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  1. God of War Platinum #118 I had a wonderful time playing through the seventh entry in the God of War franchise. This game is gorgeous visually, and controls well. The characters are brilliant, and the story is engaging. I love how the Norse mythology and world is used in God of War. I particularly enjoy Kratos's portrayal in this game, as well as his relationships with the other characters. I'm looking forward to the next game in the series.
  2. Platinum #118 Dad of War God of War. I had a great time with this game.

  3. Nice work on your last Eight platinum trophies. As someone with experience in earning platinums in Bethesda games, I have some recommendations for your journey towards Platting Skyrim. I already listed these on my Trophy checklist. My brother best described Skyrim as a game you play, while waiting for the next crash. A problem I also had in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so I have some simple steps to help you on your quest for the platinum. Pick a specific playthrough. Do not try to do everything in one playthrough, you will only give yourself a headache. Disable the autosaves, they only add more load time, I'd disable them for fast travel and entering buildings in particular. You can keep them on until you start hitting level 25-30 Pick only a few specific goals for each playthrough. So do the main quest, Civil War, Dawnguard, Mage College and Companions in one Playthrough. Maybe some other miscellaneous quests for trophies too and Hearthfire. Then do the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Daedric Quests, Dragonborn and Werewolf/Vampire perk trees etc. Set specific goals in each playthrough, then start a new character. Take breaks. Skyrim can become a chore to play through, particularly on console. Pause every once in awhile, go read a book, play a newer title, re-connect to people you haven't spoken to, due to ruining your life trophy hunting XD.
  4. Well I've finally done it. I finished Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. Earning my 117th platinum trophy. I'm creeping up on my next milestone, Platinum #125. And I've got some games in mind, for that lofty number.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Good luck on your upcomimg milestone 👍

    3. Fidel


      Nice work! The original SotC was my 200th. Awesome game.

    4. James_Tonto


      Thanks Fidel. I'll tackle the PS3 version at a later date. ^^

  5. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Platinum #117 I had a blast playing through Shadow of the Colossus, the PS4 version really is the definitive version of the game. It takes all my problems from the PS3 HD release, and smoothly solves them. While also providing a superior game visually and control-wise. If you're thinking about buying this game, definitely go with the PS4 version, it's the superior game, in my humble opinion. You can see my full thoughts, back on page 1.
  6. So I got to thinking, while doing the time trials. How it would have been great to fight some of the cut-Colossi, like that big spider one. And of course that then lead me to the obvious question. If I could have included a Colossi of my own, what would it have been? For my dream Colossus, you would have to release it from a prison. It would be trapped behind a large, stone gate. You open it by climbing up to two levers, scaling up the collapsed stairway. Then you jump on the levers, Wander activating the lever, allowing the door to open. A short cutscene plays, as the door swings open. From inside a stone dragon emerges. A classic medieval European style one, four legs, a pair of wings and a long neck. It immediately soars into the sky with a jubilant roar. It isn't hostile at first, it's just happy to finally be able to fly. You then have to use Argo and your bow, to chase and shoot arrows into its underbelly. This will get it to swoop down, where if you don't time it right, the dragon is going to scorch you and your horse badly. You leap off Argo and onto the wings, which you then have to damage as it soars high in the sky. The Dragon's wings fold in pain and become unresponsive. The colossus cripples itself with the crash landing, smashing into the ruins outside its prison, shattering one wing entirely (It'll be the wing, opposite you're riding on). It roars out in pain and anger. Forcing you to retreat into the ruins as it goes on a rampage. You lure its head into the ruins, where it'll breath large blasts of fire. You run outside quickly and then climb up the crippled wing or the tail before it notices, stabbing the base of its neck. Its neck is lowered by this, allowing you to deliver the killing blow, to its head. So what original Colossus, would you all, have liked to see in the game? Lets share our Colossus ideas.
  7. That's an HD update, more than a proper Remaster. But I guess a remake is probably more accurate, tp describe, what we want to see.
  8. I'm working on the Shadow of the Colossus, for PS4. I finished my first playthrough on normal, and I've finished all the Normal Time Attack modes, to unlock all that gear, for my Hard Mode playthrough. Next my goal is to tackle the hard mode time attack. To unlock the Queen's Sword. Then I'll tackle the last couple of trophies, including the under 6 hour, playthrough on hard difficulty.
  9. Loves fighting games and RPG's. I'd also recommend you play Skullgirl's Sagaan, it might be a fighting game, you'd enjoy
  10. It's a nice dream, but I seriously doubt that Bluepoint or Team ICO would ever make DLC for their games. Well big game changing DLC anyway, I got a code for the Life Sword, with my copy from Amazon. I really wish that the team would have implemented that Spider Colossus, or the Boar/Worm Colossi. But it was primarily meant to be a faithful recreation of the original, with sensible tweaks, like controls and the details/graphics. Team ICO have always been a team that releases a game, when they thin it's ready. That's why there's only three main titles, from the studio. I'm hoping Bluepoint will remaster ICO at some point too. Since they did such a good job with SOTC.
  11. I think it was down to just how blatantly greedy and manipulative the lootbox system, was implemented in EA's Battlefront 2. It wasn't the only one, last year. Shadow of War with the Orc lootboxes, is another terrible example. Battlefront just happened to be a Star Wars game, a beloved franchise that people didn't want to see ruined even further, after the first battlefront. And Konami's gotten in on the whole lootbox/microtansaction shenanigans too, with save slots being purchasable. As far as I can tell as someone on the sidelines, who hasn't bought any of these games, due to these lootboxes, and my own dislike of primarily online games. EA'S Battlefront 2 was the tipping point. The game that went too far... Though I'm concerned about bills or laws being passed. Like it has to be done, really carefully, especially if lootbox mechanics are classed as gambling, since it opens up all kinds of legal issues. Like gambling being illegal in certain states, so it'd be unlawful to sell games, with microtransactions in them there, and playing the games could be a criminal offence =(. Microtransactions, Lootboxes and pure undiluted greed are going to be the death of these games publishers and developers. And if they're not willing to adapt or change, then they deserve to fail. I don't approve of lootboxes in principal, but yeah. At least Overwatch keeps it's lootboxes, limited to cosmetics. I still won't play the game on principal, which is a shame, cause it does look fun.
  12. I played the Playstation 3 remake, it's on my backlog of games, I plan to finish the trophies for, someday. I enjoyed the PS3 remaster, but I think there was a missed opportunity here, to make this version even better than the original/PS3 release. I mean besides the visuals, because I definitely prefer the look of the PS4 remaster. This game is the ideal way to introduce someone, to Shadow of the Colossus. It's the game I remember only better visually and in other little ways, like animation, such as how Wander can jump onto his horse Argo. And the new trophy set, makes it feel like a fresh, trophy hunting experience.
  13. I managed to earn the last two necessary online trophies, for Wipeout HD's platinum.Now I just have to tackle the offline trophies.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Congrats :yay: , I also still have to do some offline trophies.

    2. RedSkyKing


      Nice!! Those DLC trophies were the worst! 😤

    3. James_Tonto


      Yeah I'm probably not gonna 100% complete Wipeout HD. I might take a shot at some of the Fury DLC trophies. But I'll be happy, with just the platinum.

  14. So I've got just over a month left, for the 50 kills and 10 wins. I know I only need a few more wins, as I did a tournament, and won a few of the races, and I got the complete 10 races trophy, before the end of that race tournament. Nobody seems to be boosting these two trophies, much to my frustration though. =(
  15. @mackenzie129 I'll give you a 7/10. It would be higher, but you've left a lot of games unfinished, and none of your plats really stand out, to me. Though you do have good taste in games