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  1. Rom is ruining my day in the chalice dungeon. So is the moon presence. Guess I have to git gud.

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      I totally read Rom as Mom. I was thinking "Just...like...take the control from her. How strong can she be?" lol

    2. MimiRox91


      Lol don't underestimate the power of the chancla 

  2. I think I should start knocking out any online trophies I have for the ps3 games I own before i have a massive collection of platinums i can't earn anymore. Sucks all my friends sold their ps3's, that is gonna make this so much harder T_T

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    2. nenugalimas


      I have 2 as well, so thatd be 4. I think it could be done.

    3. MimiRox91


      I'm going to be boosting wolfenstein this week if anyone wants to join will be trying for quantum theory next

    4. juwaker230


      i dont mind helping with ps3 games if i have them.

  3. I purchased a new ps3 slim since my fat ps3 takes forever to load now. I better not let this one gather dust and wrap up some of my games😂

    1. DaivRules


      Make sure you get and new that trophies synced on your fat PS3. 

    2. DaivRules


      I don't know what happened, I meant "get and keep those"

  4. I remember on the ps3 playing dead island and playing with strangers all the time and it was fun. Now on ps4 no one joins your games and if you join someone else's you get kicked. How am I supposed to get the coop trophies 😒

    1. PooPooBlast


      The ps4 player base for dead island is like a fraction of the ps3's, at least according to this site anyways. Yous have to setup a boosting sessions here and hope to find players. 


      You can also look up communities and ask some people to play with you as well. 

      Communities on the ps4 that is.

  5. Anyone have some spare time to play killzone mercenary with me? Im trying to get these last 50 multiplayer games in and get the anti air trophy message me on psn if you are willing to help me out :D

  6. Anyone have any suggestions on what to finish next from my huge backlog D:

    1. Phil


      Where's your backlog?

    2. hugglebunn-e


      Brother: A Tale of Two Sons. Knock it out.

    3. MimiRox91


      i think i will when i get home, i would have to start over i missed getting the trophy love birds

  7. senran kagura done Haven't been home much so will probably add more vita games to list once i finish xblaze code embryo and work on the ps3 games on my list over thanksgiving break
  8. work has been so slow these days i have just been playing vita at my desk -.-

  9. a list of games that pissed me off and that's why I will probably never platinum them even if they are a trophy or 2 away 1. Destiny 2. Muramasa rebirth 3. Mafia II 4. Motorstorm rc 5. Infinity runner

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    2. Thruygie


      you would be better off using the warlock for bridge glitching, but the titan would work too. warlock voidwalker with health regen or titan with sunbreaker with health regen, both for crota killing wihtout chalice of light

    3. MimiRox91


      im at work now but when i get off ill check and see what i have on my titan and warlock

    4. Thruygie


      you can do without health regen too, but honestly, better not risking it

  10. God eater resurrection is pretty awesome i think i may get rageburst once i finish :D

    1. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      Glad to hear. Was thinking of buying it today.

    2. TheFinalEmblem


      Awesome to hear, I'm getting both Resurrection and RB today.

    3. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      it's pretty sweet, and the costumes too

  11. I think i just might save xblaze for later because i would like to add more to my list once i finish these 10 and play lost memories right after
  12. Another one down finished riptide gp2. not sure which one to do next
  13. Can't wait to get out of work, have 2 days off coming up gonna try to wrap up at least 3 games and get those plats!

  14. Finally forced myself to finish goosebumps Will hopefully be finishing norn9 today
  15. I need to get these online trophies while little big planet karting is still up T_T send help!

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    2. MimiRox91


      seems my digital copy does not work online but my friend with the disc does! >:( gotta go to gamestop and return it when the online part is done

    3. Midnightwards1666


      The game's digital version often doesn't work online, whereas the disc does.

    4. MimiRox91


      Time for me to get the disc version and work on this and littlebigplanet platinums before they really disappear. i have enough unobtainable platinums :(