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  1. Once again very useful. Thanks a lot.
  2. Dead Island Definitive Edition. Would be nice to plat this. 😁
  3. The trophy is still bugged (Patch 2.09). You need the Ring of Hircine AND the Savior's Hide to get the trophy.
  4. Well, it seems that the trophylist is no longer sorted at all. I got trophies in 3 different games, but the positions haven't changed. It is interesting that the order on the top (in this small "belt") is absolutely correct.
  5. P4P please. I will play your level in return. Thanks in advance.
  6. P4p I will play your level in return.
  7. Have received trophy without any problems.
  8. The recent patch (1.03) should fix this problem. DO NOT USE PATCH 1.02!!
  9. New Year - New game. My first trophy this year : First blood - FarCry3