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  1. Little Big Planet. Reason is, you got 100% on it, but by the time i started playing it the last DLC was removed from psn store. So I'll never complete it
  2. Nope. Thankfully got the trophy on my 2nd try with this one. Never needed it
  3. You are right on both points. FIrst of all, on a failed attempt, i was 15% overall, but 7% on PS4 users. I guess the PC guys have more advanced equipemnt (wheels, screens, frame rate) or they re just better gamers . Regarding the tuning, i tried the ones in the video, before the one i mentioned. My times were worse than the default! I guess the guy that made them was a pro and/or these tunings are suited for more advanced players or maybe it works better with a wheel. I dont know. Try the ones I posted and let me know. Again, they werent mine, I found them on a Steam community site and didnt know if it allowed to post it as it is...
  4. It's true mate. I got the trophy yesterday in Finland stage. I managed to get on time trials 4:03. But while on the actual stage, i was really stressed. My hands were numb and sweat, my heart was pounding and got "only" 4:11 which placed me on top 3%. All the times before i did what you said. One minor error somewhere (unavoidable with such a hard to control car) which was enough to place me around 15%. The stage is wasted and you have to wait days to retry. Which makes you even more stressed. But keep trying, keep practicing and you ll be there. My advices: 1) Use the tuning i mentioned before on gravel stages. It works wonders. Of course it helps to have the car fully upgraded (both engine and parts) 2) When checking the leaderboards, dont go for the 10% limit. Go for the 8%. It happens every day to be at 11% after 5 hours and end up 13% at the end of the day. And check the 8% limit after a considerable amount of hours, lets say 6 hours after it has started, so the limit has settled. 3) While practicing ( i did it on my alt account), go for the 8% limit or even better. Because in the actual run (me at least) you have to go much slower and careful. 4) I got the DLC. This way i was able to try FInland more times than the non-DLC players. Because Finland was available to everyone yesterday as a promo event. So most of the people had only one try, i had many more. 5) The harder the stage, the more chances you have. For example, its easier to get it in Argentina or Finland, than Poland or USA.And thats because more people screw up. 6) Be confident and dont get dissapointed. Apart from the 1% of elite players, all the others had numerous tries to get it. 7) If everything else fails, just wait for a Delta event. Though i ve been playing for 3 weeks, only 3 of them appeared and none of them was for 4WD.
  5. I used the following setup i found on the internet by user pol.home (all credits go to him) for gravel stages and the car was much more controllable. Hope it helps: Alignment- leave default Brakes - braking force -3012.00 N-m (lower by one notch to the left if too sensitive for you) Brake bias- 50% Differential Front Lsd driving lock- 36% Front lsd braking lock-20% Front lsd preload- 0.00N-m Centre viscous diff - 16kgf-m/100rpm. (Move the slider to the right if you find the car too loose on rotation) Centre torque bias- 55% Rear lsd driving lock- 50% Rear lsd braking lock - 45% Rear lsd preload - 0.00 N-m Gearing Gears 1-4 all default 5th gear- 1.024 Final drive - 0.207 (140mph+ for fast stages, lower as required) Damping - leave default Springs Front ride height-8mm Front spring rate- 84.27 N/mm Front anti roll bar- 15.00 N/mm Rear ride height- 10.00 mm Rear spring rate- 71.6 N/mm Rear anti roll bar- 13.50 N/mm
  6. No mate, you are wrong. I used my second psn account and using the 2 default cars i participated in the leftomst event, which are rally events in which you can participate with any car you want as many times you want. For 6 stages per rally, it takes you 40 minutes at most to complete and you get around 50K. I did 4 rallies with the default cars and in a couple of hours i was able to buy the Audi Quattro. It's not that easy mate. Well, at least for me. By doing it blindly i was able to get around 12%-15% every time. The first time i practiced the stage a couple of times, i was able to get in the top 3%. That couple of rounds saved me that precious seconds to get from 15% to top 3%.
  7. Hey mate, can you confirm that the trophy unlocks by doing the track reversed? Cause the reversed track is much much easier...
  8. oh ok. I've only played the game for 3 days and havent seen one. To add to the conversation, i m currently on the 15% of best times in a daily event with an audi, but it says i m on the second tier. That means that the 1st tier is 10% only!
  9. Where can I find a delta time event?
  10. Yes, tried all of it. My game, my friend's game, I killed him in many different ways or weapons, no deaths, no legendary skills, everything. Thing is, my friend got the trophy first time, and i didn't get it after countless tries...
  11. Coop of course. And tried around 15 different methods...
  12. Did they, by any chance, fix the "Together 'til the end" trophy? I' ve finished bozak horde 20 times, all possible solutions tested, but no trophy. Is this included in the "bug fixes"?
  13. The saves works for single player only on nightmare. Not on local coop
  14. Ιs quicksave applicable on nightmare?
  15. Dead Space Trilogy Blood & Blood II God of War (All installments) Mass Effect Trilogy Red Dead Redemption