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  1. No problem, glad I could help
  2. I went on the ps store to see if it was free but it wasn't, I checked my library and superhot MCD was already in my library so it's worth checking there, if it's not you can email [email protected] and get in touch with them
  3. Bought this game a couple of weeks before ps+ so I wasn't too happy but I'll defo be using this guide for the plat
  4. Love this game but the world feels empty once you've done the upgrades and collectibles
  5. When going through new game+ is it possible to get all of ellies player and weapon upgrades done and then use chapter select to go straight to abbys sections to do her upgrades or do you have to physically play all of the first half of the game? I'm on seattle day 1 with Ellie and I'm already nearly finished with her upgrades.
  6. The whole yakuza series is criminally underrated
  7. You can play the game completely offline and get all the trophies with no problems, I've done this all myself just start the game up after going into your settings and then network and disable your Internet connection
  8. I've been playing it all day with my network connection turned off in the ps4 settings and every trophy has popped when they should have
  9. I just got the trophy for doing the mission 'party time' by opening the game without a network connection so hopefully this works for all trophies
  10. Has anyone tried starting and playing the game completely disconnected from the Internet to see if that resolves the issue? I've played a game before on ps3 that had a similar bug and by playing the game offline all the trophies worked fine.
  11. Thanks, I suspended the application so that must have been why, I started the game up again and carried on from where I left off and purchased another upgrade and it popped so it doesn't actually need to be your very first upgrade
  12. This trophy is for buying your first upgrade, does this mean first weapon upgrade or normal upgrades you purchase on your cell phone as I have done this and bought a few upgrades but the trophy hasn't popped.
  13. No problem
  14. I can confirm that to get this trophy you need to get a netter birkin to rank 19 to unlock the concentrate enhancer, you can only use this in the third area of the game, once you get there shoot any zombie with it and have him/her survive for a minute, best way to do this is spawn a zombie with high health e.g tough zombie or partially armoured zombie and do it at the other end of the map away from where the survivors start area 3
  15. I believe this might be the way to do it, I just noticed whilst playing as Alex that you can edit her deck to have a dealer zombie but it doesn't have regen it's just your normal creature so the only way I can think of is the enhancer you suggested