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  1. Really floored by this game, like Mecha said above, nostalgia suckerpunch all the way. The ps5 controller rumble feature showcase is amazing, the game looks and feels incredible. It was my favorite thing on the PSVR and I am happy Sony expanded on it. Should have been my first PS5 plat but *cough* Demon's *cough* Souls though...
  2. I am doing collectibles now and not looking forward to Hardcore mode.
  3. Cheers, in the end went with Prophet and it was insanely fun. 14 hours in, game's a masterpiece.
  4. This got me worried. I was planning doing a NoHUD, offline playthrough at first but Wretch might be overkill. Might do the classic knight, so Vanguard I guess.
  5. That's a good question and the final condition that would drag me to 100% this a THIRD time (well two, never killed a legendary dragon on ps3 , bah)
  6. I played only a couple of hours, crashed once during the tutorial and the intro video runs at 20fps, but the rest? The rest is amazing brothers and sisters. I am loving every second with it. Maybe I'm desensitized after playing skyrim on ps3 since release date but it's honestly not too bad FOR NOW. If it's indeed broken after I get further I'll put it down and pull from the backlog, no biggie, eventually they will patch it and fix those issues, but I understand that after 3 delays they couldn't delay it anymore. People gotta eat and feed their families after all.
  7. For the love of God, I hope they don't.
  8. Best news of the year, finally a little ray of light among all the madness, so fucking happy. Hug me brothers and sisters! HOLY FUCKING SHIT
  9. I wish they changed the trophy requirements for the DLC's seal. I farmed like an idiot during one of the seasons and got the seasonal seal, but it turns out it wasn't valid. Then started farming for Wayfarer and I am just missing 2 weapons from Escalation protocol, which of course is part of the content it's gonna go in September. The trophy should require you earn ANY seal and not one from the main game / Forsaken DLC. C'mon Bungie, it's not that difficult.
  10. The 2 missing Ikelos weapons are the bane of my existence, same as 3 weapons from the Dreaming City. I have plenty of tigersprites and vouchsafes though, like ten of each or so... But yeah Wayfarer is the easiest one if you are not in a hurry, you don't mind the grind and you enjoy playing solo.
  11. My feelings exactly. I love the game, and I would love to have the freedom to enjoy it my way but at the same time get the trophies. But nope. It's an endless grind tied to a broken RNG system and it's just killing what otherwise is an amazing game for me. Really, a shame.
  12. I've been working my way to Wayfarer for months and I just can't get the last 2 Ikelos weapons and 3 from the Dreaming city plus the emblem to drop. it's horrible.
  13. Yep, confirmed it doesn't work with Undying. Which is fucking dumb imo.
  14. This is a cool idea, I created a clan some days ago since my old clan just well... died. Right now we are only 2, both more worried about completion than anything else but of course, fun first. So here it goes: Your clan's name: The Plat Hunt Syndicate The link to your clan's homepage: If your clan is open to everybody or for a preferred group of people: Open for everybody that is not an ass. Also noteworthy, we are both 40+ y.o. The time-zone you base in: GMT+7 (Tokyo) (We gaijin gamers) I recently made a game session too, so you can join there too if you like.
  15. Yeah I know, I have JP ps+ so no go for me. Thanks for the heads up though.