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  1. Update #197: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age / Battlefield V / Cuphead / Blindfold / Borderlands 3 - Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck / Nioh 2 - The Tengu's Disciple
  2. Update #196: The Last of Us Part II / Erica / Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Borderlands 3 - Bounty of Blood
  3. oh my god the fact that your collection isn't in alphabetical order is pissing me off ahhahahahah lol. I only collect Final Fantasy limited editions. Spent a lot of money on them but only digital for the other ps4 games. It happened that someone will gift to me a disc from time to time and I owned witcher III, bloodborne, the order but eventually I sell them after the plat.
  4. Can I ask you what kind of TV you got? Sounds strange to me all that hate
  5. I got motion sickness in Resident Evil VII and the Scavenger mission in VR Worlds. basically in those game where the character is moving but your are standing. The brain sees an action around it where you are moving but in the same moment it knows you are on your couch and that's what disorients me the most. Games like Beat Saber, SuperHot VR and Until Dawn: Rush Blood never got me sick as what the character is doing in the game is the same as you. In FFXV: Monster of the Deep I get a little sick when roaming around searching for the fishing spot but not when fishing. Played The Iron Man Demo and didn't get sick at all, maybe cause I did it sitting and not standing? I'll try the ginger tea with REVII, I'm curious.
  6. Update #195: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered / Astro Bot Rescue Mission / PlayStation VR Worlds / O! My Genesis VR
  7. Update #194: Gems of War / Hero Class Update / Quality of Life Update
  8. first time I finished the game chapter 9 didn't pop for me. Popped when done the hard playtrough.
  9. Update #193: Nioh 2 / Resident Evil 3 / Final Fantasy VII Remake / Doom 64 / Borderlands 3 - Guns, Love, and Tentacles / CounterSpy
  10. How did you plat Dragon Fin Soup ? did they fix the glitched trophies ? 

    1. Sir_Bee


      As far as I know, none of the trophies in that game have been fixed, nor did they have any intention of fixing them.  With my current knowledge, the only way would be to cheat.  That being said, it is possible that I am misinformed, and they were fixed.  I would love if they were, because that game looked interesting, and I would like an excuse to go back and play it.

    2. DaivRules


      There's three people now. They are not fixed. They'll be removed from leaderboards shortly.

    3. DaivRules



      Also, @ahmedelebiary you can generally tell if something is amiss when a profile has trophies you thought were unobtainable have no Leaderboard ranking.

  11. Well the trophy states "Completed all missions on any difficulty level. (Does not include training missions.)" So I don't think Dojo mission counts. Looking at the rarity of the trophies most people unlocked the mystic art (I suppose for finishing every weapon training?) after that trophy. So yeah you are good to go for the plat.
  12. Update #192: Sonic Forces - EPISODE SHADOW
  13. Update #191: Umbrella Corps Trophy Update #227: Superhot VR [Savage!] Punch a single guy at least 5 times in a row [Nice Combo] Kill 3+ enemies with one burst while dual wielding uzis Firewall: Zero Hour [Training Wheels] Complete the tutorial.
  14. Update #190: Fallout Shelter / Diablo III: Reaper of Souls / Rise of the Necromancer
  15. Update #189: Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Special Operations