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  1. How does this one work, managed to start a few rounds but couldn’t see how it is quick rp
  2. Pretty sure it’s only gonna work on PS4. I’m level 73 and struggling to find a method to get some proper RP before December to get the platinum. With the slow loading it’s taking forever
  3. Seriously Ember Moon is ruining my life - whats a good move to spam that doesnt get countered blocked or end up with me on the ground concussed for 10 minutes?
  4. So this would work for the plants but how do you level up the zombies?? Don't worry - I was just being dumb & forgot there was a town centre shrine for Zombies too
  5. The Last of Us - PS3 That’s All I got - Survive all of Ellie’s jokes
  6. Hey mate, I know your post is a couple of months old but see you still need this trophy for your plat...I've just managed to get this trophy in story mode with a Level 2 horse. Just need to make sure the odds on your horse winning are above $15 and then win the race. Took a few tries but got it in the end.
  7. Dang....doesn't seem to be for sale here at EB in New Zealand
  8. How you get it that cheap??
  9. Yep, the more sheep you have, the faster the reproduction rate. I currently have 100 sheep doing their thing.
  10. Awesome...Can you do this for chickens as well I guess? What about sheep? I am sick of trudging back and forth for bales.
  11. Spy Chameleon - Lovely Game 😆
  12. Grim Fandango Remastered - Bought it a while back and just haven't got around to it. Only got it for some extra trophies
  13. I reckon it’s time to dig out Hitman Absolution and finish it off. Awesome game and not too hard to plat from what you’ve done already
  14. Assassins Creed Black Flag... Loved this game but the Level 55 Multiplayer trophy required was a bore and would be even more so these days with empty lobbies
  15. With the pendants up in trees you can usually use a brick or bottle to get them down to save ammo. The New Game Plus glitch/exploit is mentioned a lot on this site. Effectively allowing you to skip playing Grounded Mode twice and go straight into Grounded Plus after the Prologue. As mentioned above to complete multiplayer in the time you’ve allocated you’d probably need to use the skip game exploit. Also mentioned a lot on this site. Also I was able to fully upgrade Joel and Weapons by the end of 2nd Playthrough