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  1. I ordered from smyths in the uk as soon as they went up. No joke I checked again 5 minutes later all sold out. The thirst is real
  2. It’s weird but I’ve still got a pre order in. I’d assume these are the only titles for PS4 since they haven’t mentioned anything about ratchet, demon souls or the new god of war
  3. If they don’t announce that rumored silent hill game here then it doesn’t exist
  4. Is there a optimal way to get characters to level 50 fast? I only played as iron man and getting to 50 took forever so I don’t want to take too long with characters I don’t enjoy playing
  5. I’ll be honest I bought it for avengers, to play as iron man and I wanted a looter game. I’m enjoying my time but yeah I’ve never ever played such a buggy mess in my life, makes assassins creed unity look tame
  6. For anyone who has/had intelligence bug when does it ping or is it random atm? I’m currently on 56 and no trophy
  7. Why is the multiplayer so busted. Can never find people especially for challenge 3 difficulty
  8. Yeah I have 53 intelligence and no trophy. I hope they can fix that
  9. I know the multiplayer is near broken at the moment but everytime I search with 3 or higher challenge if someone does join it lowers it to challenge 2. Is this a bug and is anyone else getting this?
  10. Does anyone know what to potentially expect regarding trophies? Maybe trophies involving the gacha system?
  11. So if seeing stars is really easy does this mean the platinum is easy and it’s just the matter of how big is the grind?
  12. This recently came up on my radar and looks really good with the gacha seemingly optional. I do wish this was an MMO but oh well. I wonder if they plan to add raid like content for multiple people
  13. Ratchet and clank by far. i just hope they can get back to a crack in time levels of great
  14. Apparently it’s the vanilla version of SFV
  15. Charging for a next gen upgrade for a ok game at best. nah mate