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  1. Good thing your backlog seems pretty small and manageable. You seem to be making a good start.
  2. Been replaying Horizon Zero Dawn on NG+ on Ultra Hard. The one thing I have concluded so far? I really dislike the Nora, maybe even hate them. I know they're basically techno-barbarians, but their treatment of Outcasts and anyone that isn't a Nora, makes them look like a tribe who're probably doomed to extinction due to their isolationist tendencies. Especially given what they did to Rost and Aloy.


    I don't dislike or hate every individual Nora, just their culture. Aloy reacts to their culture appropriately though and I do like how Guirella Games did that. Also fuck Bast, I forgot about that petty little prick.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Maybe its blatant racism in a game without them admittedly saying so 😂


      Aside from Aloy, no character is memorable.

    2. Hyenas__


      It's funny because I decided to go back to complete Zero Dawn, I have been playing on PC and I got a good chunk of the game done but since I recently got a PS5 I started playing it again on there. 

      I really like Aloy, Rost, Teersa, and Varl the most. :) 

      But based on Aloy's origin I think the discrimination makes sense in a way? They are very unwelcoming to her I agree and it makes interacting with most of them really tough since they don't treat you well. 

  3. Sorry this was 7 years ago and I got burned out with Dragon Age 2 and didn't go back to it. I recall starting a new game but not getting to this point yet =/
  4. Gris Platinum #161 Beautiful game with a unique art style and a story told without words, using visuals and the trophies to help explain this game is about the five stages of grief. Gun Crazy Platinum #162 I took a peek at the trophy list online and decided to give it a whirl. Had no idea I would earn the platinum trophy so quickly. This game is now my fastest platinum and was pretty fun to earn, worth a quick playthrough if you like arcade side-scrolling games.
  5. Just Earned Platinums #161 and 162. I was seriously surprised how quickly I beat the second game's trophy list. You technically don't even have to finish the game.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. With Gris, it's almost the end when you can plat it, so might as well.

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. James_Tonto


      @MidnightDragon Oh I was referring to Gun Crazy. I finished Gris.

  6. Earned platinums #159 and #160. Lollipop Chainsaw and Batman: The Enemy Within. Both were fun games to complete.

  7. Lollipop Chainsaw Platinum #159 This was a fun classic to throw myself into, it isn't perfect but I did have a pretty good time overall. Batman: The Enemy Within Platinum #160 The continuation of Telltale's Batman games. I had a good time with this one. Though I feel I made more bad decisions than good ones in this game. I'll have to revisit both sometime in the future.
  8. I'm the same with the Witcher 3. I own it, I own the complete version to be specific. But I never got around to it. You should give the latest L.A Noire version a whirl, it seems to be the most complete version of the game with some content not features on the original PS3 release. I've beaten that version and that was a pretty good time, from what I recall.
  9. If I play and plat Arkham Origins: Blackgate, would I qualify for Gotham Protector? I've beaten Arkham Asylum and City twice, on PS3 and PS4, plus Arkham Knight currently.
  10. It's still possible to register in the online rankings. So it's still doable. Best to do a playthrough first to buy a bunch of upgrades and then replay the earlier stages.
  11. Man this list has so many games I beat, if you want my thoughts on those games, then checkout my own Trophy checklist. I'll talk about a few games in your backlog though. Blades of Time - I'd skip it, especially if it's like the previous game X-Blades, one of the most insultingly awful games I've ever played on a console. At least on Steam it's easier to get a refund for the game. It's one of the games that made me start over on a new profile. I am biased against these games though, so feel free to ignore me on this one. Mirror's Edge - If you also have the DLC then yes, this will at least ensure you can get the platinum, even if you can't get 100% trophy completion. Shadow of the Colossus - I'd personally recommend just going straight to the PS4 version and skipping the PS3 one. But it isn't a bad one, I think you just need to re-assign the controls, the original layout isn't super-comfy. The Puppeteer - I have only heard and seen good things about this game, a damn shame it's so hard to get ahold of a physical copy. Dishonored - If you own a copy, then I recommend completing it. Maybe on the PS4 re-release which should perform better if you don't have one. GoW: Ascension - The black sheep of the GoW franchise. I personally liked it, it's the best looking GoW game on PS3 and it's got some pretty cool enemies and bosses. Just be sure to test for the one online trophy on a spare account, since I'm not a 100% sure if it's still completable. It's basically just completing the online tutorial. Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 01 & 02. - I played these on my old account and they were pretty fun but also short games. I'd recommend completing them Going for Lollipop Chainsaw as well I see. I'm currently finding the Gondola level very annoying on stage 4. Beating it without shooting I mean. Good luck with MGS2!
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was the grinding that made me want to take a break, that and I was struggling a bit with finding and stealing one of those tanks. I'll hopefully complete it this year. Untitled Goose Game Plat #158 Another game ticked off my extremely long checklist, a step closer to hitting Platinums #175 and 200. Playing as a mean and petty goose pestering the people of a little British village is a surprisingly good time. A bit short but worth the £7 I paid to play it.
  13. Demon's Souls is going to be a grind for you, due to all the World Tendency stuff. I lucked out back when the PS3 servers were still up and got to borrow the missing weapons and ores I needed to complete the game. Heavy Rain will hopefully only take you an afternoon to play through the various scenarios.
  14. Almost finished with Untitled Goose Game, just have to do the Quick completion/speedrun trophies. Which are the one kind of trophy I really don't like. Then after that I'll probably go back to Lollipop Chainsaw or tackle one of the other games I've started.

    1. enaysoft


      Yeah, I didn't go back to the game for like over a year before attempting those trophies.

      Especially since it's a bit of finnicky RNG stuff with the AI.

  15. None of those games should take you too long. I've beaten 5 of them myself, so you can 100% do it. Definitely use a guide for Okami HD though, some of the collectibles can be hard to find.