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  1. My copy in the UK somehow got dispatched today and is coming tomorrow. Is this like undead and undressed where you have to do multiple playthrough’s to get all the endings?
  2. Can the online trophies be done in a private game?
  3. Any missable trophies?
  4. Ever thought about saving for a PC?
  5. So it’s almost been a week so any idea how long it would take or how difficult the platinum is
  6. List looks straightforward but I was just wondering about the ending. Is it a case of you get the normal ending then do stuff afterwards for the true ending?
  7. How is the platinum?
  8. Do takedowns not count towards the 50 kills because I’ve been in multiple 40 minute matches and not a single person in the entire lobby gets 50 pure kills so whoever had it must be facing against bots. What a stupid trophy
  9. How the hell are you supposed to get 50 kills in a match
  10. I can’t wait to not get a switch pro and having to scroll through eBay. It’s unlikely but I hope they announce Mario kart 9 or at least new dlc for 8
  11. How is the game from the beta? I’ve never played a guilty gear before
  12. What are the chances when private severs are online they allow trophies to be earned? From what I’ve played some of the trophies are time consuming and luck based on things like crate spawns for gear.
  13. Some of the trophies require other people to be in a certain state like giving a note while asleep so I assume you can create a server and just invite to get it done.
  14. I have no problem with servers closing, I have a problem with multiple games a lot of them GOTY worthy stuck on the platform forgotten never to be experienced again by newer players. Resistance trilogy Killzone trilogy Infamous 1 and 2 Rachet and clank future quadrilogy Metal gear solid legacy collection Just to name a few.
  15. Looking back now I got lucky. It was after the second PS5 stream where they announced the price. They said pre orders would happen the following day but Smyths UK sent a random email at 11:45pm saying they had them for order so I grabbed 2 of them, literally 10 minutes later they were all gone. That’s when all hell broke loose online and everyone started crashing every website looking for one