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  1. Earned platinum #178 much earlier today with Superhot.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ihadalifeb4this




      SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!

  2. A double update with platinums 177 and 178. Hob Platinum #177 A fun little isometric metroidvania-type game, focused on exploration and unlocking more of the world. Combat is pretty simple, bop an enemy, dodge away, rinse and repeat. With only the more armoured enemies providing some additional challenge. The game was also one of those artistic ones, with the story told by creatures who we can't understand. And aren't provided any subtitles, just points on the map to reach and explore. I already beat Hob on PC a few years ago, so I was relatively familiar with the map and where to go. SuperHot Platinum #178 This is one of those games that distills its gameplay down to the basics with nothing to distract. Just clean white environments and red guys to kill, so you can clear the levels without distraction. It actually reminded me a bit of Mirror's Edge, where all the white clean levels make the few essential colours in the environment clear and easy to navigate towards. The actual story of the game is pretty trippy with some great ominous undertones about what SuperHot really is.
  3. Hob Platinum #177 Pretty good game, not too long. I beat it a few years back on PC vis steam and now I've gone and fully completed it. I even went ahead and shared the tips and tricks I learned on my two playthroughs on the game's forum on site.
  4. Earned my 177th Platinum tonight with Hob. It's a pretty fun game by the now defunct game developers Runic.

  5. I think so long as you pause the game before the game fades to black and respawns you, you should be fine. Good luck with Hob
  6. No idea, I just paused immediately when I died, quit to main menu and then just continued. The only exception was with the big fish, the game wouldn't pause and let me quit to menu, but that was the only time I couldn't pause and quit quickly enough.
  7. So I just finished my Bravest Soul playthrough of Hob, which was my second and decided to leave a post sharing everything I figured out while playing. Sword Upgrading - So this can be a bit buggy. Make sure you have three sword pieces and each time you upgrade the sword you have multiples of 3, i.e, 3, 6, 9 etc. I wasn't able to earn this trophy on my first run, because I tried to upgrade immediately, miscounted and only had 2 sword pieces. I came back later with all the rest, but the sword would not upgrade. (As in every other sword fragment in the game. When I tried to upgrade the sword wouldn't pop up out of the forge. I tried quitting and continuing, but I just had the same sword and I couldn't use the forge again.) I'd recommend upgrading every time you get three sword fragments. Speedrun - If you are following a speedrun guide like I was, I recommend quitting to main menu when you reach a save point, watch the video til they reach a save point, work your way towards that one and then quit again, rinse/repeat. I'm not sure if time in the pause menu counts as play time, I'm 90% sure it didn't, but while following the guide a little better since I didn't make some of the same mistakes as the player, I still ended up with a final time that was 35 minutes longer. And I did spend quite a bit of time paused. However 5 hours is a pretty generous amount of time, I actually managed 4 hours and 48 minutes without really trying on my second playthrough. But I also wasn't trying to collect everything, so that probably helped. Invulnerable - So the trophy relating to 5 deaths, I can confirm this works as it was exactly what I did. Any time you die, immediately pause and quit to the menu. I died dozens of times on my Bravest Soul playthrough and I quit to menu every time to test a hunch I had. Turns out I was correct, so long as you quit before the game can respawn you, the death doesn't seem to get counted. The only time I could not quit quickly enough, was when the giant fish ate me. So make sure to avoid dying to the fish when you raise the water section of the map. Animal Instinct - This one can be earned really early in the game. After you lose your arm and get the new stone one, backtrack to the starting area where those funny two-legged deer/goose animal things are. Wait til they sit down, approach slowly and a prompt will appear. You need to be standing at the side of the critter, before your character will pet them. One petting later and the trophy is yours. I recommend getting this before you collect the sword, as you can accidentally wound the animal while trying to trigger the petting animation.
  8. Finally finished the Speedrun of Hob, however the game glitched and I couldn't upgrade the sword, so I missed out on 'Master key' and the last two Lore Archive trophies. Plus some other collectibles like the ones for all the health upgrades. I'll uninstall and reinstall the game, just to be safe and start a new game.

  9. Mekabolt Platinum #176 For £0.39 I feel like I got my money's worth, a short but fun puzzle platformer I beat in under an hour, my second fastest platinum trophy. It's one of those platinums you just need to complete the game or progress far enough to unlock the trophies. Would recommend playing if you want a chill puzzle solving experience. There's at least some game play and basic puzzle solving skill required.
  10. Found a fun little puzzle platformer called Mekabolt on the PS Store this month, for only £0.39. The game itself is decently long, but you'll earn the platinum way before you reach the end of the game, just by playing normally. That's my third platinum for January and the year so far, taking me up to 176.

    1. James_Tonto


      *Decently long* as in there's plenty of game left after the platinum.

  11. Finally got to play God of War Ragnarök and make it my 175th Platinum trophy. Wonderful game, had a blast playing through it.

    1. Annoyingtiger888


      Grats, man. I'm glad you had fun doing it :D 

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
  12. God of War Ragnarök Platinum #175 This game was fantastic and a fitting conclusion to the Nordic saga of the God of War series. Great characters and portrayals of them, great enemy and level design, some really fun boss encounters and even a great new addition to the weapon arsenal, one that doesn't make the existing weapons feel obselete. Merely that they're all effective tools for specific enemies or environmental puzzles. The Nordic Realms feel decently big, like there's a lot more we're potentially not seeing cause we're only visiting part of the world at large. I enjoyed the varying environments of each world and the varied enemies. I also liked useing the dog sled in Midgard, it makes the world feel so much larger when you're riding through the snow with the two wolves.
  13. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary Edition Platinum #174 This felt like it took longer to complete, than it actually did. Probably because I also tackled two of the DLC packs. And I had to replay a few of the Expedition Score Attack Maps to get the Gold Medals. This game feels like more of the same, so it's got the same feel as the first, though I think it feels a bit too similar. Specifically with the supernatural enemies, only the Deathless feel like they have less variety than the Oni. I still had a good time overall, particularly since I didn't have to grind out levels in online multiplayer. I'll be tackling God of War: Ragnarök next and after that? Well I'll see what game feels right. Hey it's cool man. I did appreciate the offer. Best advice for AC: Syndicate, try to work on the 5000 objects destroyed by carriage throughout the game. You hopefully won't have to end up circling the same streets over and over like I did XD. It didn't take me super-long, I just really hate it when games don't let you track trophy progression.
  14. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Platinum #173 So this is the first Assassin's Creed game I've completed in about 6 years and my last platinum for 2022. I've still got to play the Jack the Ripper DLC for 100% completion. The game is thankfully not as exhausting as I remember Assassin's Creed: Rogue being, the slog to collect all those collectibles was a pretty bad experience. I wasn't even required to go for 100% in-game completion which is a nice small mercy. However that 'Without a Grudge' trophy was absolute nonsense. What is it with game developers putting in trophies that require you to do a lot of something and not bothering to put in some kind of method for you to visually track? I mean I expect it from assassin's creed games, time-wasting trophies/activities to make you play longer I mean. But that shouldn't be the default. =/ Rant over, I still enjoyed the game. Solving Penny Dreadful cases and paranormal investigations. Or assisting Karl Marx and Charles Darwin, even if they weren't strictly necessary for the platinum, I enjoyed completing them.
  15. Platinum #173 Earned, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Just one more game before I go for platinum #175 with God of War: Ragnarök.