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  1. Trine 2 on PS4, after reading horror stories about it, I just did it a few days ago without too much of a hassle, it's even more rare than DMC4SE, which is ridiculous.
  2. #151: Trine 2 Complete Story (PS4)
  3. Dead Space 2, Devil May Cry and KH Birth By Sleep cost me too much blood and sweat for not even being ultra rare.
  4. Star Ocean The Last Hope, 4 years 6 months, mainly because up to 3/4 years ago I couldn't be arsed to complete everything, let alone this chore of a plat, but White Knight Chronicles took me longer, done solo, than Star Ocean, 648 hours vs. 579 effective.
  5. Mmmm, can't tell for sure, because most of the time I was playing the game on the PSVita via remote play from another room and the weather is quite hot here these days, so most games make the fan get a bit noisy anyway, so I'm afraid I can't help you.
  6. Thank you. I need to take a break now though, lol
  7. #150: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
  8. I'm back, still kicking, even though DMC4 almost made me throw everything trophy hunting related in to the WC, but taking my time and alternating it to easier plats I've managed to survive and got back to 100% after two months. One infuriating plat less in my backlog. Here some nice plats since my last update Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Nier Automata Darksiders Warmastered Edition Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
  9. Yeah as far as milestones are concerned. I've been pissed when milestones up to the 50th plat where changed on this site, since some minor plats replaced the ones I chose as milestones before the site change.
  10. No, I'm from Italy, so EU PSN, I've finished downloading the fifth episode yesterday evening. Have you looked for the game on smarphone or PC? I've bough it via the PC browser and launched the download from there. PS. Ho visto solo ora che sei anche tu italiano.
  11. February 2011, my first account and the only one I regularly hunt trophies with.
  12. I have NGS+, NGS2 and NG3 RE and it's the hardest of the three, especially a couple challenges like Unearthed Challenge, which is pure random BS, took me a lot of attempts, and also the touch screen for bow control adds another step in difficulty, but I did UN1-3 in NGS2 with Sergen, so the two games might be close if one does Team Missions in NGS2 without the help of a pro. I'd say it's my hardest plat so far with NGS2 and DMC4SE as close second.
  13. I've bought GOG digital yesterday and every episode downloads just fine, I have to download the fifth and last episode today when I get home. Don't know if these are the same downloads from the physical edition but I don't see why they shouldn't be.
  14. House Of Pain (DMC4SE) Clear all Bloody Palace stages with all characters. Literally a house of pain.