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  1. Im playing Darksiders and i try to get the platinum. AWESOME game, i play it a couple of times in the past, but never end this game, i always found it a little bit hard, but now is the time
  2. Legend Obtain all trophies.
  3. I dont know how work this.. ┬┐Any help? I like to post my last trophy, but i dont know how to do this .
  4. I always use an Argonian since i play for the first time Oblivion, i always think it was a cool race for the fact you can breath in water, but is not much. This time i finish Skyrim for the second time with a an Bosmer i always think the sneak mode is the best for The Elder Scrolls.
  5. My PJ is a female called Sky, i love that name i always use it.
  6. I try to get the Skyrim platinum. Is going to be the longest platinum i ever did i think.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 4.. And man, that is good shit.