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  1. I habe tried this many times and in many ways and it still wont pop for me, all i need for the platinum too 🤬
  2. Hey guys! Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but whilst searching for the remaining tyrants I just can't get them to spwan! Tikala: hidden woods Bolzen: cadium Byeol: palmaya Eurus: drake ilses I have been farming for 4 whole days and I just can't get them to spawn! Any help would be greatly received
  3. Where was your missing tamer? I'm also trying to find whoever I am missing battled every tamer 3 times but nothing
  4. It's there
  5. Hmm I may do another run and see if I have missed any
  6. I have followed a tamer guide twice, and nothing!
  7. Does anybody know if this is the same for show them who's boss trophy? This one is also no unlocking for me and I have beaten every tamer!
  8. Hi guys, I'm struggling to get this trophy to pop, it seems like I have fought every tamer as I followed a guide that showed all 82 tamers, but the trophy isn't popping even though I have faced them all already, could anybody let me know if this is a bug or I'm just being stupid and missing someone.
  9. From my experience not at all that long, I'm guessing end of the month to mid June 🤔 but I could be way off!
  10. Looks like an interesting game.... Kind of feels like a mix up of apex and call of duty to me, what does everyone else think?
  11. This is good to know, recently just picked this up for a very cheap price.
  12. For me the locations trophy for eden 6 and all locations popped before I had even got all of them... I think it's bugged but in both good and bad ways
  13. I'm still attempting everything I can to fix these missions but nothing ever works
  14. I believe its available after the mission hammerlocked from the story line, if you would do that I would highly appreciate it and would return the favor on any game if I can.
  15. Does anybody have the mentioned missions available? My game has glitched and can't seem to access them. I have looked long and hard for a solution but nothing seems to work, only trophy I need for the platinum. Thanks in advance.