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  1. Final Fantasy XIV, I've racked up 300 hours more than the amount required for the platinum and I plan to go back at the game when new expansions will be released.
  2. Luckily my profile still reflects me as the gamer I've always been since the beginning, which was... ages ago, almost the dawn of gaming lol I didn't go out of my way to amass trophies or for whatever reason, though I've decided to give a chance every now and then to some less known and quick plats or indies, when reviews are favorable and if they fall inside the genres I like, and also to relax between hard or time consuming games.
  3. Thanks, much appreciated.
  4. A couple new plats, it's been a great gaming month. #120: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy #121: Dark Souls III
  5. #121: Dark Souls III
  6. Haven't updated in a while, but I'm still kicking #111: Tales Of Xillia 2 #112: The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes #113: Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin #114: Life Is Strange Before The Storm #115: Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands #116: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir #117: Late Shift #118: Unravel #119: Horizon Zero Dawn
  7. By the end of this year I'll extinguish my PS3 backlog. Yaiba NGZ will be my last PS3 plat.
  8. #113: Dark Souls II - Scholar Of The First Sin
  9. I'd have no reason since I've completed everything so far and haven't played games that I hate to the point I can't stand having them on my profile.
  10. All this effort and not even a gold trophy. Ultimate Battler (Star Ocean - The Last Hope International) Obtain 100% of all battle trophies. 0.93%
  11. Since I did both WKC and WKC 2 solo, I planned ahead so that I could take advantage of the farming done in WKC also for WKC2 bindings. The most useful Georama sets are GR13 +80 (DEX, INT) sets, they will be useful once you reach level 70, in order to grind the golems in OGIT 3/Arena 2
  12. I kept a save with almost all of the WKC materials intact, so I could import them in WKC2 and shave off almost half of the bindings from the get go. Then I made all the way to GR15 in WKC and made some Georama sets that helped grinding OGIT 3 and Arena 2 when the grinding started becoming painful in WKC2. I've helped a couple other people during their road to the WKC2 platinum and it took them less time that me.
  13. My top 3: 1) White Knight Chronicles (Solo) 648 hours Trophies: Grinding to Guild Rank 12 (1.7%) and farming materials for the Phibianacci's Diamond trophy (1.3%) are quite painful especially after server shutdown. 2) Star Ocean The Last Hope 574 hours Trophy: Same as BB post. 3) White Knight Chronicles II (Solo) 498 hours after importing my WKC savegame Trophies: Again, grinding to GR30 (3.4%) and Phibianacci's Diamond (2.9%) are the ones that require the most effort but Soul Of Evil is the hardest one now that servers are no longer online. Also I've played FFXIV close to 600 hours, but not for the plat, but because I've liked the game so much, the plat itself took 250 hours or so.
  14. I have missed a single optional chapter for Leia during my ng+ run and now I'll be forced to do a third run just for this trophy. These Tales Of plats always stay true to their tediousness. At least a speedrun takes just ten hours but damn.
  15. I'm going private for a while until I get myself removed from a leaderboard on another website for personal reasons. I'm gonna be back with a huge update when I'll go public again 💪