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  1. It's called "UNDERPASS" and it is directly East.
  2. Ahh Thought it was just the remaining pass you had active
  3. i thought they discontinued Trophy passes? you could only complete the one you had in progress i thought Anyways Ive completed 2 Platinum passes this week /shrug Ill take it Sony rewards is only available in The US i believe (as its just a shill program for their capitol one card)
  4. it happens time to time With severely broken patches
  5. seems like they have pulled the patch deleted my game and am reinstalling
  6. yeah i updated it as soon as it went live so i wasn't so fortunate didnt happen to me the first time until 3-5 hours after patch then didnt start Immediately doing it for another 1-2 hours currently on a football field standing on some crates in the middle of a hoarde ps4 shuts down about 30-40 seconds after booting in
  7. So with this morning new patch there is a rather nasty bug that can hardcrash your ps4 and shut it down has happened to me 3 times in the past 4 hours UPDATE now it happens 1-2 mins after booting in
  8. Its stupid how the enemy fighting difficulty is nothing going from nightmare to ultra but the races become stupid impossible and yes ultra nightmare unlocks nightmare trophies
  9. ^ 97% completion rate I really cant think of a jab
  10. Been playing a few old ps3 games of late and there is an adjustment period for the graphics still this game was released the same year as uncharted drakes fortune
  11. How do you get the cursed gold trophy in the dlc?
  12. I have all the stat awards already gold from my US playthru how do I pop them on my EU playthru? Kinda stumped here
  13. how do you even do the infinite spawn grind I keep Getting tanks/drones spawning on top of me
  14. am i the minority who thinks this game is a huge step back for the series? 3 was way better IMO game has like 6 unique missions the rest are rinse and repeat escort missions upon escort missions also the ai is clown shoes I often dont have to take out enemy vehicles because they will just Fly mach 3 into a building/terrain
  15. The pop and lock feat is theorticly kissable right? Wasnt thinking and liberated all the areas now I can't find any enemys nvm forgot about the training missions