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  1. Did 7 relics in a row, now Fumbling In The Dark is making me wanna pick up my PS4 and throw it right through the TV. Almost every jump is a leap of faith, especially at the end, and, I don't know how it plays on PS4 Pro or PS5, but on my vanilla PS4 I'm under the impression that in some parts the framerate screws my jumps up, because the same jump has different outcomes depending on the situation. Anyway, 5 relics and then I'll move to something more pleasant. edit. I did it, ranting always pays off. Now I call it a day before a vein bursts on my brain.
  2. So can we assume that this monster trophy list won't be applied also to the PS4 version? I no longer have the time to spend every single day on a MMO like few years ago.
  3. No worries, Stormy Ascent dlc cleared, as a reminder to myself, never attempt this kind of infuriating crap at the end of the day when I'm tired. On one of the last attempts I've died at the jump on the final condor, could have said screw it, but instead I went on berserk mode and cleared it in another 2/3 attempts. Never looking back.
  4. Tried the gold relic on that one for the past 4-5 hours, because if I can't manage to clear that one, no point for me in going for the platinum. I always die just before or just after that long vertical section with platforms quickly popping in and out. I'm gonna quit because I'm tired and slowly doing progressively worse. Either I'll beat it or I'll beat the completionism ocd this time, it looks like a win-win situation. PS. Fakest rarity percentage ever, I guess lots of shareplay behind the scenes lol
  5. Halfway through time relics and gems collecting I'd say platinum difficulty: unplayable. Most of the times I get screwed by the confusing perspective/camera and the crippled controls and physics that seem to tether Crash to that one slippery half pixel that lets you fall to oblivion as soon as you touch a platform. Never played this saga before, unless the other games have been definitely improved in playability, this will probably remain the only Crash on my profile.
  6. Thank you. In some other plats it took me more attempts to overcome the hardest trophies, but the general consensus, which I agree with, is that this game hardest difficulty is cheapness at its best, of course there's always some masochist out there who enjoys it lol
  7. After a fun start, this plat quickly turned into what's described in this thread. The kind of experience I just want to get done with and never look back. I knew I should have stayed away from it, now I'm repeating Road to Nowhere till I'll puke, I don't even feel frustrated, I just repeat the level with an empty soul until that one lucky run will free me from this curse I've cast upon myself.
  8. Well I've cleared every mission beside the first, which is the easiest, now I'm gonna plat Sundered and then I'm gonna pop Yaiba as plat 200. Took way less than expected but some spots have been some of the most unfair challenges I've ever faced, without luck at my side I'd have been hopeless, it's cheap to the point it could have taken me days of unlucky attempts, in some parts skill plays a minor role.
  9. Another bit of progress, I've defeated the two main bosses on Hell difficulty, I was especially worried by the last one, which took me 30 or so attempts in the end. Now apart from a couple spots it should be downhill, but I can already say it's an horrible experience, it takes careful planning and almost perfect execution, knowing that just one misstep might instantly lead you to death. Without Zombrides and BlisterSisters it would be way easier imho
  10. Spent a few hours in the afternoon trying arcade mode, I've managed to reach halfway of stage 3, it seemed easier than the previous stages, but I was already wrecked and game over. It's quite hard, the last couple trophies are a lot harder than the rest, it will take me a lot of effort, definitely in the top 5 of my hardest plats. Edit. I did it, took me a few solid hours of practice, I'd say ten or so attempts and some luck to get the drops from the golden stiff. Now on to the last trophy.
  11. Yes I know, nightmare should be the last "fair" mode, then the one hit cheapness begins, I guess my posts won't be so lighthearted anymore 😂 Edit. Nightmare too has been a breeze, now I've tried Arcade mode before moving to Hell difficulty and it's a different matter, can't even get past the second stage after several attempts, it will take me ages and tons of patience.
  12. Hard went down pretty quickly, 2h30m or so, the square-square-circle combo is the safest one imho, as long as there isn't random crap flying from offscreen, you can avoid most hits, also choosing the right priority in taking down enemies and carefully choosing which of the dropped weapons to use (taking them with you to the next arena if you didn't use them) is a saver. Tomorrow I'll begin to tackle nightmare, I'd say that just 3 out of all the trophies are very hard (maybe only two but I still can't judge nightmare difficulty), so far even the ultra rare ones I've unlocked have been quite easy.
  13. Yes, I did all the misc trophies on easy and now I just have to clear the game on hard, nightmare and hell (and clear arcade mode), they don't stack. The game is quite short, 5 missions on hard took me 1h/1h30m. It's higly skill dependant though so higher difficulties will definitely take longer.
  14. 80% of trophies. So far I'm breezing through hard, I've cleared 5 mission with ease, you just have to take advantage of executions and make good use of weapons dropped by enemies. I guess nightmare is where the real pain begins.
  15. Damn, never fight in the rooms where you can corrupt abilities, I was planning a single run but by mistake I've corrupted one ability, because you can't see crap in those screens, I've tried to quit the game immediately but it saved instantly. I've unlocked the trophy but it didn't even pop up on screen cause the console crashed lol, at least I didn't glitch the trophy or screwed up the timestamp. Might as well restart from scratch because I don't feel like doing two full runs of this labyrinthic game.