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  1. I’m always put off by difficulty trophies in games but this plat is uncommon. Is hard not that bad compared to other games or are people just too good at final fantasy games?
  2. Problem is these protests and riots could potentially go on for months, maybe even up to the election. If it’s not a good time now for a reveal will there ever be?
  3. Is there any plans to release or is it digital only. I’m in UK and can’t find any retail edition even though the game is out next Tuesday.
  4. What the fuck? How does a remaster not only require 40GB of space but on top of that a 19GB patch. Shit is insane.
  5. Hanger 13 incompetence with the franchise continues. How are they still in charge after mafia 3 and now this.
  6. Any videos on the best way to par courses? Those are the hardest to do
  7. Wreckfest, only need 2 trophies
  8. I might be asking the stupidest question ever on here and I know the game is called golf with friends but can you play courses by yourself or at least online with randoms?
  9. Most important question is how are the platinums for each game?
  10. Can’t believe I’m now more excited for ghost of Tsushima. People saying don’t judge the game by a few bullet points but more than enough has leaked that you can piece together to know what the fuck is going on. The first game is an all time favourite and it looks like they just butcher the characters for shock factor and muh cycle of violence. It makes you wonder how much heavy lifting Bruce straley did with the writing on uncharted 2,4 and the first last of us because as soon as Neil got 100% control this happens.
  11. Controller looks great with cool features but hopefully they release a one like the black mockup with coloured buttons, that one looks sleek.
  12. I’m torn on this. The modern warfare campaigns are my favourite plus you get the OG ghost for MW19. On the other hand the multiplayer for 2 was hands down my favourite ever and played it for hundreds of hours and not including it really sours me. They can remaster all the 2 maps for 2019 they want it won’t feel the same as the original. Do you buy and give them money enjoy it whatever or do you not and at least try to send a message to Activision that most want the multiplayer.
  13. For battle mode you need to kill demons with all 8 slayer weapons but it’s always stuck at 7/8. PowerPyx suggests deleting save data and trying again however this doesn’t work. Any idea if this is legit bugged or is it tied to hit detection? 2 people have the platinum so I’m not sure how they got it
  14. I got the game today and have been playing a bit of battle mode to get the trophies out the way. It’s surprisingly fun but the kill 200 players is grindy af and kill which each slayer weapon (I’m not good with doom boi). Luckily you can get all trophies for the mode in private so might have to join a session when someone posts one. Never done a session on here before.
  15. So for anyone who has it is it any good or at least decent? What’s the platinum looking like?