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  1. 2nd update: I have been told Injustice (at least ps4 NA region) is back up. I wouldn't have made this topic if I realized the widespread psn problems. Get the online done if you haven't already because you never know if they will decide to can it as fast as it seemingly had. This can be closed to be a reminder or deleted entirely, and I don't care either way.
  2. Update: According to Playstation everything should be working,but injustice won't load online mode. I sadly think it may be done.
  3. Ed Boon has talked about updating the netcode for injustice 1 and possibly mk9. Injustice 1 would be much more likely since the ps4 version is playable on ps5 it seems weird to shut it down at this time and without any public announcement before or after. Nonetheless the servers tell me to sign into psn, and won't load the online. I have had this be the confirmed case for many others so as of now the online is shutdown and no mention of anything like mk9 got.
  4. I'd say from 4-6/10. More towards 4 if you played Doom or Quake a decent bit, but even if you have not played something like this, then probably a 6. I think everyone could get this platinum as long as you don't get motion sickness from running in circles. The running in circles is really unavoidable. I just pause for a second or two if my eyes need to adjust or something like that.
  5. I enjoyed the game very much. The controls are laid out clearly, so right away I pretty much knew what to do. It did almost feel like a game more for pc, or at least geared towards playing on keyboard and mouse. I do not play on keyboard and mouse, so I had to turn up my sensitivity to at least half the max. I say it seemed like it was for KB+M due to the air grapple mechanic. Grapples are everywhere and your equivalent of a dodge. Ideally you would spend most of the time in the air while taking potshots in between the grapples. This is painful precise for a controller. I dealt with this by playing very patiently and doing circles (pretty much the whole map usually) to horde them up and kill anyone I can with the pistol. Anyways, what I guess I'm trying to say is once you know what's going to happen (The waves are predetermined not random btw) even the boss waves which seem impossible at first with a little thought about how can prevent your last death from happening again are very easy just drawn out. The game somewhat slowly introduces stuff which is nice especially for the first time you get to each new thing whether it's a new gun, enemy, crazy arena, or the sheer number of some waves. The healing is limited to 80hp (20hpx4packs) every 10 waves so you still have to stay on your toes. It's a real adrenaline inducing game. Long story made longer yes and when someone else gets the plat then I will play again to improve my score and try to get there at a faster pace too.
  6. Trophies sync reliably, and right on queue. I did not want to answer until I confirmed indeed all trophies work. It is a pretty fun game, and I only one time did I find a bug that forced me to restart due to the shotgun having ammo, but when switched to says its 0 and will not shoot. I did indeed pick up ammo and still it did not fix it. I believe it was caused by me switching weapons or running out of ammo at the same time I was picking up ammo. A minor glitch is sometimes (very rarely, and after a long 3 or 4 hours) the Mech Skulls (Spiders) get stuck in a wall or something and they can still be shot, but they are visually next to the their hurtbox. If they don't flash red when you shoot them then just save them for last because the shield icon that pops up above the last enemy will be above the spot to shoot. (Hurtbox). It's a fun, old school game. I'd rate it at least a 7 maybe 8 it's well made. Difficulty for trophy wise probably a 5 or 6 if you're into these types of games maybe even 4, but if you do not like the idea of playing for at least two or three hours and dying close to 60 and having to basically do the whole trophy list again then it's not for you.
  7. You can get it in any order, just be careful when you use it. Try to shoot them from far away or at the feet of the zombies behind the ones right in front of you.
  8. This is most likely because you have the wunderwaffe dg-2 and shot it too close. If you see electricity on your screen after shooting it then that is how you will know. The World at War version of Der Riese is bugged and if you shock yourself then your jugg is rendered useless. The only way to fix it is go down and rebuy jugg which you can't do in solo because quick revive doesn't work like in the later games. I can help you if you are still struggling after avoiding the shock.
  9. All you need is a diamond sword, Strength 2 potion, and the x button lol. To make a potion of Strength ll you need to a bottle of water, and add these ingredients in this order: Nether wart, blaze powder (Which is made from a blaze rod), and a piece of glowstone (Break the blocks emitting light in the nether) Now drink the potion, and hit a mob with your diamond sword while in the air. When you jump and hit something you get a critical hit which multiplies damage by 1.5 Hope this helped