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  1. What the hell is the Trick to Shock and kill 4 enemies in 3 seconds
  2. Who the f*** thought of this format oh hey here play 12 hours of Chill Throwback Donkey kong country levels then the final level is super meat boy with some of the cheapest hit boxes
  3. Gotta say this plat was much easier than i thought it was going to be Just a side note guide suggests grinding angel voices but at 6:14 Per song and 8.3 million ish PPH (Points per hour) It is actually more efficient to use the second song Balearic Pumping at 2:14 Per song you can get about 9.5 million PPH on expert
  4. I got lucky I popped 100 million points in 23 hours and 26 minutes I just put my headset on my desk and turned on no fail and played the 6 min song 5 times.
  5. What is the trick to those damn 2 stacked blocks that have arrows pointing inwards to eachother on the first instant fail level Been stuck on that block for 40 attempts got it once by accident and was so shocked i immediately failed
  6. thats a story mission you cannot actually beat the first bounty hunter you encounter its the bounty hunters appearing after that is the problem
  7. so my second playtthru i did a backup cloud save Right after coming back above ground went to the same bounty hunter as my first playthru (didnt know there was more than one) the one on nearish the windmills, glitched spawns again. revert save go to the ice cave guy bounty hunters now spawn for me
  8. So how does the boosting partys work Is everyone working towards it at the same time or is it a take turns kinda thing?
  9. But can it play knack?
  10. lol you cant which is kinda pissing me off gold bars only buy skins with each skin costing maybe 1-2 missions Making the store nearly useless
  11. ugh my dumbass thought it was buy 10 skins instead of just 5 Wasted about 30k In coins,seems like the missed an opportunity to buy coins with gold would gladly shell out $5 to end this grind
  12. Just popped for me after i shaved the time down on a level that i got a bit lost in so Its cumulative You can just keep shaving down your times
  13. any tips on finishing the game in 2 hours? is it 2 hours cumulative or In 2 hours flat
  14. Doom's Eternal Loading screens! worked for me after quiting and restarting these ports seem rather iffy tbh
  15. is it the original doom 3 or is it the updated BFG edition just with The MP and Doom 1 and 2 trophies removed? meh anyways look forward to platting 3 again with or without holding a flashlight