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  1. So my account says I have hitman 2 and my PSN is connected yet it says no eligible hitman 2 accounts found, just great
  2. I’ve played 10 hours. It’s a great game but there’s too much BS over it. The game on PS5 just looks weird it hurts my eyes like you can visually see the resolution changing on the fly. Plus the game has crashed my PS5 4 times in those 10 hours. I’ve been waiting for this game for so long I think I might stop before I get too far in. I will probably wait until either the PS5 version releases or build a new high end PC.
  3. A obvious one but Astro playroom. Very nostalgic game and has no right to be as good as it is
  4. I assume the coil whine problem that’s reported goesaway after awhile? That’s what people say
  5. No difference at all but I’m hoping it’s because PSN is getting overloaded due to Europe launch day
  6. I never inserted a disc during setup. I heard prior that it causes problems so I didn’t risk it.
  7. Does anyone know why a game deletes itself when taking out the disc?
  8. Are there different region stacks?
  9. Just for me I got PS5 disc edition Spiderman miles morales Demon souls NBA 2K21 Call of duty black ops Plus all of the free upgrades to existing games.
  10. Hey thxs for the follow, I see you also have Mitsuru in your background. A man of culture indeed.

  11. I ordered from smyths in the uk as soon as they went up. No joke I checked again 5 minutes later all sold out. The thirst is real
  12. It’s weird but I’ve still got a pre order in. I’d assume these are the only titles for PS4 since they haven’t mentioned anything about ratchet, demon souls or the new god of war
  13. If they don’t announce that rumored silent hill game here then it doesn’t exist
  14. Is there a optimal way to get characters to level 50 fast? I only played as iron man and getting to 50 took forever so I don’t want to take too long with characters I don’t enjoy playing
  15. I’ll be honest I bought it for avengers, to play as iron man and I wanted a looter game. I’m enjoying my time but yeah I’ve never ever played such a buggy mess in my life, makes assassins creed unity look tame