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  1. I've platted every From game and also the first Nioh and I must say that the game is easier considering the progression through levels, but is brutally harder concerning a couple of the first bosses they throw at you, took me a few solid hours of pain to learn how to properly fight the old lady and taking advantage of the tools the game provides you. If you cope with the fact that the game has to be played the only way devs decided, it should become easier.
  2. I've just started it and previously I've platted/100%ed every souls game and, truth be told, I'm not liking the battle system so far, it feels like, unless you resort to some specific moves, parry, counters etc, even minibosses can give you hell. It seems to me that the previous From games had more freedom in coming up with your own strategy to tackle bosses/developing the character. At least it's my impression 3-4 hours into the game.
  3. Ok thank you. By reading the guides it seemed to me that the 5 endings with associated silver trophies (including the Never Alone trophy, which is the one I'm missing) are mandatory and then there is a sixth ending with no silver trophy associated that might or might not be required to trigger the Thank You gold trophy, so that had me a bit confused since I could only find threads of people that couldn't pop the Thank You trophy even by doing all the 6 endings, let alone make it pop when it souldn't.
  4. To the flag team, do you also have a script to automatically test the game Erica? Because the "all major endings trophy" (Thank You) popped for me even though I'm still missing one ending, and since I can't seem to find info anywhere about this, but instead lots of people that had the trophy glitch the other way around and not popping, I'd be curious to know if I'm the only one that experienced it and can provide info about the circumstances that made it happen.
  5. For me the Thank You trophy popped earlier than expected, I followed this guide and by mistake I did the 6th ending before doing the 5th, and the trophy popped even though I'm still missing the Not Alone Ending, so either the requirements for the trophy are still unclear or the trophy is glitched one way or the other. I also took the chance to pick up a couple collectibles I've missed during the playthrough for which the Thank You Trophy popped at the end. At the same time I'm posting this now, so I will remember how to redo the procedure if I'll ever get flagged for having the trophies listed in a wrong order.
  6. Do you think a PS Vita can be used as a second controller for the co-op trophy?
  7. I follow the directions in the video to find the last secret object (corrige, the compass) in the Lost Temple, but in my game the colors of the rooms starting from the third are different and of course I don't end up in the room with the last secret object. Do I have to reset the rooms somehow? Even though I went in and out from the temple a few times. Edit. OK, I've figured it out, you have to follow the directions you see in the sequence on the wall just outside the portal to the temple, the directions correspond to the symbols seen on the black star/cross in this tutorial video. Freakin obscure game.
  8. I've made it to post-game just by grinding levels while filling the bestiary just for the sake of it, luckily after the first 3-4 bosses in act two, either the bosses became easier or I've learned solid countermeasures to the status ailments spam. I've just read about the metal slimes grinding, but it seems to me that I'm gaining barely one/two levels per fight, at level 48-50, either I'm doing something wrong or it won't be so quick to reach lvl. 99 edit. Just to specify that the metal slime farming becomes way more efficient after you reach level 70, farming at Heliodor Campsite I was spawning one King Metal Slime and two Liquid Metal Slime, with the Halleluyah pep power bonus I was getting in the range of 700k exp points average by killing all three.
  9. Trophies might be easy but it seems to me that every single boss in act two is a pain, due to the continuous spam of status ailments. Game was fun and was flowing smoothly by just playing naturally, but now I have to continuously stop to grind levels, which is becoming tedious quite fast, since you just have to move from one boss to the other with almost no new dungeons between them, just fight buffed versions of enemies already seen in the "overworld" sections.
  10. Picked up the game after a couple weeks and I'm having trouble with landmark pictures. First I took a couple pictures and the landmark icon on the map did not turn light blue, now I'm not able to take pictures at all, the camera doesn't turn green and I don't know if it's due to the fact that I've already took a picture of that landmark or if the game bugged in some other way. I'm playing the goty edition with latest patch and yes, I press L2. Edit. Lol nevermind, the landmark icons have turn grey and not light blue, it works the other way around, guess that's what happens when you put a game down for a while.
  11. It's over, 252 hours. And also the whining is over, it'll soon be forgotten and not missed. Good luck to anyone attempting it solo.
  12. Lol honestly it's quite hard to believe, I'm 250 hours in, everything done by myself, never asked for help once, and now I'm at level 450 with way of the Nioh equipment and the last two missions on way of the demon gave me hell, one should expect that a char this overleveld shouldn't perform like crap compared to one specific lower level build. Somehow I've managed to clear Everlasting Duty with 90% luck and 10% skill, like most of the dual boss missions. Now I'm missing just one dojo mission I'm waiting on, because I was thinking to pop Destroyer Of Demons as my 8000th trophy, even though I don't think it deserves it anymore after the crap I went through, and Fare For The After Life, I can consistently reach Sanada but when hell break loose and the revenant gangbang begins, it's constant game over. But at this point I'll just keep going out of stubborness and then probably never look back at this franchise, plenty of more enjoyable games in my backlog.
  13. I can imagine you refer to way of the Nioh weapons with "almost stock weapons", otherwise I find it very hard that clearing the DLC has been a smooth and pleasant cruise. I did games that required actual skill and reflexes in the past and this doesn't fall in that category. Also I'd gladly see gang bang missions like Everlasting Duty on WOD done just by learning the mechanics and not with some cheap exploiting strategy, kudos to anyone that can manage to do that solo without a huge time investment in leveling up and farming equipment. Just one last word of advice to anyone thinking of doing it solo, don't bother or, if you intend to, disregard the difficulty rates and completion times, it will be worse either in the time investment or in the frustration you'll feel.
  14. Another question related to soloing the DLC, obviously I've sold or disassembled the Kusanagi Tsurugi sword, because unless you read every single trophy description, no one can imagine devs being so stupid to put months later a trophy in a dlc that requires a one time item dropped in the base game, I'm trying to farm the smithing text in the Marobashi mission, with no success after more than ten attempts, do I have to farm in on NG+ or above? Or is anything else required to have it drop? For solo players, this game seems to combine the most unpleasant requirements for trophies.
  15. I've managed to defeat freakin Hayabusa on WOS by cheesing him and making him run like a stupid around a boulder in the map. Something that will definitely work also in WOD. That's what this piece of cheapness of a game deserves lol