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  1. Hey all, leaving for my Holiday today. I'll be back around the site on the 23rd/24th of October. 

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      Have a good time, bud. :)

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      Going anywhere specific? 

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      Hope you have an amazing time. :)

  2. A hundred and eighty two, platinum trophies. That's an impressive feat, I bet you'll hit 200 by November or December
  3. Congrats on Muramasa Rebirth. Got any advice for Fury mode playthroughs? Like any tips to make the game more beatable?
  4. Yeah but I want a tracker that doesn't require that. Maybe like an in-game menu or a little book, like the detetctive notepad? Well according to Se7en and the link, there's some new minor content confirmed already. I basically don't want to just buy a prettier version of the same game, if I wanted that, I'd play Skyrim on PS4. Which I don't intend to get, if only cause I dislike the implementation of the creation club in Fallout 4 and Skyrim.
  5. For me the question isn't, is L.A. Noire a fun time. I already beat the game and it was a fun time. My question is, what are they going to add in? Cause I already have a list of improvements or changes I would like, for the game. 1. More content. If they're going to make the leap to PS4, I want even more content. I don't want much, maybe a few undercover police cases? Or a few more missions as a beat cop, before becoming a detective? Also more of Jack Kelso, y'know that other dude that was on the original L.A. Noire cover art? The guy who only shows up again, in the final act. Maybe have a whole separate story, involving Kelso and his line of detective work? 2. Story/Narrative improvements. I felt that while I enjoyed the story, it could be a bit disjointed and lacking at times. There were story elements that were hidden away in newspaper collectables. And the main plot revolves around something that keeps popping up, in the other cases. (I know what it is, just refraining from mentioning this spoiler.) 3. Have a collectable tracker of some kind. L.A. Noire has a LOT of collectables, riding in all the cars, the golden vinyl records, visiting all the landmarks, finding police badges etc. Some method of tracking them, would be appreciated. 4. Less, shooty bang bang, more detective work. I'm not one for turning down the violence, but Cole Phelps is meant to be a detective, not a gunslinger. He's got a bodycount in the triple digits, by the end of the game. Maybe downplay these elements in this re-release. Or perhaps Cole could fire disabling shots, like capping a running thief on the foot or shooting the gun, out of their hand?
  6. Yeah most movie-licensed games tend to suck, which is a shame. I mean Rambo, SAW 1 and 2, Battleship and Godzilla didn't do movie-licensed games, any favours. There are exceptions here and there though, like... The Godfather II X-Men Origins: Wolverine Mad Max (My brother owns it on Steam, it's a pretty good time.)
  7. WET Platinum #110 Earned on 20/09/2017 Not the worst trophy hunting experience, but it did grow stale, with all the playthroughs required. It's a decent game, but there are definitely better games out there. If you see it somewhere cheap, then pick it up and play it. Don't go for the platinum, unless you have the patience of a god like me, and you're willing to play at least 3 times, with the story mode and possibly repeating levels multiple times, in Points Count Mode.
  8. Final Fantasy IX is one of my top Final Fantasy games. I actually owned the PS-Classic version and now they release it with trophy support a year later. Still I guess this game is gonna be on my list of games to complete in like a year. I still have to play and complete Final Fantasy X, X-2, Type-0 HD, XV and a boatload of other titles...*Is buried under all my games* HALP!
  9. Like do the Slo-mo/acrobatic weapon kills count towards your total cumulative completion? Or is it only story mode kills that count? Dunno if anyone knows? It just means I might have to do an easy mode playthrough to get the last of these kills. Edit:Turns out kills in points count mode, do count towards the cumulative kill trophies. Useful for farming the Crossbow kills, since you don't get that weapon until near the end of the story.
  10. Yeah I knew I couldn't 100% rely on the ropes, when doing the High Road. Like you described, I mixed in using the rope and doing it normally. Sunset Vista was tough, but I still think it was easier than High Road, just one hell of an endurance test. The Native Fortress was also a pain, especially that one bit, where you have to jump on the three torches. I did manage to beat Stormy Ascent, after losing about 20 lives, though I was getting used to the Crash Bandicoot controls, which are way more limited than the sequels. So that's something else for you to look forward to, in Crash 2 and Warped, better controls. Crash 2 is going to be more merciful, you'll probably be able to earn the platinum this month. And you'll definitely be able to do Crash 3 pretty quickly. Since October is rolling around soon, I have a few recommendations for the month of spooks and ghouls. 1. Resident Evil - I haven't played it yet myself, I'm planning to play it, when I get back from holiday, in October. 2. Lone Survivor - I need to come back and play this title, but I can tell you, it's scary. More than you would think possible, for a 2D Sidescroller 3. Splatterhouse - This will fill that niche of grisly, bloody gore. It even takes place on Halloween, it's the perfect game to play on Halloween. I platinumed the game on October, 6 years ago 4. Dead Space - It's a great horror game, especially your first time through. 5. Dead Space 2 - The perfect sequel 6. Dead Space Extraction - Ideal for a bit of rail shooter fun. No enough of these rail-shooter games. 7. House of the Dead 3 - I enjoyed this game, and I'll hopefully be able to earn all the trophies in October or November. If you're not a rail-shooter fan, I'd skip this and DS: Extraction. 8. Demon's Souls - I see you've beaten some of From Software's games, so maybe Halloween would be ideal to go back to the Older Brother of the Souls series 9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - It's a different spin on a Castlevania title. One I've been meaning to go back to. 10. Shadows of the Damned - I liked the game, just not had a chance to go back and finish it. 11. Dante's Inferno - It's a fun game overall, you go through hell, fight embodiment's of sins and various sinners.
  11. Hey congrats on earning the Crash Bandicoot platinum. Having finished off the trilogy recently, lemme just give you a little pat on the back for doing it. The High Road levels made me want to give up, I could never get on the ropes and stay on them consistently. I dropped to my death more times than I care to recount in this game. And I'd miss jumps with the Turtles all the time. I actually found Stormy Ascent to be a fair challenge 80% of the time. But you have to practice and master Crash Bandicoot if you want to beat this level and go for full completion. Hopefully you'll be able to grab Stormy Ascent's Relic and Gem, without too much hassle. Crash Bandicoot was the hardest game of the trilogy. So expect the later games to still be challenging, but not as crushing or cruel, when it comes to the Time Trials, which I urge you to wait. Until you get the Sprint Shoes from Cortex, in the two sequels. Which will make the trials, much easier to do. Crash 2 isn't built for Time trials as well as warped, so there will be some difficult parts in it. I'd also recommend going for the 105% completion in Warped, it's a great challenge, well worth aiming for. Even if it's not required for the platinum trophy.
  12. I picked up Downwell on PSN. Which I kinda shouldn't have done, cause my backlog is already too big >.< Stupid monthly games and PS Plus discounts =/
  13. Earned platinum #109 Crash 3. And I finished off the Sly series, three days earlier withSly: Thieves in time. I've now earned the platinums for the Crash trilogy and all 4 games in the Sly series. Another series of games, completed. Well excluding Stormy Ascent in Crash Bandicoot, I gotta go back for the final time trial.

  14. Platinums #105 - 109 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back Crash Bandicoot: Warped Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Yooka-Laylee Sly Minigames (100% Complete) Quite the update, 5 platinums and one non-platinum game, completed to 100%. Gotta say the Crash trilogy was pretty challenging, in particular the time trials and collecting certain gems, across the three titles. Updated my checklist with all these games, except the Sly-Minigames. I think I'm just going to add a mention of the mini-games onto my description for Sly 3. I'm going to try and earn FURI and WET's platinum trophies, before October. Maybe Downwell as well.
  15. Nice work on Styx and Knack 2. ^^