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  1. I found out about this last week, and my heart sunk. It's that same slimy tactic I've seen in so many potentially fun games, where they nerf the reward system to increase the grind and frustrate you into buying their monopoly money (In-game currency). Companies like Activision-Blizzard, EA and Bethesda always take the piss, when it comes to monetising a game. If given the opportunity to do so. Just look at the horror stories of kids being bullied for having normal/standard in-game skins. Or kids and adults with addictive personalities wasting their money or their parents money on all those 'optional' microtransactions. Lootboxes and Microtransactions disgust me, they claim to be 'live service' games, but these sorts of transactions don't serve the customer. All they do, is allow these companies to milk even more money from a customer who's already paid for their game. These tax-avoiding, multibillion dollar companies that cry poverty, have the gall to sneak in these predatory practices, after launch. I only bought Shadow of War, after the Microtransactions were pulled. For this game, I'm going to finish the remaining trophies and leave it on a shelf, maybe trade it in. Lesson learned, don't buy from Activision now too. The only way I can see us getting rid of microtransactions and lootboxes is to make them dirty concepts, loathsome and repugnant. A surefire way to kill a game that asks for money upfront. I know legislation is going to eventually catch up with these companies, especially for lootboxes. Or 'Surprise mechanics' or whatever made-up name EA and their ilk try to rebrand them. Sorry got a little fired up, I really dislike seeing a good game, tainted like this. Especially after all the good will that was built up via the N-Sane & Re-ignited trilogies.
  2. They show off the games that are significant to them, in a certain way.
  3. I'm thinking of buying this game, was curious if the servers are still open and for how long.
  4. I know their were some differences between the various versions of the original Ghostbusters Video Game on PS3, PS3, 360, pc and Wii. Hopefully the Remaster doesn't just re-release the original game in HD. I would be fine with that, but I would like maybe a little more content. Maybe they could port over that Black Slime Tyrannosaurus Rex from the stylised version of the game? Or maybe include a few more collectables or Easter eggs? Or if they bring back Multiplayer, they should make sure it's easier to go for the trophies. I lost count of the number of times, someone got disconnected during a game, preventing me from earning specific trophies. (Again, maybe ditch the MP altogether, and do what the Nathan Drake collection did? Adding in new challenging trophy challenges)
  5. It's probably the most authentic Ghostubsters experience you'll get outside of the movies. The game was a great title, catching ghosts, beating big bad's in big bad boss battles etc. Overall it's a fu ntime. I platted the game on my old profile, and I'm hoping they don't bring back the online trophies, that or make them beatable offline. In couch Co-op.
  6. Ultra-Rare's are kind of important for me. Since usually Ultra-Rare's are harder/more challenging platinums to go for. The memories I've made and the journey to earn those platinums are more important of course. Each game I've played, has become a small part of me. I know that sounds super-sappy, but I hink games media like any other has the ability to influence and affect us, and make us grow as people.
  7. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Platinum #123 I've beaten the second game in the trilogy, and I had a good time overall. Their were some things that did annoy me about this game, little things like the Trolley segment. I enjoyed visiting all the different worlds the game had to offer.The boss Fights were pretty easy, but fun nonetheless. And like the first game in the Reignited Trilogy, the re-imagined versions of the characters, look fantastic. I especially liked Elora, Hunter and the Professor's redesigns. Classic PSX Hunter kinda looked strung out on drugs, due to his wide bulging eyes back in the day XD.
  8. Hello all, and welcome to my little corner of the site. I've been gaming for just about 18 years now, give or take a year. I've mainly been a Sony/PC gamer growing up, since like most people, I could only afford to support one console. And I was given a PSX and PS2 growing up. Eventually moving on to PS3. I gamed a lot on PC too, and had a decent library of PS2 games, until moving onto PS3. The one thing that sucked initially for me, was the lack of games on PS3 at launch/ Eventually there were more games, and then trophy support. I have an older account, James01367 that used to be my primary one, but I started my current profile, after I played some awful games and earned some really bad Platinum trophies, from games like X-Blades, Anarchy: Rush Hour & Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Plus I had a lot of unfinished games on that profile. Sadly, when starting my new profile, I missed out on some great platinum trophies, due to servers closing, like Bulletstorm, Overlord 2 & Ghostbusters T_T. Since starting a new profile, I try to plat games that I consider to be good. I like to go for Platinums that aren't too easy, the exceptions being easy plats from enjoyable games like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Godfather II or Trine 2. I also want to try for some of the harder and rarer platinums, since I didn't really go for all that many on my old profile. Trophy Goals for 2019 Earn 15 - 25 Platinum Trophies Complete Darksiders 1, 2 and 3 on PS4 Complete Horizon Zero Dawn's: New Game + DLC Complete the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (3/3 Completed) Platinums Earned 2019 Spyro the Dragon (Earned on 21/01/2019) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (Earned on 29/03/2019) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon (Earned on 20/04/2019) Non Platinum, 100% Completed games Platinums still to earn Games I currently aim to earn platinum's from in 2019 Bionic Commando Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Darksiders 3 Guacamelee 2 Nier Automata Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Owlboy The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Trine 3 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Undertale Red Dead Redemption 2 Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Games I would like to plat A couple of games I want to plat, and will hopefully get around to in 2019 3D Dot Game Heroes Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Bayonetta Dead Rising 2 Devil May Cry 1-3 Super Meat Boy Skullgirls Vanquish XCOM: Enemy Unknown XCOM: Enemy Within Impossible Plats Games that I owned and would have plat, but are now impossible, due to closed online servers. Darksiders II (PS3) Ghostbusters Overlord II Section 8 Bulletstorm (PS3) Batman: Arkham Origins Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale My Platinum Showroom Special Thanks to Djunglist, DSluckay and Stupot00 for my original Banners. I have since replaced them with ones I made myself. Thanks to Bardas for the Eat Lead Banner. Special Thanks to Dare for the Uncharted 3 banner and the future banners for Serious Sam 3: BFE & Little Big Planet 2. I want to give a shout out to Floriiss for my awesome, title banner. I really appreciate the contributions they've all made to making my checklist look as good as it does. PSN Games with 100% Trophy Completion This is a list of my non Platinum, PSN games that I have earned 100% completion on.
  9. Earned my 123rd Platinum in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. Only one game left to go, in the Reignited Trilogy. 

  10. Spyro the Dragon Platinum #122 It seems like almost all of my original PSX gaming idols have made the leap, over to the current era of gaming. We've got Crash, Abe, Spyro and my fave skeleton Sir Daniel Fortesque this year. Spyro's updated visuals really breath a lot of life into the games. It still plays like I remember, the good and bad. But it feels like a wonderfully authentic experience. I did have to look up a guide or two, for when I couldn't remember or figure out, where the last gems were in some levels. Overall though, I had a good time with this game, nothing too hard or challenging and I'm looking forward to beating Spyro 2 and 3.
  11. So just a couple of hours ago at the time of posting this topic, Middle Earth: Shadow of War has had its Definitive edition announced. This edition of the game, includes everything from the various versions of the game. Middle-earth: Shadow of War Main Game Slaughter Tribe – Nemesis Expansion Outlaw Tribe – Nemesis Expansion Blade of Galadriel – Story Expansion Desolation of Mordor – Story Expansion And also these features. Market Closure: Complete removal of the market and microtransactions. Updated Post-Game: Streamlined post-game Epilogue (formerly Shadow Wars) with new narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion, plus new Masks of the Nazgûl player rewards. Nemesis System Enhancements: Numerous improvements bringing further depth to combat encounters and player interactions, along with added traits and behaviours for Orc enemies, more Legendary Orcs to encounter and more ways to get Training Orders. Powering Up: Follower level cap has been increased to 80, enemy Captain level cap has been increased to 85, greater XP rewards, new Prestige skills, upgrades and more. Gear Upgrades: Players can now use Mirian to raise the level of a piece of gear to their current level and use gems to re-roll abilities. Skins: Added player skins for Celebrimbor, Eltariel, Dark Eltariel, Baranor and Serka. Online Pit Fights & Conquests: Added search feature to challenge specific players’ Overlords and fortresses in Friendly Mode. Endless Siege: Added feature to defend fortresses against never-ending waves of Sauron’s forces. Rebellion: Added feature to crush rebel Ologs and Uruks who undermine the Bright Lord. Photo Mode Upgrades: Capture every battle with new filters, frames and textures Difficulty Levels: Added Brutal and Gravewalker difficulty levels. Player Stats: Added player stats page to track in-game enemy kills, dominations and betrayals. Sources: VG247 and Gamespot The Definitive edition is coming out on the 29th in North America and in Europe on the 31st of August.
  12. Not my greatest year for Trophy hunting. I've hit several road bumps in my plain and simple ability to sit down and enjoy a game. The main one being the loss of the TV I kept in my old bedroom, which forced me to set up my PS4 downstairs. Plus I've been pretty busy over 2018, and I got into a lot of PC games.Still I at least had a lot of fun, with the games I did manage to earn platinums for. Here's to hoping 2019 is a year, where I can finish more of my backlog.
  13. Hey just wanna say congrats on your 145th Platinum. God of War (2018) was an amazing game for me, one of the more 'chill' trophy hunting experiences I've had this year. 2018's been a really good year for games, Spider-Man, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Guacamelee 2 etc. Also in recognition of GoW being a really great game, I too will share some art. Source Link.
  14. Marvel's Spider-Man Platinum #121 Spider-Man, this game. It does everything right, it's everything I would want in a Spider-Man game. It doesn't focus on Spidey's origins, but actually takes place after Spider-Man has been around awhile. I think this is one of the best portrayals of Spider-Man, Peter Parker's double life as a hero and his normal everyday life. Great designs for Spider-Man and his suits, and all his villains. Great characters, fun and enjoyable gameplay and enough extra content to keep you busy without slowing down the game too much. Definitely the definitive Spider-Man game, I would really recommend playing this game. I had a blast with this one.
  15. Earned my 121st Platinum Trophy. Marvel's Spider-Man. I finished this game, just as they released the Sam Raimi, Webbed suit for the game. I really recommend this game, it was an absolute blast to play through.

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      Not entirely sure what game I want for my 125th. I can get to that milestone quickly enough, with the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. For Platinums 122, 123 & 124. Maybe Guacamelee 2? Or something tougher, like Metal Gear: Revengeance, Dark Souls (PS3), Bayonetta or Red Dead Redemption 2? I alternatively could save one of those, for the 150 milestone.

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  16. Nice work with all your platinum trophies, never heard of Reverie, but it osunds like something I might enjoy.
  17. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Definitive Edition Platinum #120 I've finally hit 120 platinum trophies, my trophy progress has been somewhat slower this year, but I've enjoyed each game so far. Shadow of War was fun to play through, I enjoyed the enhancements made to the Nemesis system, in particular I loved the look of some of the unique orcs in the game, such as 'The hairy' Olog and 'The Machine' and 'The Tower'. I know there are still more totally unique looking orcs I never got to recruit into my army. I also enjoyed the Blood Brother system, though it did get annoying when an Orc or Olog's Blood brother got killed by Sauron's forces and they blamed me instead.
  18. I earned my 120th Platinum Trophy on the 1/12/2018. Now I'll finish up the DLC and earn a nice 100% completion for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

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      Well done! 💯

      Last time I earned a Platinum trophy on that date was 2 years ago, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare (PS3) [1/12/2016]. It was also my 666th trophy. :awesome: 

  19. I know it's kinda late, but can confirm the game is a physical disc, not a download code. 2 physical discs in the case. I haven't had to use multiple discs to play a game in a long time, not since Final Fantasy IX I believe on the PSX. No complaints from me though, I'm just glad that the Definitive edition comes with everything promised.
  20. Nice work on Telltale's Batman. I beat that game awhile back myself and thought it was pretty good. It's not my favourite Telltale game, but it was pretty good. I had that weird black background bug happen during chapter 3 I think, the one set during the Wayne family murder. I'll probably pick up the sequel like you, though the sequel I'm most excited about, right now is Guacamelee 2!
  21. Do you need to play those? Or do plan to play them for the sake of total completion?
  22. Nice work on Ratchet and Clank on PS4.
  23. Yeah I felt like the MP was tacked on needlessly to a lot of single player experiences. The Assassin's Creed games for instance, though they did make the online trophies easier as they went on. And don't get me started on Bioshock 2 or The Darkness II, both sequels to great games, that really didn't need to have online multiplayer to pad it out. I fondly remember the single player, more than my online experience. And I really despise my online experience in Resistance 2, since it took me so long to finish. Yeah most movie licensed games aren't worth buying, I've only played two on the PS3 I felt were worth playing. And the TV Licensed ones, can be even worse. You only need to look at that awful Rambo Rail shooter, Battleship the video game or the hilariously awful Saw game as examples from the PS3. (At least with Saw there's some entertainment value in mocking it as you play. And hilariously beating the pig Mask boss, by just punching him repeatedly.) But it is important to recognise when one of these games is actually pretty decent, hence my own praise for the Godfather II and Wolverine.
  24. For me there is no perfect collection, there are respectable collections. And trophy collections that are all about bumping up their trophy count. A good collection is one that doesn't resort to playing trash games, stuff like a lot of the older licensed games like Hannah Montana or stuff like Ride to Hell: Retribution. I can understand if you want to play those games, for youtube videos or reviews, or morbid curiosity. But do that on a dedicated account for playing games. I've got more respect for an account that played a lot of easy games, but had fun doing it, than an account that's full of bad games, someone grinded through, just to up their trophy count. An easy platinum doesn't mean it's a bad game, this is true. The Godfather II and X-Men Origins: Wolverine are both easy, movie licensed games. They are also foremost, games. That are enjoyable to play through. Full Throttle, The Little Acre and Day of the Tentacle are easy games to platinum, but they're all enjoyable point and click experiences. Even The First two being somewhat short though. The Order 1886 though, eh it looks alright, but nothing I need to play unfortunately.