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  1. I'm so excited it's out now for consoles! Been waiting so long for this, especially since the PC version came out in April last year. Today the game just dropped without a big announcement or anything, was really surprised when I saw it in the store. This game is very special to me. Never got the chance to finish it, now is the time! Hopefully it'll sell well.
  2. Bloodborne is great, and no boring grinding for rare items or anything like that. You might enjoy that game. Definitely worth a try.
  3. I'm wondering if PS3 games saved on an external HDD will still receive the performance boost on the PS5 or if you have to install these games on the PS5's internal SSD instead. Has anyone tried it? Are there differences in performance?
  4. Can you also look at your trophies while being offline on the PS5?
  5. That's sick, considering picking both of those up. The DLCs for Advanced Warfare are also on sale. It's so rare that COD DLCs are on sale, so this is a good opportunity to get them cheap.
  6. Also, press square while you're in the air and turn mid-air. This is better than just pressing square while driving...it won't take as much speed away.
  7. To put some positivity into this thread, the new track is really dope!
  8. I once saw guys called "NickGur" and "MikeLitoris" and thought it was pretty funny. It was not on Playstation though.
  9. Just got the Platinum for Aragami. Solid game, but killing every enemy in each level was really annoying, since the game doesn't tell you how many enemies there are per level. So it's really easy to miss ones which means you gotta do it all over again. Otherwise, had a lot of fun with this game!
  10. I don't understand why developers don't just update the trophy list and add offline trophies when they decide to shut down the servers, thus keeping the platinum trophy attainable. Obviously this only applies to existing developers, if the team doesn't exist anymore, then fine. Or do it like they did it with Mass Effect, where certain trophies are attainable either online or offline from the start.
  11. Ninja Scroll. Only halfway through though. Gotta finish it these days.
  12. This thread has been a lot of fun to read through. Some people just love to make excuses. I love the fact that hard trophies exist, makes getting certain platinums way more special. Hopefully Mein Leben will stay the same.
  13. This month is trash. But no problem, still have enough games to play.