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  1. I'm generally a solo/single player gamer, so I do my best to avoid games with online trophies. There are exceptions, DOOM Eternal for example is a game I am more willing to play online. I still pop that game in once or twice a week to do the weekly events and unlock new online and single player costumes. Trophies in essence affect what games I will buy, because I really hate online achievements and try to avoid them like a plague. Online achievements are the main culprit for games and trophy lists I leave unfinished or never played again on my current PSN profile. So a combination of my gaming tastes and trophy lists can affect which games I purchase and play.
  2. I unfortunately don't just have one really troublesome Platinum Trophy. I'll list them off and the reasons why they were so tough. Killzone 2: I didn't struggle as badly as I would have, if I was working on the miltiplayer solo. Thankfully I was in a boosting group that made sure we all got that coveted Platinum Trophy. What made this so troublesome for me, was the main campaign on Elite Difficulty. Your character might as well be wearing paper armour for all the good it does on this difficulty. I bit the bullet more times than I care to remember on this brutal difficulty. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine: I found boosting partners who also had bots or additional consoles/accounts. Together we grinded out all the Online trophies, excluding the DLC. Though I did finish a few of those trophies too. The troublesome part was the grind, the monotonous endless grind for kills, to achieve 40,000 kills across all game modes.Chaos Invasion Arenas did help with the grind, but it was a soul-draining experience. Resistance 2: The campaign was a cakewalk, it was the online grind that once again, made this trophy so troublesome. Unlike Space Marine, it was only online kills and I am not a great player when it comes to online FPS games. Or at least Resistance 2's. What was worse, is that I got messages from what I can only assume were 12 year olds or people with nothing better to do, criticising my skills. In truth I was just doing the bare basics and getting a 100 kills a day. Grinding out until nearly the last hour, when the servers closed. Surgeon Simulator: This was the most troublesome game of them all. This game made my hands hurt and strained my eyes from the amount of focus and precision that was needed in this game. Bearing in mind this is a goofy physics simulator-type game where you perform delicate invasive surgery. I was stuck on one level for months, getting the highest rank on every surgery was brutal. You have to perform surgery in a moving ambulance and a moving gurney multiple times for different surgeries. It is however one of my proudest platinum trophies, but it was ball-twistingly frustrating to complete this game.
  3. Decided to start off my Playstation gaming of 2021 by completing NG+ on Marvel's: Spider-Man. Bringing that trophy set up to 100% completion. It was relatively easy, even on Ultimate Difficulty. I treated it like a speedrun and focused mostly on Story missions.

  4. SImple/straightforward I think is a better term, I'd hardly call the Ancient Gods Easy. I had to go from Ultra Violence to Hurt me plenty, cause I was just dying that frequently.
  5. I finally got my backer Physical copy of the game. It was apparently in the Post Office all along, but they never left me a card to let me know, until a week after it arrived. Then it never got delivered until tthe 22nd this month. Anyway have it now, Trophy list doesn't seem too daunting thankfully.
  6. I also love remasters/remakes. I'm eagerly looking forward to playing the Saints Row III remaster. And the remake of Oddworld: Abe's Exodus a.k.a Soulstorm.
  7. Burly Men at Sea Plat #138 Clearing out another game that's been sitting on my PS4's hard drive for awhile now. This short little point and click was pretty fun overall, A good game to play if you need to just chill and essentially detox from more intense games.
  8. Earned the Burly Men at Sea Platinum, it was a fun distraction. Passed two hours, even if redoing all the endings did get a little repetitive.

  9. Earned the Control Platinum. And plan to go back and tidy up the DLC trophies. Looking forward to the second DLC when it comes out.

  10. Control Plat #137 My thirteenth platinum this year, Control was a blast to play through. I especially recommend this game, if you enjoy and frequent the SCP Foundation wiki like myself. Overall I had a blast, the game's only real faults in my eyes, are some technical issues. Like that mission 7 bug, the framerate drops and stuttering that you get. During particularly heavy combat and when exiting and entering menus.
  11. Undertale Platinum #136 Another game ticked off of my to-do list. This was my second playthrough of the game, since I beat it a few years back on PC via Steam. I had a blast with both playthroughs, it was interesting to play through again. It was a fun, short jaunt down memory lane, revisiting Undertale. And I think it holds up overall, as a fun little indie gaming gem.
  12. Earned the Undertale Platinum. I will add to my Trophy checklist, after I have finished my playthrough of the game.

  13. DOOM Eternal Platinum #135 After trying to solo the multiplayer for what feels like months, I finally sat down with some coop partners to hammer out the grind for the multiplayer kills. Thankfully not the worst online kill grind I've had to do, I'm pleased to have this platinum in my collection and I look forward to 100% completing it again, after the DLC comes out.
  14. Earned my 135th Platinum, DOOM Eternal.

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  15. Guacamelee 2 Platinum #134 First platinum of the month and another game ticked off my backlog. While I really enjoyed Guacamelee 2, there were definitely points where I got frustrated or just stuck in the game. Most notably when trying to reach the Holy Hen in the Crucible. I still enjoyed the game overall and I think it's a great sequel, though it feels like a game that was intended more for co-op. Even more so than the first game. If you've got someone at home to play with, then I recommend beating this game in co-op.