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  1. Gem of the week?
  2. I got about $240 from it when it lasted guess it's back to getting $10 in psn credit every time I spend $1,000
  3. Time is irrelevant
  4. Awwww man we having a standoff for last to get the plat I swear I will sit on this plat for 10 years
  5. is talon only avaible in certain modes? Edit NVM me not read to well
  6. ive found grind house the best for kills, power is in the left theater and swarm behind the freeway ramp on the left, plus your boost mates are easy to find when idles
  7. stats dont reset to zero on a old save before you start boosting right?
  8. Finnaly a guide that says how to get a most dangerous game correctly
  9. whats the most ideal quickiest way to get these trophies for 3 people?
  10. man this is going to take forever with 3 people going for it
  11. is it possible to reduce the timer on deathmatch
  12. what the quickest way for 10 wins on every map? what game mode/settings
  13. How do you get the most dangerous game trophy is not popping for me EDIT For some reason the guides list TEAM hunted which is incorrect