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  1. ^ 97% completion rate I really cant think of a jab
  2. Been playing a few old ps3 games of late and there is an adjustment period for the graphics still this game was released the same year as uncharted drakes fortune
  3. How do you get the cursed gold trophy in the dlc?
  4. I have all the stat awards already gold from my US playthru how do I pop them on my EU playthru? Kinda stumped here
  5. how do you even do the infinite spawn grind I keep Getting tanks/drones spawning on top of me
  6. am i the minority who thinks this game is a huge step back for the series? 3 was way better IMO game has like 6 unique missions the rest are rinse and repeat escort missions upon escort missions also the ai is clown shoes I often dont have to take out enemy vehicles because they will just Fly mach 3 into a building/terrain
  7. The pop and lock feat is theorticly kissable right? Wasnt thinking and liberated all the areas now I can't find any enemys nvm forgot about the training missions
  8. Unplayable on my wifi for some reason will crash and completely d/c my ps4 from the internet sometimes until I restart my ps4 its aight but the varmint rifle being the best gun in the game still is stupid
  9. Horse face and pony Danza
  10. they are fixing it via next patch
  11. Omg finally your a life saver I went thru that level 50 times
  12. Did you get the sega saturn levels? it doesnt seem to unlock for me Seems they just lazly changed the saturn levels to the PSX levels and forgot to change the name in the menus
  13. lol no the first one is do able with memorization but that second one is horse shit Reported it they said the will check it out
  14. Does anybody know where the unlock for the Sega Saturn special collection is cant find it for the life of me (also the atari st levels are bugged) EDIT apparently the special collection pickups can bug out
  15. is there a fruit in zx spectrum level 1 the prof says "walls are not always what they seem" yet there seems to be no secret the steam guide says their was one in the original game but as this is a remix of that game who knows