game, or whether it is difficult or not, you can do it. Mark my word: "If I could do it, you can do it too" Good luck, and please, don't give up. Finally, thank you very much for the video, BigBossImBeamer , it really helps.
  14. A person with varied tastes. Definitely a The Last of Us fan
  15. The platinum would take 300-500hrs sooooooo is very long and seems hard just for that. I want to play it, but i will not go for the plat.