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  1. I honestly think Shane coming back would be good for the WWE but having him face The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a Hell n'Cell match seems kind of silly and waste of Entertainment value for the fans. I'm sure they would prefer to see the Undertaker face an challenger of his choosing and some rumors say this could be the Undertakers last WrestleMania?
  2. Mad Max (PS4), this game was on my E3 2015 list and I can honestly say its a fun game to play.
  3. The Battlefield franchise has brought us games from WWII, Vietnam and Modern Day Warfare, so if they wanted to do something totally different from the competitors (If you want to call them that) creating the first WWI genre could be what FPS gamers may want to experience but then there will also be the ones that will look at this idea and say why go back in time why not continue going forward with the whole Futuristic theme. How about a Post-apocalyptic themed Battlefield? If I had to pick I would say WWI but I'm open to any type of game they bring us.
  4. Mine is a wallpaper of Rockstar Games.
  5. Its been so long but I believe it was Resistance: Fall of Man.
  6. With the next PPV being "Money in the Bank" who will the WWE push next to be the "Future" of the business?...Kofi Kingston is going in this match for the 6th time but he is only there for his high flying so I would say Roman Reigns. Also if anyone didn't watch the Steve Austin Podcast after Raw featuring Paul Heyman, it ended with a possible match for next years Wrestlemania which is in Arlington, Texas. The match would be Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin but steve said "If" it were to happen he would kick Lesnars butt and his type of match would be a Texas Death match...not sure what that is but sounds like a hardcore no DQ style of match. Paul Heyman sent a text message to Brock during the podcast...no response as of yet.
  7. TLOU, The Crew, Battlefield Hardline, Destiny are just a few.
  8. Work, more work, save money in between, work some more and then go to Las Vegas in October.
  9. I am a cat person, no need to take them out for walks works for me.
  10. Mostly it is just watching Family Guy
  11. The Atari 2600 back in 1981
  12. Currently "Lego Batman 3" but will jump back on BF4 now and then.
  13. In my opinion I think the PS3 will die out at the end of 2015, the system will be just good for Netflix and offline gaming as the servers will be dead.
  14. Toronto BlueJays (MLB) Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
  15. Work again, watching baseball game... again...and later on more gaming.