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  1. This is a disgrace. I bought the game sealed, the no-disc version, and the code is not valid anymore.
  2. Just did it! After a month trying and 1-2 attempts per day. Here are my tips: 1) The videos in youtube, although helpful, are a bit miseleading and require a lot of luck. You just see one successful attempt, out of how many failures? I would suggest to learn them by heart, follow them to the letter in your first tries, but try NOT run to skip parts. At least i never did, although i tried many times. They were very incosistent and luck depended. You dont want to depend on luck after spending many hours on a run. The stealth parts are mostly OK and follow these to the letter. 2) I have a ps4 and a ps5. For the last level, I had both on and only attempted each section after i had cleared it 2-3 times on ps4. That helped me relieve the stress. 3) Wolf is a long game. My successful try took me 3 days. Play in chunks of 1 hour at most. Prepare for the next part if you wish on another console. On my final attempts, i used to play for 1-2 hours and then switch to another (easy :P) game. After an hour in the game I got anxious, sloppy and impatient, resulting in doing stupid mistakes and dying in stupid places. 4) Level specific tips. These are the parts i did differently from most youtube videos: For the Penthouse, just camp to the corner behind the boxes, buy use your silence pistols. Most of the times, the enemies you kill do not alert the others and you just have to kill 2-3 enemies until the helicopter arrives. It does not work always, but most of the times. If the enemies get alerted, switch to rifles. For the Courthouse, there is a strategy 100% safe and consistent where you hide under a table. Look for it on youtube. For the panzerhound ride, DO NOT ride it immediately. Get off and clear the enemies from a distance, hide behind the wall at the spawing area.. When you have killed around 30, just ride it to the end. You can kill everyone if you wish, but not necessary. 100% safe and consistent. Remember to full your armor (if you were damaged) by picking armor while riding from the dead enemies. For the street level in New Orleans, also do not run. There are 2 heavies and around 5 enemies. Kill them first and then proceed safely. For Venus, DO NOT run in the first part. It's very incosistent. Just camp to the room you see the first heavy and kill eveyrone there. For Venus part 2, when you are in the open part where you are getting heat, just stay in the door you arrived after the long ladder and clear everyone there first (a heavy, 2 robots, 3 flying machines). This way, if you mess up with the tricky jumps, it's not insta death. There is also much armor and health next to the door. For the final fight, DO NOT camp at the far left spot. Enemies fall in front of you and you cant see them, but they see you. Just stay between the doors that have opened. Remember, you re looking for consistent methods.And all of the times camping is most (if not always) consistent. Good luck!
  3. I did Mein Leben yesterday. I did MP3 about 2 years ago. Wolfenstein is much much harder. At least in my eyes. Good thing for Wolf is that the game runs smoothly and never crashes as MP3 does. I did MP3 in my 7th try. In the previous 6, i died 5 times from random grenades in various chapers and 1 run was ruined by a glitch. Wolfenstein took me a month trying. 1-2 tries per day. On the main topic on Mein Leben i posted some tips. Hope they help! Good Luck!
  4. Loved both Dead Space 1 and 2. Also liked the story of 3, but I missed the horror element. Awakened DLC of 3 was very good though. Especially its ending.
  5. Mate, i m not posting here so someone from Sony sees it and fixes it. First of all, I wanted to confirm its a general problem and if t there is a solution i wasnt aware of. Second, with the PS5 not having an alternative, sooner or later, more and more people will face this. Third and last, i wanted to see if there is a general consenus on this, or is it just me being a cry boy.
  6. After all this discussion, I tend to think that since the PS3 era, where the 1000 file limit made sense (cloud technologies were at infant state back then), they wrote the code and havent update it since, although they changed everything else. I sincerely hope that this was just overlooked and they will fix it if we make Sony aware of this. Else, it is undoubtely a practice we should boldly criticise because its unethical and false advertising. And to the guys that have objections. Guys, you could also go and throw your trash outside your city, to a proper place, or bury them in your yard. Its not that hard, right? But since you pay your taxes, the local authorities and/or government are OBLIGED to pick them up regularly.
  7. It's a cheap trick though. Just wondering, what kept Sony from advertising UNLIMITED cloud storage space? While hushing the 1000 file limitation? It would practically be the same, but they would appear so nice to the fans.
  8. Not an option on ps5.
  9. To be honest, i rarely go back and there where few times that i have actually used an old save. But in such cases the old saves i have backed up, actually saved me! But there were cases where a dlc came up years later and i didnt have the save. There were times when after a discussion i wanted to show some cutscenes, or chapters, or levels to someone else, for example i wanted to show to a friend the last level on Rush of Blood, to showcase the VR capabilities to a casual player. There were games that if you ever wanted to play them again, you will want the upgraded character, for example Dead Space 2 or witcher 3 etc. There were cases when a friend asked for help when i ve already finished a game, for example Borderlands. There are games that let you transfer the saves and continue from there and they also reward you for having played the prequel, for example Mass Effect. There are cases that a game's sequel comes on the next generation and you want to speedrun it to remember the story and stuff (yes, we have youtube for that, but still) All these reasons I mentioned cant be known for sure in advance. And that's the essence of backing stuff up. You don't know if or when you will use them. You just make them just in case. And since we pay for i want to use it. And also notice that i dont upload all my saves. I mostly upload 1-5 saves, the autosave, the profile save, the endgame save, etc. But stil, with almost 500 games ALREADY, Sony lets me upload only 2 saves for each game, and the most important, no saves for the next games i m going to play, until they fix this. And you might have missed it, on PS5 you DONT have the option of backing saves up on USB, meaning Sony obliges to back them up on cloud, which in turn means to pay for a subscription service you are not allowed to utilize it in its full extent...
  10. I finish every game i play. I mentioned 1000 games because i have more than 1000, but havent played them yet. And since i will play them (or some of them) in the future, these games will require saves. And i also mentioned it because there are people who actually have registered well more than 1000 games, that are uncompleted, meaning that sometime they will return to play them.
  11. You know, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who take backups and those who havent lost data yet by a corrupted disk. I lost valuable data in the past (no saves, lol) so i always backup everything. These days, games have dlcs even 2 or three years later. You dont know before. In addition, i might wanna play uncharted 4 in 4 years from now and want my saves to chapter select etc. And its not "any given time". If you dont back them up, you ll never have them. Yes, i know that are indie games that will never take updates/dlcs and probably never gonna play them again. But since I PAY FOR 100GB of cloud storage, i want to use it and not be unable to use it due to a stupid limitation that Sony doesn't bother or dont want to fix.
  12. Exactly my point. To be fair, when cloud saving was introduced, they probably didnt think about it. But now they have to fix it. Especially with the "only cloud backup" for PS5.
  13. Τhere are seperate sections for PS5 and PS4 files. However, the PS4 saves (while on PS5) can be saved on USB. The PS5 saves, dont.
  14. I have only three games on ps5 and i reached the file limit. So, its PS5 and PS4 combined. I also think ps3 and vita dont count on this.
  15. Yes, i will probably to sth like that. But you know, too much hassle to do that. And apart from that, it is a little of fake advertising, isnt it? I mean 100GB and 1.000 files. That means, you can fully use your space, if each save is 100/1000 = 0.1GB, or 100MB. Which is very rarely the case, because most games have save files of 10.49MB, or even less. So, Sony can boast of increasing your space, while actually using this space for other users...