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  1. I couldn't agree more. I have had the same thoughts for quite some time. The reasons for this are pretty simple. Just look on the Wolfenstein games. In this site 195.000 own the first game (New Order). It has a pretty easy plat (6/10, 20 hours). On the other hand, The New Colossus which is a better game than the first, only has 65.000 owners. That's 1/3 of the original one. The only reason i see for this happening is that trophy hunters avoided that game because they couldnt get the platinum! Even me! (although I will platinum it, its on my to do list). So why would a company put a hard trophy to give to die-hard fans a challenge and have sth to boast about, and have 130.000 less sales (that is 130.000 * 30 euros average price = 3900000)? Just for a stupid trophy? It doesnt make sense. So, they make easy trophylists with around 50 hours to achieve the plat, because 100+ hour plats will also make the trophy hunters reluctant.
  2. I have two games, Battlefield Hardline and Resogun that are not shown on my list. I hide them at 5% because i never thought i m gonna finish them, but I did. When i chose to appear again, they dont show on this site (they do in other sites). What can I do? I checked on all my consoles that "show trophies" is selected. I have also gained other trophies after that, but nothing... Any help?
  3. Finally did it! Took me 9 tries. Here are my failures, the glitches I encountered and some tips! https://imgur.com/lcoTidf https://imgur.com/lcoTidf Failures in chapter order: Chapter 4: Dropping from the tower QTE. Failed to kill all 6. Chapter 5.1: Grenade thrown at the section just before the docks Chapter 5.2: Killing the enemies on the boat where Giovanna is. Accidentally killed Giovanna. Chapter 6.1: 2 times I was killed by grenades on the last cubicle section. Chapter 14: Killed by grenade on the final boss Glitches: Chapter 3: At the sniping section, for some reason Max got out of scoping. I couldn't zoom back in! Thus, Passos was killed by the final enemy. Chapter 11: After getting of the boat, when shooting all the guys on the far tower. I killed them all and proceeded to enter. For some reason (i might have left someone alive?) Passos didnt follow me and after a while a cutscene where he is killed played. Tips: - I used the physical version of the game with no dlcs installed. I used golden guns. I played offline (removed the ethernet cable) .I didn't experience a single freeze or glitch (apart from the aforementioned two). - I used my second ps3 while playing. For example, while on my nymhc, when i got to chapter 6 i switched to my second ps3 and played that level 3 times on it, before actually playing it on the first ps3. This way it was fresh on my mind and I was more confident. I also did that on chapter 14, final boss. So, do so if you own a second ps3 with a second or a digital copy! - Learn where all the painkillers are. I never died out of health. Only insta-deaths and failed QTEs. This way i finished almost every chapter with 5+ painkillers. I also finished chapter 7 with 9 painkillers! - Learn the pattern that the final boss throws his grenades (one at the beginning, one just before the jeeps arrive, one just before the police car arrives, final one 10 seconds after police car arrives). The game isn't hard at all. I was never killed. I only lost due to insta-death by grenades thrown out of nowhere or failed QTEs. It is mostly luck on certain sections and concentration. What makes it hard is the huge cost for each mistake! A whole new playthrough!
  4. At first I was intimidated too. Apart from the stupid kills you might experience there are also some undead enemies. However, it's not a 9. It's more of a seven. Just do these following two things: a) Finish Dead Space Ignition: It's another game of the series, very easy, which gives you some bonuses. Also, buy the dlcs which some nice suits. Even one dlc with a suit that suits you is enough. I did both of these and made the game considerably easier. b) I made it to chapter 7 to make my first save. It's a two hours job. If you make it, you' re almost done. One more seve on chapter 10 and one in 13 or 14.