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  1. What color ps vita should i buy 🤔 I really want to put my old one away since i dont want the oled screen to burn out. I wish that dragon quest one wasnt going for like $500 T_T

    1. kingdrake2


      that orange one or midnight purple. if this is the japan versions they have quite the selection.

      just my offering of opinion.

    2. MimiRox91


      they make a purple one?! i have never seen it, gonna look for it =] 

  2. I received another email from NIS America and which they pretty much said they have no plans on fixing it at the moment. I see it says someone has the plat now i wonder what work around they did to get it 🤔
  3. Some people on psn have the platinum now. i wonder how that happened 😮
  4. I emailed them about it, they emailed me back to ask the steps i have taken to make sure it was glitched. Hopefully they get back to me soon!
  5. i have a feeling that playing mahjong in yakuza kiwami will be what keeps me from the platinum T_T

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MimiRox91


      i totally tried to read the rule book to understand the whole thing with the winds and everything is confusing the crap out of me lol

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Yeah I guess the points can be kind of hard to learn...I am lucky my Taiwanese Sister-in-Law was there to help me learn :)


      Does it at least give you instructions on how to play the game? I remember when I was playing James Bond for the original Gameboy I had to learn how to play Baccarat to get past a part in the game (not even a side quest...the main game). This was before we had the Internet also so luckily my dad had an old Card Rule book that I studied to learn how to beat that stupid part

    4. MimiRox91


      it has a rule book that i am trying to read but some parts still confuse me :< ill get it one day or maybe have a friend show me lol

  6. If anyone needs the multiplayer trophies still or doesn't mind helping me get them please add me PSN: Mimirox91
  7. if anyone owns Tokyo Tattoo Girls, is it syncing to your psn network trophies?? MIne keeps saying sync error :(

    1. Gourmet Guy

      Gourmet Guy

      Doesn't look like it's on the servers yet. You have to wait until they're added.

    2. MimiRox91


      thanks for the info! I was starting to worry it was glitched or something lol

  8. Looking for some more vita friends to play co-op with! Def add me if you have god eater or earth defense force! i have a bunch of other games and also play on my ps3 and ps4. just let me know you are from here!
  9. Every time I am about to kill all 7 camp counselors in Friday the 13th someone disconnects and i never get all 7 kills D:<

  10. Rom is ruining my day in the chalice dungeon. So is the moon presence. Guess I have to git gud.

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      I totally read Rom as Mom. I was thinking "Just...like...take the control from her. How strong can she be?" lol

    2. MimiRox91


      Lol don't underestimate the power of the chancla 

  11. I think I should start knocking out any online trophies I have for the ps3 games I own before i have a massive collection of platinums i can't earn anymore. Sucks all my friends sold their ps3's, that is gonna make this so much harder T_T

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    2. nenugalimas


      I have 2 as well, so thatd be 4. I think it could be done.

    3. MimiRox91


      I'm going to be boosting wolfenstein this week if anyone wants to join will be trying for quantum theory next

    4. juwaker230


      i dont mind helping with ps3 games if i have them.

  12. I purchased a new ps3 slim since my fat ps3 takes forever to load now. I better not let this one gather dust and wrap up some of my games😂

    1. DaivRules


      Make sure you get and new that trophies synced on your fat PS3. 

    2. DaivRules


      I don't know what happened, I meant "get and keep those"

  13. I remember on the ps3 playing dead island and playing with strangers all the time and it was fun. Now on ps4 no one joins your games and if you join someone else's you get kicked. How am I supposed to get the coop trophies 😒

    1. PooPooBlast


      The ps4 player base for dead island is like a fraction of the ps3's, at least according to this site anyways. Yous have to setup a boosting sessions here and hope to find players. 


      You can also look up communities and ask some people to play with you as well. 

      Communities on the ps4 that is.

  14. Anyone have some spare time to play killzone mercenary with me? Im trying to get these last 50 multiplayer games in and get the anti air trophy message me on psn if you are willing to help me out :D

  15. Anyone have any suggestions on what to finish next from my huge backlog D:

    1. Phil


      Where's your backlog?

    2. hugglebunn-e


      Brother: A Tale of Two Sons. Knock it out.

    3. MimiRox91


      i think i will when i get home, i would have to start over i missed getting the trophy love birds