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  1. I have my party at levels around 85-90 and almost every piece of equipment available, didn't have trouble defeating the final boss up to intense difficulty, since you can cheese the first part of the fight, I'm gonna try fighting him on chaos now, using the same strategy, yet the skeleton dragon on Hexen island pwns my ass even on normal... I think I'm gonna work on lindwer equipment as explained in this thread, even though I've farmed for a while and got little to nothing. edit. Nevermind, I've defeated the dragon with just +30% lindwer on every char, now I'm missing chaos Heldalf and powered up Heldalf.
  2. OK thank you, I'll aim for that number in the equipment count. PS. At last the trophy unlocked after reaching 308 pieces of equipment and getting another fashion item in the process, so I was probably at 540 or so items all in all, including several items I've collected in the Alisha DLC.
  3. At the moment I have 301 pieces of equipment, 60 consumables and 170 or so items between key items and fashion items, so the total is around 530 items, and the trophy still hasn't shown its face, what the hell...
  4. Star Ocean The Last Hope International (PS3) 0.93% Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ 1.24% Killzone Shadow Fall 1.76% White Knight Chronicles 1.83% Little Big Panet 3 (PS4) 1.96% 🤔
  5. #157: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
  6. Cheap bs fight, gonna resort to cheap bs myself, that's just what it deserves. I don't have Nihopaloa or how it's called. I've tried for hours the Zeromus bubble Big Bang method once he is low on hp, hitting all judges for 200k or so total, but if I'm lucky just one dies, then they relentlessly chase my summoner and in the long run I'm screwed, I have only Fran as machinist/white mage and Basch as monk/black mage alive, but the latter in reverse status. All three chars with bubble belts. I'm gonna try the Zodiark Eclipse method, since it should require less time to pull of than Zeromus' Big Bang. Hope it hits regardless of chars levels (which are in the 80s). Pray for the best. edit. I've succeeded without Niho, I've repeatedly summoned Zodiark to kill 3 judges (took me 9 elixirs) than I've spent two hours figuring out the pattern to kill Gabrahant and Zargabaath (the sucker awoke several times slipping an elixir under my nose), my main constantly keeping him asleep, one ally as a healer and one ally as an attacker on the enemy not targeted by my main. Took ages but I'm done and won't ever look back jeez.
  7. I've made it to stage 99 at level 80, but I get completely destroyed by Omega in seconds. Think I'll have to redo the whole crap due to not having the right equipment. edit. Took me ages but I've defeated him using the reverse strat near the end.
  8. Do you lose every LP at the start of NG+? Beside the Mist Walker trophy and a couple other ones, I have to clear stages 58-100 of the trials, I've just read about starting at lvl.90 at the beginning of NG+ (that would make clearing the later levels of the trials less painful), but if I lose every LP and jobs get reset, I don't know if that would be a smart move.
  9. Sometimes I wonder how people figure these things out, must definitely be some leak from the inside lol
  10. None so far, but definitely gave up on some health in the process.
  11. Freakin Ratchet&Clank lol 9 plats, no double plats.
  12. This is my first account and played every game I own on this account, I have a secondary account that sometimes I have used to do blind runs of games like Bloodborne etc, without caring about trophies, and only at a later date I went for the platinum of those games on this account.
  13. I was playing games long before trophies appeared and I'd probably have the time to play more games and enjoy them more, all things considered, after trophies will be gone lol
  14. Lol thanks. SO is more grindy than hard tbh, beside a couple battle trophies.
  15. A mix of hard ones and painfully grindy ones Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Devil May Cry 4 SE Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vanquish Star Ocean The Last Hope (PS3) White Knight Chronicles I-II