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  1. Do you only need to hit 5 stars once per island or do you have to maintain 5 stars across all islands ?
  2. Yup it was my first time popping the disc in too other discs worked fine w/e Gamefly already shipped another copy
  3. i forgot the exact code but looking it up says corrupt data either on disc or hdd Guess it was just a rare bad disc
  4. that's what i'm starting to think games doesn't even have a smudge on it which is weird, i have had games have bad patches before which is why im asking
  5. anybody else having issues with the physical game ,i Rented thru gamefly and it's trying to download version 1.04 and 1.00 at the same time gets about 90% thru then gives me error messages
  6. The wind is the worst part of this game it's making the Under 40 trophy a pain in the ass
  7. What in the world are the strats in this game seems like its just luck of the bounce the puck loses all momentum once it hits a slope also is there a way to replay howls
  8. Why is it at 0.01% somebody actually has it?
  9. SEEING as sonic mania PLUS is a physical only release i highly doubt it :/
  10. Ahh bummer the lack of a guide on thiss game is a total PAIN
  11. Got any info on the collectibles? having a tough time with a couple of em
  12. SWEET the great PSN outage of 2011 Turns out to save a game for me Tried getting online the NIGHT they took PSN offline in 2011
  13. got it via gamefly so its not showing up at my door until monday
  14. what are the best characters yeesh this game is something
  15. store doesn't fully update till around this time (usually between 11am-2pm EST)