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  1. From my experience not at all that long, I'm guessing end of the month to mid June 🤔 but I could be way off!
  2. Looks like an interesting game.... Kind of feels like a mix up of apex and call of duty to me, what does everyone else think?
  3. If anyone is boosting add me up
  4. This is good to know, recently just picked this up for a very cheap price.
  5. For me the locations trophy for eden 6 and all locations popped before I had even got all of them... I think it's bugged but in both good and bad ways
  6. I'm still attempting everything I can to fix these missions but nothing ever works
  7. I believe its available after the mission hammerlocked from the story line, if you would do that I would highly appreciate it and would return the favor on any game if I can.
  8. Does anybody have the mentioned missions available? My game has glitched and can't seem to access them. I have looked long and hard for a solution but nothing seems to work, only trophy I need for the platinum. Thanks in advance.
  9. Just picked this game up in the sale, I will join the community as soon as I can
  10. I'm having trouble getting gold for this event! Does anybody have any ideas how to reach top speed quicker?
  11. i cant seem to get the hang of this game, i cant even win a game lol
  12. Happy to help

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      First Status Update? Aha. Welcome to the forums!



      haha yeah, i didnt even realise you could do this until now :)


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      @LDN-SKYSTALKER Haha, were you... Talking to yourself? :lol: