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  1. 2 years of updates..... PS5 | PS4 | PS Vita Stacking Games Spreadsheet January 7, 2021 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: Children of Morta - (JP, WW) Dungeon Top - (EU, NA) Elliot - (EU, NA) Ponpu - (EU, NA) Spirit Arena - (EU, NA) Upcoming PS4 Server Closures: Battleborn - (WW) - January 25, 2021
  2. Before starting the multiplayer, go to Challenges > General and start tracking the Boot Camp I challenge (or any challenge you want) by highlighting it and pressing . Once you complete the challenge you tracked, you will unlock On Track . I rotated between playing on the Europe and North America servers (Team Play mode is the most active, don't bother with Beginners Only). You can change your region by pressing at the main online menu, then selecting the region you want to play on. I wouldn't recommend playing on Asia-Pacific since it is a ghost town, if you want to boost the trophies, then that's the perfect server to play on. At the beginning you just want to focus on getting a feel for the game and leveling up. I made a list of all the trophy related weapons, equipment and demons. Once you unlock something trophy related, adjust your loadout. The weapon and equipment trophies should come naturally but the demons will be luck based, since you need to beat your opponents and teammates to the spawn point(s). Level 06 - Threat Pulse (Equipment) Level 21 - Harvester (Demon) Level 22 - Grenade Launcher (Weapon) *Already unlocked if you use the Ambusher loadout* Level 27 - EMG Mark V (Weapon) Level 28 - Spectre (Demon) Level 33 - Reaper (Weapon) Level 36 - Cacodemon (Demon) Level 42 - Kinetic Mine (Equipment)
  3. PS5 | PS4 | PS Vita Stacking Games Spreadsheet December 29, 2020 Update: PS5 Stacking Games: Freddy Spaghetti - (EU, NA) PS4 Stacking Games: 60 Parsecs! - (EU, NA) Rhythm of the Gods - (EU, NA) Super Sports Blast - (EU, NA) The Last Dead End - (EU, NA) *Glitched, Platinum unachievable* Wonder Blade - (EU, NA) Upcoming PS4 Server Closures: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - (GOTY, Standard) - December 31, 2020 (Repaid in Blood will be unachievable) Hex (Free-2-Play) - (EU, NA) - December 31, 2020 Darwin Project (Free-2-Play) - (WW) - Possibly January 1, 2021 Battleborn - (WW) - January 25, 2021
  4. Kauil's Treasure - (EU, NA) Ultimate Fishing Simulator - (EU, NA)
  5. You will have to buy it again.
  6. Something is wrong with the servers today. Tried for an hour to join games. Once the intermission ends it just resets the lobby or boots you to the main menu. Edit: Servers worked fine today (December 6, 2020)
  7. Got 3 online trophies left, Bowling for Gibs , Computing with Style & Beauty is Pain (Currently Echelon 1 - Level 26). Played about 10 matches last night and I didn't get to be a demon once. I was at the demon spawn point three times, and all three times someone got it over me that just came at the very last second. I also instantly died four times after killing a demon. Very frustrating to not even get one opportunity. Edit: (12/01/2012) Currently Echelon 2 - Level 5. Luckily I got Bowling for Gibs off my first game of the day with 2 seconds left in the match. All that's left is the grind. Edit: (12/12/2020) Got Computing with Style today. Currently Echelon 5 - Level 19 (14 hours of playtime). Edit: (01/02/2021) Just got Beauty is Pain . Took me 22 hours and 38 minutes to get all the online trophies.
  8. Snake Boat: Otterific Arcade - (EU, NA) Christmas Break Head to Head - (EU, NA) Gonner 2 - (EU, NA)
  9. I started the MP today. In about 4 hours I got to Tier 1 - Level 2 and I got 14/18 of the online DLC trophies. Although I got most of the specific demon trophies today, I hate it when I would die instantly after killing an enemy demon and one of my teammates would get the demon spawn instead.
  10. The Perplexing Orb 2 - (EU) Poker Club - (EU, NA)
  11. The Savior's Gang - (AS) Terra Bomber - (EU, NA)
  12. Robox - (EU, NA) Visage - (EU, NA) Chicken Police - (EU, NA)
  13. Bowling - (EU, NA) Outbreak: Lost Hope - (EU, NA) Outbreak - (EU, NA)
  14. Trax - (EU, NA) Lust for Darkness - (NA) Car Mayhem - (EU, NA)
  15. Happened to me multiple times while going for the platinum. I noticed it would always happen if I reloaded a previous save that wasn't the current save I was on or if I died while at a camp. I also had a bug where my flare was missing to call Chumbucket. Both issues were fixed by closing the application and restarting the game.