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While I might not be a gaming god or a "super hardcore gamer" I do like to think of myself as decently skilled. I play games, first and foremost to enjoy myself. Trophy hunting is something I've come to enjoy with games, another layer to the games I play, an extra bit of incentive to keep playing and challenge myself. I'm a pretty laid back guy overall.


I really enjoy RPG's, JRPG's, Racing Games, Rail Shooters, FPS's, Rhythm-based games, RTS & Turn-Based Strategy games (Preferably on PC), Fighting games, Platformers, Adventure titles, Puzzle games, Sidescrollers and Story-driven games. I do seek out games that break away from the usual formulas and try to mix things up, like Minecraft or Undertale. The only genre of games, I actively avoid are sports games, overly realistic racing games like Gran Turismo and board game videogames. Though I only avoid the board game ones, because I prefer playing the physical games over the digital versions.