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  1. Concerning the trophy for having a level published for 7 days before actually publishing one level in LBP2, it's because it also considers the levels published in LBP, happened to me too, the moment you go online with LBP 2 you are awarded with that trophy, surprised me too when it happened. edit. Well, not with the timestamps of the OP in my case...
  2. I've platted BBS a couple weeks ago, for me the finish commands trophy popped when I've actually learned the last command, no need to open the command section of the report, because there isn't a section specific for the finish commands alone, they are listed together with action commands, magic commands and such, so the only explanation could be that the trophy glitched, but personally I don't have enough knowledge to be able to say that this is a trophy known to glitch.
  3. Yes it is possible, took me 498 hours after importing my GR15 WKC savegame. There is only one extremely hard trophy, Soul Of Evil, climbing Vellgander and defeating Madoras is possibly the hardest rpg trophy atm. The rest takes careful planning, dedication and an insane amount of grinding and farming. Still have a screen of my score for the Upper Apex fight alongside NPCS, had to use the so called "item feed" strategy and let the NPCs do the dirty work in the third part of the fight and make sure to keep them constantly alive and at full health, cause if Madoras targeted me it was quest failed every time.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to verify this. The only thing I remember for sure is that, if you save Dahlia points, you can buy from the Dahlia shop enough pieces of rare equipment in order to reach the required amount.
  5. Technically, rare equipment (as a matter of fact GR26 equipment) can be bought at the Dahlia shop spending lots of Dahlia points, got the trophy that way myself, even though I can't remember if this game allows you to do a cumulative buy in shops or you have to buy each piece one by one.
  6. And here I am at 99 plats, the last two are Bastion Game Of Thrones Time to start working on Final Fantasy XIV, hoping that my crappy internet provider doesn't let me down.
  7. What staggers me is not the amount of cheaters per se but the amount of people trying to save their arses by blatantly lying and usually proven guilty through the wayback machine or their accounts on save providing sites. I mean, wtf...
  8. Thanks. I try to alternate a couple easy games and a tough one, but they are all games I'm interested in and not just to increase the trophy count, next two games will be fairly quick and after that it's time to work on FFXIV.
  9. Yeah me too, some trophies made me curse like no tomorrow lol
  10. Difficulty wise I'd say Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish, easy overall but that freakin challenge 6 took me 25 or so hours of attempts. Dedication wise I'd say White Knight Chronicles (648 hours), Star Ocean Last Hope (574 hours), White Knight Chronicles II (498 hours).
  11. In the end I prevailed, I'll take a weekend off from trophies to recover from BBS lol Back to 100% and simultaneously reached PSN level 26. Haven't updated the thread with the last couple plats, here they are: Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
  12. I think I'll manage to clear my backlog only when I'll finally reach retirement... I should also buy free time when I buy new games lol
  13. Never heard of those games, I'll take a look at them thanks, but I already have a huge backlog of games still sealed on my shelf and adding new games might not be a wise decision 😆
  14. Yeah I feel like I need to take a break and just play something else for a while, cause this game takes ages and has a few cheap trophies that are ruining my fun in trophy hunting.
  15. I'm beginning to think that the ice cream rhythm game in Birth By Sleep will probably cure my 100% addiction.