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  1. I'm annoyed that they didn't at least add in a few trophies for the Anniversary Edition update. Given how much content they added, seems like a wasted opportunity.
  2. Danganrope Trigger Happy - Never seen that platinum before. I was only able to platinum the game, thanks to the DLC. As the time trials added let me earn a high enough rating needed to platinum the game. There was also U-Turn, which I know I did correctly multiple times, but it just refused to pop. It's unlikely that I will go back to 100% this game, I know I've earned some insanely difficult trophies, but I don't have the desire to go back to Mirror's Edge for 100% completion. It would be nice, but not something I really want to do.
  3. Mad Max, not seen that platinum around as much.
  4. Didn't know that, but now I don't feel so bad about getting annoyed and not trying more of the challenges.
  5. I'd recommend trying the following games. Indivisible (Skip Razmi's Challenge DLC, it's not worth the hassle for 100%) Bastion (Personally love this game. If you enjoyed Transistor I'd recommend at least taking a peek.) [PROTOTYPE] 1 & 2 (Single-player experiences, not too difficult, a good mix of both story and mindless fun.) Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction (You should finish the four games) Batman: Arkham Asylum (Surprised you didn't beat it already!)
  6. Earned platinum #153: Indivisible. Considering playing RDR2 next.

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      @zizimonster Well I'm decent at Turn-Based combat at best, it's pretty easy to grasp. When you can move, you hit the enemies with magic or physical attacks. Pushing up or down changes if they aim low or high, which is needed to break an enemy's guard, when they turtle up. Certain enemies also get healed by magic though, but they aren't everywhere. Each character has a unique moveset, so it should be simple to find 3 or more characters you like playing with. Also bosses sometimes exit combat to run around a bit, you have to hit them to re-enter combat and promptly wail on them some more.


      If you're solely focused on just the main questline stuff and collecting Ringsels to level up your attack and defence, you can have this game beaten in probably 14-18 hours. I took longer cause I took breaks and did all of the character quests. You do not need to do them all to get the platinum. Also skip Razmi's challenges, apparently 3 of the trophies cannot be obtained.

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  7. DOOM Eternal's great as you can probably tell from the mostly positive reception it recieved, excluding the people who cried about the Marauder. I was one of those people who found him frustarting, but then I got used to him and now I enjoy the challenge those guys throw at you. Love Blasphemous, my name's somewhere in the credits I think, since I helped kickstart it. You don't 'need' to do it, but I would strongly encourage completing the Stir of Dawn DLC. It's a fantastic addition to the game's lore and you get some brilliant bosses to fight. Concrete Genie's an alright game, it's pretty short but there's one trophy that bugged and forced me to play it again.That was the one related to the Genie moments, so be prepared to save and upload that save online in case one doesn't get added to your journal. I don't have a VR set for the PS4, but hopefully I can borrow one to get those three trophies, should be an easy 100% completion. I just finished Indivisible today, my last one for October. Literally within the last 5 minutes of the month ^u^. It's a pretty good game though. Edit: Also thanks, I'll hopefully try and maintain the momentum and keep knocking games off my backlog. Obviously sticking to games I am enjoying.
  8. Indivisible Platinum #153 Just managed to squeeze one last platinum out of October, had mostly a good time completing Indivisble. I am skipping Razmi's challenges, I wasn't having fun with them and I do not have the patience to devote myself to mastering the platforming tricks to beat this DLC pack. I'm probably exaggerating here, but it felt like I was trying to do those Kaizo mario levels, where perfect timing is critical.
  9. You continue to be an inspiration for all kinds of trophy hunters Cassylvania. 283 platinum trophies, that number still sounds so far away, but so did 150. Your trophy list also doesn't look like you compromised to boost your trophy count, you play the games you want to. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen a great looking trophy list, then there's 3 My name is Mayo's or a bunch of genuinely terrible games. Usually the movie-licensed garbage we got a lot of in the PS3-era. Looking forward to seeing you hit plat #300
  10. You've got a pretty decent list, though I disagree with your ratings for some of your games, that is just our personal opinions on them. Good luck with your list and trophy hunting.
  11. My recommendations for Halloween. Alien Isolation Blasphemous Bloodborne Carrion Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Darkest Dungeon Darkestville Castle Dante's Inferno Dead Nation Dead Space: Extraction Dead Space Dead Space 2 Demon's Souls Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Medievil Splatterhouse (It takes place on Halloween!) The Walking Dead (The Telltale Games one) Minor Edit: I have played all these games. Ones not on my PSN were played on Steam.
  12. Concrete Genie Platinum #152 I didn't expect this game to be such a breeze, excluding the second playthrough due to a single trophy bugging out. And the inability to just skip past cutscenes is annoying, but the worst of my gripes. Can't complain too harshly for a game I got on PS Plus as part of my monthly games though.
  13. I am on a roll this week, just earned my 152nd platinum from Concrete Genie.

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      Congrats, i still need to play that one.

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  14. Carrion Platinum #151 I didn't expect to earn my 151st platinum so quickly, like I knew Carrion was a bit short, but not this short. I had a fun time though, so I am happy to recommend it. It's worth playing, just to be the big scary monster hunting the humans we see in a lot of horror films. Such as The Blob or The Thing. Although you're more vulnerable than those horror icons, this is a good game for Spooktober.
  15. I didn't expect to earn my 151st Platinum Trophy so quickly. But I did with Carrion.