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  1. Yeah sorry, I meant Lady. Thanks for your feedback, I'll try.
  2. I'm following these advices but I'm having an extremely hard time scoring an S rank in mission 1. I can manage to score S, with luck, in time and orbs, but I can't get a good score in style with Trish, and Dante dies way too quickly on lower difficulties. This is already putting me off from doing this as my 150th plat, beacuse the tediousness in trying and retrying missions across an absurd amount of playthroughs could kill me.
  3. #145: NieR Automata
  4. I've just unlocked the platinum, took me 50 hours all in all, Ability Ace in NG+ on Proud took 4-5 hours, I did all the rest on beginner. No need to unlock the secret ending, even though I've met the requirements anyway while going for the plat without even trying.
  5. Got the trophy, I can confirm that you can start the link attacks and cancel them right after for them to count in the diary.
  6. Yes, you are right, I tried killing an enemy during an horizontal pole swinging (Wheel Rush) and that was the last flowmotion attack I was missing. Now I can work on the links and then I should hopefully unlock Record Keeper. Pole Swing, Pole Spin and Rail Slide don't have to appear in the diary for the completion of the flowmotion section.
  7. I can't understand how to perform some flowmotion attacks, ie Pole Spin, I dash to a vertical pole by pressing square, like it's written in the guide, and while rotating some enemies get lured towards me, but the flowmotion doesn't register in the record section. What am I doing wrong?
  8. My trophies pretty much explain the order I've worked on things, if you list them by the date, and I've used a mix of the guide on this site (as I've pointed out in another thread, there's an error though, you don't need the secret ending for the 100% story trophy) and the one on playstationtrophies.org. I've played on beginner and will work on Ability Ace on Proud on NG+ transferring all the spirits. First I have to reach lv.100 (or let's say 50+50) and work on the record section of the diary though.
  9. I've unlocked story, combat and item trophies just fine, I'm missing just the record section for Record Keeper. Finger crossed.
  10. I'm working on it right now, I have just one thing to point out, I'm playing on beginner and I've just found out that you don't have to watch the secret ending to unlock Story Teller, so you don't have to grind for the 11 ingame trophies, as the guide states, it' still unclear to me if you need to unlock the secret ending at all for the platinum.
  11. Hardest: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Easiest: Any of the Telltale games I think.
  12. It's been a while since my last update, but I'm still kicking 😀 I'll post just the most notable plats I've unlocked since my last update: Lords Of The Fallen Soul Sacrifice Delta Strider Rise Of The Tomb Raider Mass Effect Andromeda Final Fantasy XV God Of War Detroit: Become Human
  13. The ring method works, just use the warp point on the small rock to the left of the turtle, then cast Alterna, I was usually aiming at his face, jump down from the rock and recharge MP by warping to the same warp point, the turtle rarely hits you, sometimes worked on first try, other times after several attempts. I've used the ring method to level up from lv 70 to 99 very fast, eating Lasagna Al Forno and sleeping at the Galdin Quay inn after banking quite a lot of exp.
  14. For me the site still shows 130 plats even thought I've just synced FFXV as plat 131. edit. Solved with another update.
  15. Same problem, kissed Avela after fulfilling the requirements for her side missions, had a casual with Pebee in the zero G and then reached the point when you can go home with Keri after Journey To Meridian, trophy did not pop. edit. I had to do Peebee romance till the very end to the sex scene, after completing each of her loyalty missions too, and the trophy popped.