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  1. For those giving a try at today's glitched challenge, make sure you are using a princess type of character, otherwise your score will be slightly lower than the 4905.43m required to get a diamond cup. About the columns/'four pillars in the wind" like at 2269m and other places too: maybe it's just me, but when using a princess I never managed to get very reliable timing, it's much less forgiving than with a Rayman: you really have to lower the 1st pillar very soon, and the 4th pillar very late. So the solution that works best for me with a princess is to always push up the 1st pillar, even if it's not an alpha configuration like the one at 3750m. It gives some extra speed/height to avoid death on the spikes of the 3rd pillar, and you don't need to wait the last moment to push down the 4th pillar. Sometimes (~10% in my experience) the character will get too much speed and die, which is ok for me as I play with a princess only on glitched challenges that have a low distance anyway.
  2. Quite sure it didn't happen at all since the end of 2019 - I started the game early 2020 and just saw a few 4095m glitches in 2020, and zero glitch in 2021 until now. So did Ubisoft fix the glitch ? Possible, but that would be surprising so many years after the release of the game... personally, I just think it's completely random.
  3. No worries, I confirm it's 4,134 points for offline mode (224 bronze, 224 silver, 224 gold, 11 diamond) Or said differently, if it helps anyone to find what they're missing, it's the sum of: Rewards for completing individual levels 55 'standard' levels * 32 points = 1760 pts 40 'back to origins' levels * 32 points = 1280 pts 28 'invaded' levels * 16 points = 448 pts Rewards for completing each world 11 diamond cups * 50 points = 550 pts Rewards for completing creature families 6 families * 16 points = 96 pts