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  1. PS4: Riddled Corpses - (AS) "Major League Baseball 2K" Series: Major League Baseball 2K9 Major League Baseball 2K10 Major League Baseball 2K10 (JP) Major League Baseball 2K11 (EU) Major League Baseball 2K11 (JP) Major League Baseball 2K11 (NA) Major League Baseball 2K12 Major League Baseball 2K12 (JP) Major League Baseball 2K13
  2. Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link Evolution
  3. PS3: Wanted Corp. - (DG, PH) PS4: Mad Age & This Guy - (EU, NA) Mechstermination Force - (JP, NA), going off of serial station, the third list should be (EU) PS Vita: Explosive Jake (AS, NA)
  4. Legendary Eleven - (EU, NA)
  5. I know this is a super late response but I just wanted to confirm that the Japanese version was delisted in May 2019. I have it on my wishlist but it can no longer be purchased unfortunately.
  6. Are you saying one list is just PS4 and the other is just PSVita and they are shared between Asia & Japan? (so the PS4 & Vita tags are incorrect). I'll have to update my spreadsheet if that's the case.
  7. These stacks need regions: Help Will Come Tomorrow - (EU, NA) The Wizards (PSVR) - (JP)
  8. Been playing it offline on v1.10. I encountered a game breaking glitch when Part 4 begins. I can't go into any rooms, there is no X button prompt, so I can no longer progress (fast traveling does nothing). If I enter a conversation, it is just a bunch of random letters and numbers, I can't escape. Going to try again, but I'm going to back up my save after every day. Glitches I've had so far: - Can't leave Human Resources, unless I fast travel. This problem begins when the extra staff becomes available to buy after the Staff Room is renovated. - Can't go into rooms, no X prompt in bottom right corner (begins at Part 4). - Can't progress to next screen in hallway (endless walking) (begins at Part 4) - Can't leave conversations (begins at Part 4). - Conversations have gibberish like "dshdfhjhdfjhfadkjfhadjfhdjkfdhsj" (begins at Part 4). - When starting a shift in Cortex Control the video screen is completely black or bright yellow. - Memory Bank says there are new memories to view but there is nothing unlocked. - Trophies not popping (if I reload the game, sometimes they pop at the main menu). Sequence 5 took me 4 reloads to unlock. Scene 8 won't unlock at all. Attempt #2 (v1.10): Started a new save, I've been backing up the save after every completed day. Game always breaks after Scene 8 (February 6th), you can't enter any rooms, unless you use fast travel, but fast travel only teleports you to the Cortex Control door (not inside), so your screwed at that point. It's a real shame, since I think the game is pretty good. Attempt #3 (v1.00 - v1.10): I used the downgrade method and started a new playthrough. I managed to get Scene 8 & 9 trophies but I hit another dead end. I have the choice of releasing Theo from the hospital but I can't select Yes or No, neither choice can be highlighted. I also had a problem accessing the bar once it was renovated, I couldn't interact with the bartender to buy a drink or to exit the bar (thus the task is impossible to complete). I decided to upgrade to v1.10 and it just breaks the game to where you can't interact with anything. I'm going to download it again and try one more time, if I can't get the last 4 trophies on playthrough 4 then I give up. Attempt #4 (v1.00): I concede, I can't even buy a drink from the bar. Please do not buy this game, it's impossible to finish, and I have no interest anymore to look up the ending. I made a video of the problem and sent a message to the developer. I'll update if I get a reply. I would avoid purchasing the game for now. SuperStringLtd Response: I sent a message to Wales Interactive. No response.....
  9. These stacks need regions: Braveland Trilogy - (EU, NA) Down the Rabbit Hole - (EU, NA) Infinite: Beyond the Mind - (EU, NA) Obey Me - (EU, NA) Odallus - (AS) OTHER PLATFORMS AND REGIONS (Worldwide) Oniken - (AS) OTHER PLATFORMS AND REGIONS (Worldwide) Neverlast - (EU, NA) Telling Lies - (EU, NA)
  10. This is the EU version stack. I purchased the NA version and the trophy list doesn't sync currently. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9803-spider-solitaire-f Asia stack https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10714-xenon-valkyrie
  11. PS4 Stacking Games Spreadsheet May 16th, 2020 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: EMMA: Lost in Memories - (AS, EU, NA) Potata - (EU, NA) Quar: Infernal Machines - (EU, NA) The Inner Friend - (EU, NA) Thy Sword - (EU, NA) Delisted Games: Daylight - (EU, NA) *Still available on Hong Kong PSN Store* Don't Even Think (Free-2-Play) - (WW) *Delisting on June 15, 2020, Servers shut down on August 14, 2020* In Space We Brawl - (JP) Shake That Controller! - (AS)
  12. PS4 Stacking Games Spreadsheet May 9th, 2020 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: Active Neurons - (EU, NA) Awesome Pea - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Daymare 1998 - (JP, WW) Disgaea 4 Complete+ - (EU, HK NEW, JP, KR NEW, NA) Freakout: Calamity TV Show - (EU, NA) Guard Duty - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Gun Crazy - (EU, NA) Help Will Come Tomorrow - (EU, NA) HyperParasite - (EU, JP NEW, NA) John Wick Hex - (EU, NA) Kamiko - (EU NEW, JP, NA) Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes - (AS, EU NEW, NA) OVIVO - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Ping Redux - (EU, NA) Reed 2 - (EU, NA) Samurai Shodown - (CN NEW, WW) サムライスピリッツ Stranded Deep - (EU, NA) The Wizards - (EU, JP NEW, NA) Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure - (AS NEW, WW) Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen - (AS, JP, WW NEW) Upcoming Server Closures: July 30th, 2020: Growtopia - (WW) Delisted Games: Loud on Planet X - (EU, JP, NA) Relisted Games: LEGO The Hobbit - (WW)
  13. PS4 Stacking Games Spreadsheet April 16th, 2020 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: Alteric - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Blind Men - (AS, EU, NA) Braveland Trilogy - (EU, NA) Contraptions - (EU, NA, PH NEW) Dissection - (EU, NA) Duck Souls+ - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Grass Cutter - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Hellmut: The Badass From Hell - (DG, PH) Mars: Chaos Menace - (JP, WW) Odallus - (JP, WW) Oniken - (JP, WW) Rush Rover - (EU, NA) Spartan Rush - (EU, NA) Super Destronaut: Land Wars - (AS NEW, EU, NA) The Shapeshifting Detective - (AS NEW, WW) Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - (AS NEW, JP, KR, WW)
  14. I technically took over on page 4, due to the OP no longer having time to maintain the thread. I thought it was best to continue the PS4 stacks on a spreadsheet since it's more organized and you can search for a specific region and/or game.
  15. PS4 Stacking Games Spreadsheet March 31st, 2020 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: Deep Ones - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Duck Souls+ - (EU, NA) Epic Word Search Collection - (AS NEW, EU, NA) Explosive Jake - (AS, EU, NA) Kamiko - (JP, WW NEW) La-Mulana 2 - (AS, EU NEW, NA NEW) Lumini - (EU, JP NEW, NA) Mekorama - (AS, EU, NA) Neverlast - (EU, NA) Persona 5 Royal - (AS, EU NEW, JP, KR, NA NEW) Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts - (JP NEW, WW) Subnautica - (JP NEW, WW) Thunder Paw - (AS, EU, NA) Utawarerumono: ZAN - (AS NEW, JP, WW) Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York - (EU, NA) War Theatre - (AS, EU NEW, NA)