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  1. No worries, I was curious to test it out myself, beside I've wasted way more time doing these trophies legit on my main account lol
  2. I've tested this method on my secondary account and it worked, Rachel 1000 kills trophy unlocked after viewing that video and returning to the main menu of the game, here the NGS2 trophy list of my secondary "waste" account (first time I update it here on PSNP, so the rank appears as "Soon"). Took me 30 mins because I had to figure out how to download the video and also had to reinstall the game because removing the patch forced me to reinstall all the game data).σ2/Steelheart76?order=date
  3. So, if I understood, I have to clear chapter 1 on my secondary account, that I've never used to play the game, then look for the Kasumi, Ayane etc 1000 kills videos from the user specified a few posts back and the trophies should pop right? But I won't have the chance till tomorrow.
  4. I can test this if needed, I still have my save from when I've got the plat on my primary account and a secondary account that I've never used to play the game, but unfortunately I don't have the means to record a video so you'll have to take my word on it eventually.
  5. Yes, even though it's still possible and I'm supporting a couple people trying to plat it on playstationtrophies, but I seem to remember the number of achievers of WKCII plat was higher than the number of people who platted WKC, the moment servers were shutdown, and now they are the other way around, but I have no way to check the number of achievers back then to prove my point.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, this data seem to support my theory, beside Star Ocean, I've noticed also that White Knight Chronicles II is now an UR at 3.3% or so, while if memory serves it wasn't even an UR when I've got the plat (but on this it's possible I'm mixing psnp percentage and psntl percentage since it was a while ago), and I know lots of people got flagged for hacking that game, so the two things might indeed be related.
  7. A question, does the removal of someone from the leaderboard adjust also the rarity of the trophies this person got? Because I'm seeing rarity of the Star Ocean plat getting lower and lower, it was around 1.2% last year and now I see it at 0.9 and continuously decreasing, I have it in my trophy cabinet so it's easy to track this continuous change ad I'm wondering what might contribute to the drop.
  8. Down to the last FFXIV trophy, but since it will take necessarily another 4+ months to unlock, due to the daily allowances cap, I'll start working on something else while I make progress on levequests, probably the first Nier.
  9. I planned my milestones with the old displaying criterium, I didn't like the fact that it was changed, showing milestones every 10 plats up to plat number 50 even after you are above 50 plats, now among milestones I have some plats like Infamous First Light which I didn't plan nor wanted as a milestone and lost White Knight Chronicles which deserved a milestone at plat number 25. So what's the point in planning milestones if one day they might change for no reason (and there's nothing one can do about it).
  10. If anything it's one more proof that Vita games can indeed be hacked.
  11. It seems the same thing happened with my Killzone SF trophies (The Savior and Elite Shadow Marshall) I didn't notice PS4 trophies popping with the same time stamp until those two popped together and were recorded in reverse order on this site.
  12. I'm an rpg vet but this is my first mmorpg, I've mostly played it as singleplayer rpg though, I've asked for the help of my guild only for the binding coil trophy, because I'm far behind them and I want to catch up using the duty finder. I've teamed up mostly with randoms for dungeons and raids, gotta love all the angry and frustrated elitists yelling at and insulting noobs on their first attemp at dungeons or raids, expecting them to know exactly what to do lmao
  13. Completion time wise, I don't remember how long it took me to plat the PS3 version, but I seem to remember around 80 hours or so, so without sleeping it could be possible in 4 days if on Vita it's more or less the same... but there are 2-3 team missions which to me are absolutely impossible solo, if even Sergen didn't manage to clear them solo I don't think anybody else could.
  14. Besides, I'm not super high or do world records, but I have my profile at 100% more often than not, which might lead to think that I've cheated to maintain it, which I haven't. Anyway I think you're right about not being paranoid about the chance of being falsely reported for something and not remembering how I've obtained those trophies, I usually write posts over a couple forums while I plat some games, especially the most difficult ones, and as far as I remember, beside the games I've listed, I don't remember games in which trophies glitched on me or popped in a wrong order, in fact, maybe I'm lucky, but I'm usually amazed by how many people cry glitch on games which aren't widely known to do that. Absolutely impossible even if you are Ryu Hayabusa itself lol Are you sure it wasn't Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and not Sigma 2 Plus? I have the plat of the first game, while I don't even play the second one on my profile cause I know I'll never have the chance to plat it (moreover I did the regular NGS2 on PS3 and I don't do double plats).
  15. BTW, going back to this question, it proves you know the game very well, it wasn't easy to spot. I remember going back and forth from WKCII to WKC more than one time while progressing in WKC, like restarting WKCII from scratch as soon as I amassed 10 millions in WKC, just to unlock the trophy for spending those 10 millions in the second game. I was so eager to unlock trophies asap in those mammoth plats that couldn't wait to spend them naturally over the course of WKCII lol