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  1. So how does the boosting partys work Is everyone working towards it at the same time or is it a take turns kinda thing?
  2. But can it play knack?
  3. lol you cant which is kinda pissing me off gold bars only buy skins with each skin costing maybe 1-2 missions Making the store nearly useless
  4. ugh my dumbass thought it was buy 10 skins instead of just 5 Wasted about 30k In coins,seems like the missed an opportunity to buy coins with gold would gladly shell out $5 to end this grind
  5. Just popped for me after i shaved the time down on a level that i got a bit lost in so Its cumulative You can just keep shaving down your times
  6. any tips on finishing the game in 2 hours? is it 2 hours cumulative or In 2 hours flat
  7. Doom's Eternal Loading screens! worked for me after quiting and restarting these ports seem rather iffy tbh
  8. is it the original doom 3 or is it the updated BFG edition just with The MP and Doom 1 and 2 trophies removed? meh anyways look forward to platting 3 again with or without holding a flashlight
  9. actually sorta bummed there is no mein leben Really sorta enjoyed that punishing bronze
  10. YUP...Maybe one day ill beat that darn tutorial too
  11. It's called "UNDERPASS" and it is directly East.
  12. Ahh Thought it was just the remaining pass you had active
  13. i thought they discontinued Trophy passes? you could only complete the one you had in progress i thought Anyways Ive completed 2 Platinum passes this week /shrug Ill take it Sony rewards is only available in The US i believe (as its just a shill program for their capitol one card)
  14. it happens time to time With severely broken patches
  15. seems like they have pulled the patch deleted my game and am reinstalling