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  1. I've got the clear gem and gold relics on all levels up to floor 4, missing just the last floor. I must say that the Cold Hard Crash clear gem took more effort than the time trials so far, I think it's almost mandatory to get three masks thus invincibility to do the death route As for the hardest relics, for Hangin' Out the best advice I can give is to not jump immediately on the ceiling when you have to, just run to the end of the floor and then jump, you'll be better synced to enemies movement, while for Cold Hard Crash just try to go through the death route with three masks, it takes less time than the standard route.
  2. I'm working on Hangin' Out atm, the kind of exercise in frustration I won't miss once I'll retire next year. At least I've read that it's generally considered the hardest one to get a gold relic on. Edit. Done.
  3. I'm doing everything blindly without walkthroughs, so far I've got gold relics in all stages on the first 3 floors, none of them took as many attempts as some levels in Crash 1, but still I can see a glimpse of the rage inducing factor I've already experienced in the first game.
  4. I'm halfway through the time trials, Un-bearable, as the other downwards running levels, is giving me a hard time, the icing on the cake is the last session with the half assed bear riding, almost made it to the end but I couldn't steer in time at the last electric barrier. After clearing a couple time trials I just have to quit because the game is designed so that when you get tired, obstacles are specifically placed to make you die in the most infuriating ways.
  5. The shades trophy it's easy enough to be done with randoms, while the other three can be done solo, you can win a match on bronze even without an opposing team and the trophy will pop. That's a relief, considering the ordeal it was the previous Legends dlc. I'd gladly take solo Ninja Gaiden trophies over mp trophies any day lol
  6. Just a shout to anyone interested, the plus 14 days free trial is still on the store, I took advantage of that to take the trophy out of the way. Now when I'll feel like buying the Iki dlc I'll reclaim my sweet 100%.
  7. So it's new content based on the dlc already released, which supposedly shouldn't add new trophies since it doesn't add new modes.
  8. Oh I remember I took the chance to also plat Severed thanks to that month of plus subscription, since it was a game I've reclaimed when it was freely available but never managed to play it. So I didn't waste 8 euros just for a couple trophies.
  9. Yeah, I know, and I've paid a month of plus for the raids, thought I was done for good, not doing the same mistake a second time, considering we don't even know for sure there won't be other dlc with plus baits in the future.
  10. I'm a collector and I can barely keep up with the games I'm interested in and that I buy, so the random free stuff they offer on a montly basis doesn't appeal to me. If I'll ever lay my eyes on other games with mp trophies, I'll group them toghether and pay for a month of plus and take them out of the way, otherwise it's fine by me to wait for the first free online weekend, I'm not in a hurry. If the entire mode wasn't accessibile unless you had plus, that would make sense, but designing just one single trophy requiring you to pay for a subscription seems fishy to me.
  11. Nope, the shades stood there looking into the nothingness until I had to turn off my PS4.
  12. It's funny you can summon two "basic" shades, but not three, four... so why two and not just one lol You can't even hit enemies on the other "field" to lure them and kill your shade (assuming enemies of your rivals can kill your shades, which I don't know). PS. Since I don't have anything else to do in rivals, I'll just leave a match going on to see if after an unspecified amount of time they vanish.
  13. Meanwhile, 12/25 enemies killed for the ritual of purification, quite boring if you do it just for the trophies. edit. OK, took it out of the way. So, only the shades trophy requires plus/other players, unless someone finds another way.
  14. Yeah I can confirm it doesn't work, guess it's a feature inserted just to force you to pay for plus. I'm gonna wait one of the weekends with free online they do every now and then, as I'm not gonna pay a month of plus just to summon two more shades. edit. On a bright note, I did a gold survival, finished the first round then had the enemies kill me, and I've received a cursed bow, my first and only drop after attempting to get a cursed item lol I have to kill 25 enemies in flame to purify it.
  15. But the other guy told he used fire spirits and did it solo, even though I can see he has plus anyway. I'm gonna test it again in a few hours.