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  1. Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadow of New York - (EU, NA) Croc's World series NO STAGE: Croc's World Run STAGE 1: Croc's World STAGE 2: Croc's World 2 STAGE 3: Croc's World 3 Vader Immortal series STAGE 1: Vader Immortal - Episode 1 STAGE 2: Vader Immortal - Episode 2 STAGE 3: Vader Immortal - Episode 3
  2. Rusty Gun - (EU) The NA version doesn't sync currently
  3. Outbreak: The New Nightmare - (EU, NA) RIDE Series Stage 1: RIDE - (PS3, PS4) Stage 2: RIDE 2 - (PS4) Stage 3: RIDE 3 - (PS4) Stage 4: RIDE 4 - (PS4)
  4. I know this is a very late response but I just wanted to confirm since it may help others who are interested. Yes, the Japanese version has full English support.
  5. TimbermanVS - (EU, NA) Max & The Book of Chaos - (EU, NA) Cave Digger - (EU, NA) Other Platforms & Regions Cave Digger: Riches (VR)
  6. About a month behind on stacks. I plan on adding about 10 a day to catch up. PS4 Stacking Games Spreadsheet August 29, 2020 Update: PS4 Stacking Games: Alphaset by POWGI - (AS, EU, NA) Descenders - (EU, NA) (Thanks @FinalFan) Giraffe and Annika - (JP, WW) (Thanks @FinalFan) Horror Adventure - (EU, NA) Memory Lane - (EU, NA) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - (JP, WW) Naught - (EU, NA) One Dog Story - (EU, NA) Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - (EU, NA) The Alto Collection - (EU, NA) Through the Darkest Times - (EU, NA) Upcoming PS4 Server Closures: AirMech Arena (Free-2-Play) - (WW) September 9, 2020 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Winning Eleven 2019 - (AS, EU, JP, NA) - September 24, 2020 Madden NFL 25 (a.k.a. Madden NFL 14) - (WW) - November 19, 2020 Madden NFL 15 - (WW) - November 19, 2020 Madden NFL 16 - (WW) - November 19, 2020 Darwin Project (Free-2-Play) - (WW) - Possibly January 1, 2021 Delisted PS4 Games: Handball 16 - (WW) *Available on physical disc (EU only)* The Sinking City - (WW) *Available on physical disc*
  7. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - (EU, NA) Street Power Soccer - (EU, NA) Shakedown: Hawaii needs to be re-tagged to include PS3. The PS3 version released on August 20, 2020.
  8. This is for anyone that is interested in unlocking UNSPUN . You will need to use the PSX Download Helper to get platinum. The game downloading is 4.585 GB without any patches (if the game shows up at around 4.8 GB, then you've done something wrong). If you intend to download the game while you are sleeping or away, you need to change your PC/Laptop battery/sleep settings. You will also need to keep your PS4 on, do not put it in Rest Mode, since the game will update it with the most recent patch. When the game has downloaded and you switch back to your proper internet settings, remember to cancel the v1.10 patch from your downloads after you boot the game up. On v1.00 it is IMPOSSIBLE to meet the requirements for UNSPUN because of (at least) two things: 1. After you restore the Bar, you cannot access the choice to order a drink from Tess (which is required for the "Blowing Off Steam" task). 2. After you complete Scene 9 in the Dream Theater, the Cortex door becomes glitched. You have two options (Yes or No) and you can't select either of them. The Touchpad, Touchpad + trick to get through glitched doors does not work on the v1.00 end game Cortex door. 3. If for some reason you decide to play the game from the beginning on v1.00 (there are some benefits), avoid BRIGHT SPARK & CHANGING ROOMS since they are glitched, and upgrade to v1.10 once you complete Scene 9. On v1.10 it is POSSIBLE to meet the requirements for UNSPUN but the trophy is GLITCHED. You need to complete all tasks, buy/restore all departments, buy all projects, buy all upgrades, buy all staff (& staff bonuses), while getting the Cortex to 100 on v1.10. After that you will need to back-up your save, delete the game, re-download the game using PSX Download Helper to block the patch, then use your v1.10 Cortex 100 save on v1.00 to unlock the trophy. I got UNSPUN to unlock by getting into the game and then fast traveling to Ted's Quarters (which auto-saves the game), then I closed the application, rebooted the game and the trophy popped at the main menu. A few tips regarding glitches: - Read all of cycoivan's tips - I would make a back-up save every 1-2 days. I rotated between 3 USB flash drives. - If you start a shift, DO NOT leave until the shift is over. This happened to me on at least four occasions, I would leave the Cortex (during a shift) once I had enough money to purchase something from Human Resources or R&D and when I returned to the Cortex, my screen would lock up to where I couldn't progress. Buy upgrades/items BEFORE or AFTER a shift. - I found that if I left the Atrium last to restore, the repair would never complete (the bar would get stuck at around half-way). - The HR shop is a fucking disaster and can screw you very easily. Once you complete Expand HR Store #2 & New Comic Research, make sure to back-up your save and purchase all the items in one shot (I think you need around 20,000 credits). If you buy the Stargaze poster without buying anything on the bottom row, you are screwed. Buy everything on the bottom row, from right to left, then buy everything from the top row from left to right (ending with the poster). - When I purchased the bonuses for my staff, I would have to buy one (store would lock up), then teleport to the Cortex, enter HR again, buy one (store would lock up), rinse and repeat, until I got all 10. - The "Pest Control" task is a pain if you need to complete it once the doors glitch. Once you purchase the cat from the HR Store, it will appear to the right of the Memory Bank (near the mouse hole). You need to click on the "!" cat for the task to be completed. If you do the Touchpad, Touchpad + trick you will automatically go into the Memory Bank. This may take a few tries but you need to spam the trick as many times as you can, to try to get the task completed. As the game transitions to black, it should say "Task Completed" if you are successful, then you will end up in the Memory Bank.
  9. I'm glad I never have to hear Jack ever again.
  10. Attempt #5 (v1.00 - v1.10 - Fresh Save): Managed to get all trophies, except for UNSPUN. Attempt #6 (v1.10 - Old save starting at Scene 8): Used my v1.00 "Completed Focus Pocus task" save. Completed all 30 tasks, hired all staff members, bought all staff bonuses, collected all ties, bought all items from HR, completed all R&D Projects, restored all rooms and departments, Cortex @ 100, aaaaaannnnnddddddd NO TROPHY (tried for an hour just reloading the save). Was messing around with my save and I ended up with my Cortex @117 and still absolutely nothing.
  11. I'll give it a try, thanks. Unfortunately no. The sweet spot seemed to be v1.07 - v1.08. With the blocker it's either v1.00 (which has problems) or v1.10 (which has problems). I hate the game so much now that I'm willing to try anything.
  12. This post really gave me hope to platinum it, so I re-downloaded the game and started from scratch. I started off on v1.00 but (since I wasn't paying attention) I forgot to cancel out the patch, so it installed unfortunately (so I'm playing on v1.10). I too had the same problem with Focus Pocus but I remember completing it on a older save. So I looked on my USB flash drive to see if I had any saves from v1.00 when I played it 3 months ago and I did, and I have Focus Pocus completed. So basically you need to delete the game, use PSX Download Helper to block the patch, play the game on v1.00 on a new save (you can't use v1.10 save on v1.00) complete Focus Pocus asap, install the patch (since the Blow Off Steam task is glitched on v1.00), then complete the rest of the tasks on v1.10. It's a fucking convoluted mess, but this might be the only way to platinum it. I can't for the life of me unlock REVELATION, THE TRUTH, RELEASE & NEARLY THERE on v1.10, so at the moment my plan is to delete the game, use PSX DH to play on v1.00 with a fresh save and try to get 4 out of the 5 trophies I need (leaving UNSPUN), then install the patch and continue the game using my v1.00 Focus Pocus save on v1.10. I'll post an update in a day or so. EDIT: 3 months ago I attempted to use my v1.10 save on v1.00 and when I hit continue the game started from the beginning. Apparently this was a just another glitch, since it worked fine today.
  13. Naught - (EU, NA) Skully - (EU, NA) West of Dead - (EU) Hidden - (EU, NA)
  14. Memory Lane - (EU, NA)
  15. pixelBOT EXTREME! - (EU, NA) Nowhere Prophet - (EU, NA) Lost Wing - (EU, NA)