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  1. Hopefully it brings the much needed connection to the lord that the youth today very much needs
  2. Waitaminnut breakthrough gaming this you?
  3. Anybody having issues with ps5 seeing their ps4 liscense wants me to buy it for $60 again
  4. Takes about 30 seconds to get the plat
  5. Cant get the ps5 version to start after uploading save crashes everytime I hit continue
  6. After a week off they have risen
  7. To overcome the platiums curse simply quote a bible verse!
  8. Ugh already? havnt even had any time to finish the first game
  9. The challenge mode "time trial" seems a bit stupid already have the challenge run moves written down but the time needed seems stupid short also to activate challenge mode you need to hit triangle on the main menu
  10. Tis the lords day praise be the plats
  11. 🙏
  12. I held off on the sale thinking oh surely they will sell an all in one encompassing pass for maybe $60 at the the very most so I dont have to go thru whatever this convoluted transfer system is
  13. Bought hitman 3 thinking it would be like $50 at most to get hitman 1 and 2 now not even going to touch this game until 1 and 2 go on sale $99 for hitman 2 really?
  14. Oof is it really $190 to get all the content hitman 3 has to offer (if you dont have any of the previous games)