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  1. I only have The Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3) at the moment. I plan to do the PS4 revival edition, someday. And I'd like to play some other non-Disgaea titles of theirs. Any recommendations?
  2. Resistance 2 Also Wipeout HD, If I can manage to wipe out those online trophies. Before the server, shutdown, later this year.
  3. Earned my 115th platinum, Batman. The Telltale series, game. It was a blast to play through.

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      I noticed a little weird glitching in episode 2 of Batman. But that was it, I closed and booted up the game, after it crashed. And it worked fine after that.

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  4. Batman: The Telltale Series Platinum #115 Another platinum down, third platinum this month. Batman was a fun telltale title, pretty much everything I was expecting, going in blind, like I did. I enjoyed the game, a lot. And I'm happy to have grabbed it on PS+ this month.
  5. @DrBloodmoney Hey thanks, yeah hopefully I'll hit 300+ platinum trophies someday. As for the 100%, a lot of them aren't finished, for various reasons. I tend to do a cost, benefit outlook, regarding trophies. I.e, would it be worth paying for this DLC, for a 100% completion. And do I enjoy a game enough, to attempt that goal? Something like Rocket League or Goat Simulator aren't going to be 100% finished, since I don't enjoy Rocket League enough to go and pay for all the extra content. And I was content with Goat Simulator, it added the DLC, after I was finished with the game. And I didn't really want to play again. I plan to do Arkham City's DLC this year, and I'll be doing the New Game+ Content for Horizon Zero Dawn later too, I plan to record the footage. Also All of Nioh's extra DLC and some non-trophy DLC like Artorias Abyss and Furi's Flame boss fight. Oh and 10/10 for your super-high trophy count
  6. 8/10 It's a nice collection, plenty of good games beaten. You're creeping up to 50 plats,so there's plenty of room to grow, that collection.
  7. A guide only gives you a basic guideline, on how to earn a platinum. It's there to guide you, nothing more. You the player, still have to put in all the work and effort. Knowing all the phases of a boss in Furi isn't going to matter, if you can't react and adjust to the combat. Knowing how to perform a surgery in Surgeon Simulator, isn't going to make you a master of the game. Every game requires you to put in the effort, to learn its mechanics. So I don't think it cheapens a platinum, it's merely a handy tool in your arsenal of tools.
  8. I'd recommend Alien Isolation, Furi, Mirror's Edge or Deus Ex: Human Revolution. All 4 of these games are enjoyable, gaming experiences. All of them are challenging in different ways, and all of them, have great platinum trophy images. And they're all games, you've already started.
  9. PaRappa the Rapper Platinum #114 My 114th platinum, and second platinum of January/2018. I'm happy I finally managed to finish this game. Their were some hiccups along the way to the platinum, but this game is definitely worth playing. Just be prepared for some genuine rage, when going for the Cool Rating on Stage 4. That level seriously needs to be fixed. Besides that though, I had a good time.
  10. Nice work on Crypt of the NecroDancer, that's on my to-do list, hopefully sometime this year. You've platinumed and earned 100% trophy completion, on a lot of games I want to earn platinum trophies from. I have to congratulate you on doing the DLC, for so many games. Admittedly some of the DLC, I would never have paid money for, like the Rocket League and Goat Simulator expansions XD. Good luck in 2018, not that you'll need it. You'll easily hit 200 platinum trophies this year .
  11. I finally managed to beat this level. And I think it's due to a minor discovery, regarding, getting the cool rating in the first place. Don't just tap or , at the end of the beat/freestyling. Especially if those are ones you have to push already. I found using button prompts, not on the little beat bar at the top, had a higher chance of letting me reach that coveted, 'Cool' rating. I had time to mellow out, from my pure rage induced earlier comment. Go into this with a positive attitude, that it can be done. Keep practising, getting the timing down, and don't get a cool rating, too early in the song. I found that was how I lost my cool rating twice. If possible, get it on Lesson 3 or 4.But if you have the chance, get it earlier, and just hope your freestyling is good enough for Cheap Cheap.
  12. I'm genuinely very, very pissed off with this level. I actually managed to get nearly all the way to the end of the song, with the cool rating. And right at the Very, VERY fucking end. Cheap Cheap pops back, and knocked me down to bad. Once I get the cool rating for this level, I don't think I'll ever listen to the stage 4 music again. Also I'll probably eat chicken with a burning hatred.
  13. Thanks! ^_^. So I noticed you don't have a massive backlog of unfinished games, any plans to go back and finish up the trophies in some of the ones, you left unfinished?
  14. Nicely done on Pyre, I've not had time to play it yet, on Steam, but given my own positive experiences with SuperGiantGames's games, I'm optimistic.
  15. Hey Archon, nice to see you've made a start on 2018, with your first platinum of the year, #174. Are you going to be finishing off Wipeout HD this year? I heard the servers are closing, in a few months.